DML: I Respond to a Handful of Interesting Emails You Sent Me


Each day, I receive emails and messages from the DML readership. Today, I respond to a handful of those messages. To send me a photo, use the [email protected] account, and to send a message, use the submit news tab.

Looks and sounds like Pres. Trump is taking Your advice… must watch Team DML!!!!

DML: You are referring to his press conference Wednesday with all the families in front of him. Funny thing is, I did not see it because I was driving to NYC for meetings. I did receive a wave of messages from people stating he was listening to my advice, which I have given many times before. I don’t need credit, I just want to Make America Great Again. So does Trump, so do you! One team.

DML, YOU suggested back a few weeks ago in one of your letters that President Trump bring general tax payers to speak of good things happening thanks to President Trump. It happened today &  went well. I am so happy for you that all your hard work & continues efforts he actually took your advice. Thanks again to you, your family & DML team for all your hard work.

DML: One of these days I will reveal how it all works. LOL.

Wow, DML, they heard you and took your advice. He has Americans up there saying thank you instead of him praising himself. Wow DML, this is Big, he’s starting to listen to you.

DML: “They” is the key word. (hint)

I am dying to learn of your experience yesterday at FNC. Please tell us on today’s show.

DML: There is no show today. I explained this last week — we have an electrical upgrade schedule today — the entire office is shut down. I will return tomorrow.  As for my meeting…, let’s say it was “step one.” We’ll see if there is a step two. That’s all I can say for now, sorry. But I will say this: In 2018, I will go back to making TV appearances on some of the networks to try and help push the MAGA agenda.

DML, I’m so disappointed that Trump is going to hurt us in NJ NY and other high tax states. According to this from the star ledger a liberal paper but this is from Realtors Association of America, we are screwed. Thanks, President Trump

I WAS a very big supporter of him but I will tell you I will be done.
I probably will stay home in 2020 depending who runs democratic. I have never voted Democrat in my life I’m 63 but never say never. Even tho my vote in Jersey really don’t count  I did as much as I could for him getting elected. I’m far from alone too on this too. It’s awful

I will still support you because I get the truth however, you have a breaking point with DACA as I do as well but this literally hit home. This is not good. Period.  So now my son was considering buying a house to flip I said not now let’s see how bad we get here first. So now it begins. It would be hiring contractors and spending money. So now we stop planning this. As many others are putting a halt on Home buying. The way us as Americans thrive when real estate is good. Bad day for us. Recently I stopped sharing things on FB that I normally would do in support of Trump. Of course my liberal friends are saying things as you can imagine.  I’m sure you will discuss this today. I hope you will.

DML: As noted, today there is no show because our office is getting an electrical upgrade. As for your concerns about the tax bill, don’t jump ship just yet. Allow me to address it tomorrow (Friday). Hang in there a little longer.

HI DML, I check out your app every morning and share the articles that most interest me to my FB friends. I have noted as of the last few days, nothing that I shared of yours has been showing up on my wall or timeline,  never had a problem before. Just wanted to alert you to that problem.  I enjoy DML app very much, great job, thank you.

DML: Thanks for sending. It goes into the folder for the lawyer.

Hi DML!  I have followed your show EVERY SINGLE DAY since October 2016. Never missed an episode! I wanted to share something that happened with me last week that I think you’ll find very interesting. I am in the mortgage business, a loan officer that does residential mortgages. Last week I got two phone calls through our call center line from people trying to get pre-approved for a new home purchase. As I’m going through the process, one of the questions that you have to ask is what a person’s residency status is.  On the first call that day, when I asked the question, the wife said that her husband had a work permit and a passport. He was from El Salvador. I then asked her for his residency status and she couldn’t really answer that question. I asked “is he a permanent resident alien?” She said no. I then said he must be a “non-permanent resident alien.“ She really didn’t know what I was saying. I asked her “what visa type he had”. She then told me “he doesn’t have a visa”. I said “he must have something to be in this country.”  She then said “he is DACA.”  My mouth dropped open. First call ever that I received from someone that’s DACA. I then politely told her that he does not have the proper paperwork to be in this country (the most diplomatic way I could think of saying it at that time) and that I cannot help them with a mortgage.

