DML: I Respond to 6 Interesting Emails You Sent Me and photos


Today, I respond to 3 interesting emails you sent me.  Plus, a few photos and memes you posted to Team DML on Facebook, and sent me via email are below.

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Hi DML, I didn’t know where to report this…hoping you read it…IT’S ABOUT THE POWER OF YOUR BUMPER STICKER! Picture this…10AM,Christmas morning — the liberal husband and me are driving in MY CAR, to our grown daughter’s home…she’s also a liberal. I have my DML “I STAND FOR MY FLAG” proudly on my back bumper. We come to a red light and the guy in the lane next to us rolls his window down and holds up his red Make America Great Again hat….beaming the biggest smile!! He had seen my DML Bumper Sticker & it got his attention — he liked it!

At this same red light, he started a conversation about boycotting the NY Jets — that he was a New Yorker! He sounded like you DML, when you get to talking like your “new york self”! LOL 🙂
My husband says, “I’m watching ALL the games!” Clearly bitter that my DML sticker was getting good attention!!
*(I Stand For My Flag). The other driver and me had a brief camaraderie going for a minute.
My husband later grumbled saying he was gonna rip off my DML sticker from MY car! I was so glad that happened. I felt it mustered up anger in him and he said “I bet you think this tax bill is good”!! “I bet you still follow Fox News!”  I shot back with my offensive…that I don’t watch or record them anymore. I’m embarrassed to say he is a liberal. Nothing I say in retort makes him pause and give DJT a chance at appearing successful. Ever.
I have no one to vent to…it’s lonely here for me in Carrollton, TX. Many, but not all of my friends are liberals.
He may not like it, but I HAVE told hubby that, “My next husband will be a conservative”. LOL!
Thank you for the TRUTH!
Love your work DML! Eva
Carrollton, TX
(Before the election, happily married…but now, woefully married -39 yrs – to a liberal who said after that red light incident that “this president has done nothing good since he’s been in office”!)

DML: Great story.  Really want to piss of your husband and stop traffic, get a BUILD THE WALL bumper sticker. They just arrived today — shipments go out the door tomorrow.

Hi DML- As I sat and watched the wonderful Christmas special, which was AMAZING by the way, I had so many things running through my mind once the film started. Especially one thing through the whole film. Just want you to know that I admire Miss Mary, As you stated you was going through a mid life crisis wasn’t sure what you wanted to do in life you had kids Miss Mary was pregnant again and you was off trying to find what you wanted to do in life.  Miss Mary deeply truly loves you which I know you know that. But for any wife who has kids and pregnant with another one and let’s her husband do what you went out to do is one truly amazing women. Miss Mary ROCKS! Not all wives would of put up with that. I would of that’s probably why I been married for 34 yrs. Like you and Miss Mary we took our vows very seriously also.  Of course she knew if she needed you home at anytime you would of been there in a heartbeat but still it’s hard raising kids and being pregnant and handling the house on your own while the hubs is out trying to decide what it is he wants to do….. So I got to give Miss Mary a huge APPLAUSE for doing what she did while you was gone. WTG MARY!

The second thing I want to say is I think it’s pretty cool that we ( the fans ) when you become President which you will no doubt in my mind. We’re going to be able to sit back and say ” Just think we use to watch him on his talk show and his daily walk and talks” it’s like were all one big family! It’s like who get’s to talk to a President before he’s a President! It’s Awesome! LOL.  Another important thing is before you become President we are finally going to not only get another great President Like we have with Trump but for the first time we are finally going to get a President who truly feels the PAIN of the poor, the middle class and the homeless.

Not saying some of the other President didn’t feel that way but wait yes I am going to say it NO they didn’t….. they say they did but they didn’t. But you truly do and all your fans can see it.  I’m also so glad Steve Jobs inspired your life so much. He helped you find what you finally wanted to in life, because you connected the dots backwards, oh I think Dan a big part in it also but in my opinion and it’s just an opinion Steve Jobs had a bigger impact on you by telling you to never give up on what you wanted to do. He was an amazing man also like yourself.

Loved the movie and I think you should do something with it. It was a once in a lifetime adventure that you did in your life and i loved the narrating in it, I do personal Slide shows for people and I have been doing them for over 17 yrs so I was really looking at all the editing and just seeing if things were in sync with each other. I’m picky on that stuff….LOL so it fun to watch.

