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Dear Dennis, Just a quick note to say that I am with you 100%. No DACA, No Amnesty. I am ready willing an able to make phone calls or emails. Whatever you think will make the best impact. I am not going anywhere. God Bless you and your family.

DML: Lets hope we wake the president up from the liberal dream he is stuck in on this topic.

I guess we can change the page name from “Fighting for Trump” to “ Fighting for
Conservatism” looks like these illegals will get their cake and eat it too. Very disappointed in President Trump. I’m so sick of this illegal crap. I got gov brown and DeLeon running a dictatorship here in California and no one from the WH sees the distraction this sucks Thanks for everything you are doing I only wish you were in the WH.

DML: We don’t change anything until he goes all in w/ DACA. I am upset with his language, but in the end words don’t hurt us. Either way, I think we all need to be a more firm about demanding more answers.

DML, President Trump looks positively giddy tonight. He has probably made a deal with the Devil. He’ll get some kind of wall/fence and certainly curb the chain migration problem among a few other things. I tried to contact the White House but no answer. I responded to one of his tweets and emailed him sharing my disapproval of his bargaining with DACA. I am very, very disappointed. Talk about a nail in a California coffin.

DML: Again, there is still time on the clock. We start making phone calls tomorrow.

Just had a RNCer call with a single survey question: “Where do you get most of your news?” Naturally they listed all the MSM outlets & ended with “Other” With gusto I answered other and before he could start talking again I practically shouted, “Dennis Michael Lynch!” Then, he began the plea for donations, but I cut him off, saying, “I’ll not send $1 to the GOP unless President Trump puts an end to DACA!” He said he had to hang up. Just thought you’d like to know!

DML: Team DML is stronger than concrete. Nice work.

Your shows get better and better. You should stop apologizing for speaking about yourself during the show. You don’t do it in a way that is cocky. You use your experiences to help teach and influence, and I for one love it. Keep up the great work.

DML: Thanks!


Shame on you DML for moving people away from our president. You are all about yourself and campaigning for your future run. You are an opportunist like Bannon. I have deleted your app and unliked your page. This is my last out.

DML: LOL. What was that line from Forest Gump? Stupid is what stupid does? If you knew anything about campaigning you’d know silly you sound. I wish you the best.

Thanks for posting the video tonight DML! I had never seen that, or heard you talk about going after employers. I don’t feel like I’m crazy for having those thoughts anymore. Those points truly seem to fly over people’s heads.

DML: Here is the full video

DML the number to the White House is 202-456-1414 someone will answer and send you directly to message line.

DML: We all call tomorrow after the show.

DML we need you pal! There is nobody out there like you. Facebook continues to screw with your videos and posts every time I try to watch or share. We need to get you on a new platform. I did not get to donate before the new year and I would like to support your efforts. I cannot send much but please tell me where to go.

DML: Jeff, I appreciate it man! Facebook revenue Tuesday was a whopping $168. I’m sure if that covers the heat, let alone pay all the salaries and such. LOL. If donating puts you out in any way, please do not do it. DMLdaily.com/donate

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