Not even two hours later that same day, I got another call. It was from a single man who is trying to get preapproved for a mortgage. For some reason something told me to ask the residency question very quickly into the conversation. It without hesitation he blurted out “I’m DACA.”  I then told him the same thing that I told the previous wife above. His response was that his friend had just gotten a mortgage and she’s also DACA. I told him I have no idea how that was even possible as she’s not a legal resident. She must of gotten the mortgage through a private individual.

Two in one day?!  Seriously?!  I have never gotten any calls from the DACA individuals ever and then I happen to get two in one day.  Now considering the age range of DACA kids, that makes some sense because now is about the time they will be looking to buy a home. But still, I find it quite interesting that I got two in one day!

In thinking about this, I was trying to decide why this might have happened. The only thing I could think of is there must be someone in their “inner circle” telling them to rush to get a mortgage as they feel that if they had a home here in the country they will be less likely to be deported back to their countries. With the March timeframe looming in the near future as Congress has to make a decision on DACA because President Trump put that on their plate in late September and gave them 6 months. Could this possibly why I got two? Will more be coming? Who knows.

I am sharing this with you because of your deep passion for the immigration issues in our beloved country, that I also share with you 1000%! But please keep in mind that I need to protect myself and my career so sharing my name with others would not be a good idea. I know you understand. But I definitely wanted to tell you this because I found it quite interesting and thought of you that day after I received both those phone calls. Our country is going to hell in a hand basket if these illegals think they can actually get a mortgage in OUR country! All the best to you, Mary and your team. Keep fighting the good fight!!! We cannot give up or we will lose everything!  This wonderful country that my almost 93 year old Dad fought for over 11 months in WWII…

DML: This is more than eye-opening! Thanks for sharing. And please, thank your dad for his service.

I help a homeless/needy outreach in downtown Pittsburgh and have noticed a wonderful trend in the last few months our numbers are dropping from as high as 130 to 60 last Tuesday. I work at the door so I talk with a lot of the people they are getting jobs and housing. Is anyone reporting this no but I hope, pray this continues theses people have been over looked for far too long.  Keep up the great work you and your team is doing DMLnews is my only source. God bless and Merry Christmas.

DML: Great work, Dan! Great news, too!

MML, I have been following you since I first saw you on FNC promoting They Come to America. I was at the Tampa Bay area event when you were making your “tour.” I have all your DVDs. I was, and still am, amazed how right you have been regarding illegal immigration. But aside from that, I watched The Truth this morning and I CANNOT believe that you nailed it. And President Trump obviously heard it. Having the family on camera and him standing in the background. It was text book DML.

DML: Was sorta “coincidental,” no? LOL. Thanks for the ongoing support.

Dennis, I’ve come to the conclusion that Trump has to move you and your business into the White House, including your wife and kids.He desperately needs your help and advice every day. Just think how cool that would be for the Whitehouse to have their own real news broadcasting your truth! Sound crazy? Well it’s crazy what the media is doing to him. I’m at the point of retaliation towards those far left liberal nut job’s, and the GOP. I read an article today about the FBI being terrified if Trump won the election.We can not stop fighting for Trump. It’s a must! If they get their way, it’s doom’s day to globalism. Thanks Dennis for all you and your beautiful Mary and your family bring to us! Sincerely, Karen

DML: My entire house could probably fit in the Oval Office. LOL

Just want to send you, your family and all that work with you, thanks for your hard work. I was sad of the results of the Alabama election, especially after a family member announced victory about this. I don’t talk politics with my family and friends who oppose my views mostly because I’m a peacemaker. It’s hard being a mom of 4 young men who seem to be against what I believe, I just want to mother them to be like me. All I can do is pray that they see the Truth. I stand firm when confronted.

DML: Thank you!

These text messages from the FBI have me furious. There is no more USA like I once knew it.

DML: No doubt, this is the crumbs left over from eight years of Obama corruption. But let’s try to stay positive!  We’ll get past this.

I love my Team DML blanket. Thank you!

DML: Thank you, Sue! Love having you on the team.

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