Again Thank You for the Christmas special and I don’t know if anyone has told you lately….but there is nothing wrong with your presence now! Your one down to earth man and we the fans love you and Miss Mary and your whole family. I can hear Dan telling you just be yourself and that you are!  Best Wishes, Kim

DML: My crisis was professional.  Personal life, never a doubt.  I remain the luckiest man in the world when it comes to that space.  The great news is I love what I do now, so I give my blessing to God each day and promise to Him that I will do the best I can for the American people and this amazing country.   Thanks for watching.  I will run it again for sure.

I watched the video of Miss Mary speaking about you, and I could visualize her as the first lady of our great nation. DML, this country really needs someone exactly like you at the helm. Please seriously consider running in 2020, i’m 100%  positive that there is a large number of your followers that feel exactly the same way that I do. Before I discovered you last year I thought our country had no hope of rebounding from the damage that was inflicted by President Obama, listening to you throughout the campaign and the election I knew that President Trump would be elected, and some of the people in my life thought that I was a fool for believing that. Please run in 2020. Thank you and your family for all that you do, I believe that you all played a  big part in our President being elected, and I hope that you continue to look out for all of us that don’t have any other real source of true information that we can choose from. Much love, please run.

DML: Miss Mary is the greatest human being on planet earth.  The speech you are referring to was given in 2014 when I announced I was exploring the 2016 election. I was the first to announce such a thing on Fox News. Mary wrote the speech but then asked me for some edits / suggestions.  I said, “Lets start saying ‘Make America Great Again.’  You heard it in her speech.  You’ll hear them in mine.  Wink, wink.

Hi DML, My husband received an additional $1000 bonus as a result of the tax reform bill. His company had pledged if the bill was signed before Christmas all employees would receive a bonus. They honored it and the direct deposit was made today in our checking account. I also saw an increase in my VA pension. We are so happy and thankful to President Trump. He is honoring his promises one by one and making America great again.
Thanks for all you do DML. May God bless President Trump, Vice President Pence, their families, the military troops, the USA and your beautiful family.
Take care. Di

DML: I said it in January of last year…. give the American people money in their pocket and the rest will be easy. It took a year, but we’re here.  Thank you for your service.  I am happy for you.

I join TeamDML group the first day it was offered.  I was getting comments, etc. in group until 12/26. It has been removed from my groups on Facebook.  When I try to access group, Facebook says they find no group by that name.  I was really enjoying that group.  Could one of the administrators find out what happened and why I can’t get back into group? I belong to other groups and have no trouble with any of them.

DML: The group is   If you’re trying that and it’s not working then I assume you were blacklisted for attacking someone, writing nasty things about yours truly, or spamming it with nonsense. If those things do not apply to you, write me again and I will ask someone to look into it.

Hi DML! First, I want to thank you for all that you do! I’ve been a part of team dml for over a year now. However, I was so disappointed today listening to your attack on Ben Shapiro. I’ve also been a long time follower of his. As conservatives, we have enough people fighting against us. No need to attack one another. I was very saddened by this.

DML: Perhaps the energy of being sad with me is misplaced?  Perhaps being more upset about the attack on Trump is more appropriate, but hey…  in the end I report and you decide.  Your decision has been heard.  I appreciate the email.

Hey DML I appreciate your opinion and truth and wow your report on him was eye opening to me!! I just recently started following him and think he’s smart and really seems to support our president! I just wanted to share a story just popped up on my feed after I got on my Facebook. I’m just wondering shouldn’t we just forgive and move on and be thankful we have another conservative doing battle for our president? Shouldn’t we stick together?

DML: A man comes into your home and hits your kid in the knee caps on a daily basis with the intent of hurting him so that he can’t play in the championship game. Why? Because the man has placed his bet on the other team, plus he just hates the sight of your kid and everything that comes out of his mouth.  Then, despite the beating the man gave to your son, your boy wins and the man’s team loses.  The man looks stupid, and he lost a lot of money betting on the other team. Suddenly, the man embraces your child because he thinks your kid can win the next game. The man doesn’t care about the bruises he gave your son, or how much it hurt you and the rest of the family along the way.  The man just cares about winning his money back on the next bet, and so he becomes a champion for your son.  Will you trust that man to drive your kid to the next game?


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