DML: I Respond to 5 Interesting Emails You Sent Me (plus your photos)


Each day, I receive a wave of messages from my beloved readers, and today I respond to 5 of them.

If you want to send me a message, please use the submit news feature on either or To send a photo — and it can be anything — use the W[email protected] account.

Facebook keeping you locked out of your account is a slap on the ass for you pushing back on them and your fans sending in waves of email. I sent mine to [email protected] and got an automated response. They are probably swamped with emails from DML readers who in addition to wanting to protect and defend you are fed up with the unfair treatment. I have the DML app on my phone so even if you get kicked off for good I am with you always. Please do not give up if they remove you.

DML: I do not wish to be the enemy of Facebook. I have tried to do business with them for years, and have asked for help repeatedly for our account to be fixed and for the nonsense to stop. It appears as if it’s heading to a boiling point. I prefer that not to be the case because this is one time when being David sucks — Goliath is big.

Getting the DML APP is a smart play for all people who like what we do. We will not die if Facebook kills off the island. We will hurt, but we have built our business enough to where we can survive without them. I appreciate and love the DML family who visits us each day. Thank you.

How are you not covering Ryan Bundy released on the DML APP?

DML: We did.., CLICK HERE. NOTE: Keep in mind I have been a witness in these trials and as a practice, I do not comment on the trial at all.

I am a huge DML and Hannity supporter.  I think the two of you were brothers in another life maybe.  I was shocked by how dumb Sean was last night.  I hate to use such a harsh word “DUMB” but he really screwed up. The first mistake was telling people to stop breaking their coffee machines and then 30-seconds later he brags about people breaking their coffee machines and shows the videos.  His second mistake was showing the coverpage of a website that claims the ceo of Media Matters is a anti-gay racist.  After the show the ceo tweeted out that he is a gay man with a husband that is Jewish.  Sometimes Sean really goes off the rails and lets his ego take over.  I do not agree with the advertisers pulling out, and I love Sean’s show…. but Volvo is now gone and so are many others.  It is positioned to get worse.  Please share your thoughts.

DML: I have been a friend of Sean’s for years, and he allotted me an hour special back in 2013. We exchange emails periodically and I think he is important to the Trump agenda and presidency. At the same time, I am no longer a supporter of Fox News and have distanced myself from the organization. To that end, I wish Sean the best of luck and yes, he should do better due diligence before launching web pages that provide false information. But that wasn’t his doing, a producer is surely to blame.

This is what I posted on FB with DML’s latest post about the FB jerking him around! …….
(Sorry if this isn’t the best way to communicate this but I’m fed up and wanted to share what I posted……………
Further proof (from a long list) that Facebook does single out DML (Dennis Michael for abuse.  I NEVER receive any DML posts on Facebook (that’s why I have his app).
Many people have been complaining about their problems with FB regarding DML and it appears this is just likely their way to further harass DML.  One day they probably will shut him down completely. (Why?…because they can.)   He is popular and even with coping with the FB “funny business” he remains so because people seek a way to find him on YouTube, etc.  If FB gave a wit about just the business end of it (and not that he is popular with a conservative following) they would work with him instead of against him. FB should check onto who and why this type of thing is occurring and put it to an end.  Free speech should mean the same for a conservative as for a liberal!

DML: Thank you.

Hello Mr. Lynch, I have a friend who is a diehard liberal. Every time we discuss illegal immigrants he states that more people are leaving the United States than are coming in. It’s really hard to discuss this topic with them since they are so adamant about excluding these people. Do you know if there have been more people moving into the United States? I watch you almost every day and tune in to your news reports. I love what you’re doing. I would love to have an answer for them on this matter. Sincerely, Ladelle

DML: Your friend is incorrect. The number of people leaving the U.S. is not more than the people entering illegally.  Your friend was dished BS by the Obama administration and that’s that. One way to prove the matter… Ask him or her to check the “Latino” population in the school districts nearby. Does the number go up or down over the years?  The rate of increase in most cases does not coincide with the rate of legal Latinos permitted into the country.

Your Photos (Note: girls at the bottom are at a college football game at Notre Dame).

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