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Below are the responses I’ve made to emails sent to me by DML News readers.  To send me a message, use the submit news button on our website.

Combing the Dem win in Penn. with the report you issued about the White House turnover leaves me to think the only thing Trump will ever sign into legislation is tax reform, especially if the midterms go to Dems.

DML: You are 110% incorrect.  If the Dems win the House or the Senate in 2018, rest easy knowing that Trump will get one more major legislation passed…. AMNESTY.

The walkout by kids at schools Wednesday was disgusting.  I believe it used the death of 17 people to push a political agenda.  What do you think DML?

DML: I think my high school son was one of 20 kids who remained in the cafeteria.  I am proud of him.

Tracey did a nice job filling in for you again on Wed. but I was so anxious to hear your thoughts about the Dems winning PA.  Can you shine some light on the situation please.

DML: I’ve been saying for months that the GOP has a major problem on their hands, and that Trump’s push for amnesty would keep voters home.  I was called a turncoat, in addition to a list of more vulgar names.  Turns out I was correct (again).  GOP and Trump are in trouble.  If the economy dips even a little, it’s lights out.

DML, I ordered and payed for 3 series where you receive 6 tapes. I ordered it last month but have not received them.  When can I expect to get them?  Thanks!

DML: As noted on our website, the orders ship March 15 (aka today).  Thanks.

Dennis: The new algorithm for Facebook is really working for them.   This seems so illegal. We are being blocked so much from censorship.  This really needs to be addressed.  Keep up what you do and thanks.

DML: If it were not for the DML APP and the generosity of our readers, we would be barely hanging on.

Your walk and talk from Monday had me in tears.  I’ve only seen real men cry only once in my 53 years.  When my Husband of 30 years (at the time) told his best friend and his truck broker that he had brain cancer, all 3 of them had tears.  I’ve never seen this before and when you were talking about the bathroom scene from your Florida trip, it reminded me that when real men cry it’s heart wrenching!

DML: I remain human.  Thanks for sharing your story.

Good Morning I just wanted to thank you  for all you do.  I hope you have a beautiful day. Joan

DML: How nice this was to read.  It landed between the emails stating I am a liberal chill and a scumbag for one reason or another (I stopped reading).  You have a great day too!

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