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Each day I receive lots of messages from my readers.  Today, I respond to 5 of them.  Plus, I post a few photos below.

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Several items in the new bill remind me of the old trickle-down economics Pres. Reagan attempted. There are some terms directed at lower and middle class relief, but the cost of living far exceeds the tax relief suggested by this tax bill, especially if you consider those of us wiped out in the past twelve years by the financial industry crashes and the suffering of major health events. There’s nobody bailing us out!

Capitalism assumes consumer driven markets and a good stewardship of the consumer purchasing power. The largest industries of the world have too many employees living in poverty when the top echelon hoard funds that exceed the lifetime of the products and services. That he’d is stagnating and undermining the entire, national economy. Integrity Laws should be included in the tax bills to deter and control the greed.

There’s talk about a Debt Jubilee in the near future. Those touting this economic maneuver as inevitable suggest there is only two ways in dealing with the current economic status: Jubilee, or bankruptcy. I see a third viable approach- control the greed at the top with Integrity Laws.

I know it’s a slippery slope; I understand the stigma of suggesting that profits should be controlled by the government. However, I’m not talking about profits. I’m talking about greed. How much is too much profit? The  answers lay in actuary science. I’m smart enough to identify the problem, but not educated enough to do the math. ~Why are the largest industries, huge industries (fashion, retail, food) employing people at poverty wages? When employers walk away with generational wealth while their employees starve and our nation’s economy suffers monumental losses… the practice is criminal and should be dealt with as such.

DML: I cannot agree with you on this one.  I do not believe in punishing any corporation or individual for being successful for as long as it is done honestly.  DC always gets it wrong, including this time. If we didn’t spend money on nonsense we would not have to tax Americans as much as we do.  It’s budget 101.  But DC just prints money by borrowing it.  Pointing a finger at the CEO who takes home a big salary is wrong.  Point the finger at Charles Schumer who posts things like: I stand with Dreamers!  Keeping Dreamers in the US will cost $26B.  I know of no CEO making that much.

Are you OK brother  ? We miss you  !!!  Please take good care of yourself,  We are counting on you  !!!

DML: Great name!  I’ll be fine.  Just need a day off.  Thanks for caring.

DML, get better, your lady followers are going crazy. Lol

DML: I don’t have any talents that would put me in any one Hall of Fame except when it comes to surrounding myself with the best, most intelligent, loyal women in the country…. that’s where I shine.  I am the best of the best when it comes to having the support and love of America’s greatest females.  Need proof? Just look at Miss Mary (who I’ve been with since 15-years old), my two lovely daughters, and my writers (all but one are female). And then there is the ocean of ladies who are part of TEAM DML (viewers, readers, donors).  No doubt, if I ever run for office my running mate will be a female from Team DML.  SIDE NOTE: My guy supporters are pretty cool too.  LOL

Dennis you have the greatest comebacks on Twitter.  What you tweeted to Rosie was the best tweet of the day.  If I may borrow from Senator Schumer, the Democrat who debates you on a stage in a presidential debate will “rue the day.”

DML: You’re talking about the tweet below, I assume?  Funny, her Dem apostles tried hitting me for using “your” instead of “you’re.”  It’s Twitter — characters are limited.  But more importantly, it shows how they react when cornered with no response worth issuing.

DML you have to take better care of yourself!  We need you for the long road.  You’re a workaholic and type A just like Trump.  But unlike Trump you don’t have a massive support team at the ready so you take on so many rolls and run yourself into the ground.  I hope you can change this soon.  Get better because not having my 11 o’clock fix is painful and it’s making me sick LOL.

DML:  Seriously, I should not have gone to the Army Navy game in the snow while battling bronchitis.  I should not have gone searching in the woods for Christmas tree in the snow this weekend amid being hit with bronchitis.  However, keep in mind we are a family of 6 and the pass-it-on routine is nearly impossible to ignore.  I’ll be fine — this is nothing like what I had over the summer.  Last night, Miss Mary asked me to hit the brakes for just one day (today).  I agreed to sitting in my robe (see pic below) and doing just three posts (poll, email, Schumer rant).  Then I would go back to bed.  As for more staff, this is one reason why we’ve been pushing so hard for the donations.  Having assistance to build other areas allows me to afford new people.  I appreciate the help!  We are $9,800 short of our Dec 31 goal.  I think we will get there.  Team DML is so generous it is amazing!!!


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