DML: I Respond to Some of the Interesting Emails You Sent Me


Each day I receive a flurry of emails and messages, and today I respond to some of them.   Plus I post photos and memes you sent me.

If you want to send me a meme or photo, use [email protected] or the page. To send a message use the submit news tabs.

I love the idea that you pushed Rose ODonald to the point where she blocked you.  Well done DML.

DML: Rosie O’Donnell is a sad and lonely lady.

I took your poll and answered YES that my year was great.  Trump being in office makes every day brighter than the next considering I used to be sick every day Obama was president.  Thanks for all you do DML.

DML: Happy New Year.

I am not happy about your filming the no go Muslim zones in Europe.  I understand why you are doing it but I want you to be careful.   I sent in a donation today for support.  Please hire security.

DML: Through your generosity, I can.  Thank you.  I plan on leaving in March.

I love the Team DML concept and I believe you are on the edge of something huge.  God bless you.  I hope it works out because you have worked so hard over the years and have received very little credit.  The Bundy event, the border reports, the 2016 push for Trump…. the list is long and you are to be rewarded.

DML: I feel rewarded with every email I receive like yours.

I know this won’t be popular with your army of women supporters, but I think you’re a male pig talking about how your wife cooks for you all the time and how you want her to have dinner ready when you get home.  Mary should tell you to cook it yourself.

DML: I think you’re probably a miserable person.

You said you would have a crew going over with you, who are you thinking as far as a crew? I don’t know if you are looking for volunteers to travel with you as far as safety in your tour or what. I would be interested in being part of a crew to ensure that but I’m sure you have that thought out already, yours in -16 degrees Minnesota, Greg

DML: Thanks for the offer, but I will have it covered.  Thanks!

DML, There is a posting on Team DML with a picture of a Resettlement Assistance Program form that is NOT from the USA. This post is very misleading and getting a lot of attention. Being a form NOT from the USA one could argue that it qualifies for FAKE NEWS PROPAGANDA. I can’t, in good conscience, be part of a group that promulgates fake news. Please delete the post ASAP.

DML: Great name.  I appreciate the concern but I will not delete it.  First, I did not create the post, it was from a group member.  Second, I picked up on the lady’s mistake right away, which is why I approved it to be posted to the Team DML group.  I commented under the posting and included where he mistake is.  Next, just because the content is from from Canada doesn’t make it untrue or propaganda.   Her comment about blaming Obama for the amount listed on the forms is where she made her mistake, and it does not apply to the documents.  Last, I posted my response to the woman telling her that the documents are not from Canada, and left a link to information about the cost of refugees in the US.  My take on it is this…. My job is to help people set the record straight. It’s a private group page, and my correcting her may help others from spreading the document thinking its from the US.

TEAM DML. I read your awesome article explaining what you/we are all about. I backed up so I could send it to someone else but hmmm, there is no share option. Then it just disappeared altogether. Hmmm!  Can you post it somewhere else please?

DML: It’s there on the DMLdaily page on Facebook.  Look to top right if using a desktop.

I just sent a tweet to Rosie after seeing your post on the TeamDML Page. Unfortunately most of the comments, although interesting, didn’t reflect that any action was taken. I believe you wanted us to respond back to Rosie in a tweet. I have a thought. In addition to repeating the purpose of the group which you do, perhaps you can highlight and acknowledge some of your individual performers in your daily “The Truth” videos or on your website much like you did on Thursday’s show when you spoke about the new woman you expect to hire. People are motivated by recognition and your DML team truly wants to help. Your leadership will remind us how collectively we can make changes happen as a power group. You are probably already ahead of me on this but just in case. We love DML!

DML: Thank you.

DML, I think it’s absolutely wonderful that you are now connecting with us by making phone calls during your the 11:00 broadcast during the week. The only problem is that it leaves us who work regular hours out. I have to watch your show when I get home. If I’m lucky enough I catch your 6:00 live but rarely. That’s the time I’m just getting home. Even though some will miss out, keep it going. It was such a joy to listen to you connect with your followers on Christmas. Thank you for always giving of yourself.

DML: Fridays are call in days.  Thanks for kind words.

Facebook notified me I unfollowed a page. Thinking logically, I went to the Dennis Michael Lynch page and sure enough…there it was. I have a screenshot but can’t attach. What is the other DJTrump Facebook page so I can check that as well? Thanks, Jeff.

DML: They do it to me by the hundreds every single day.  The other page is FightingForTrump.  You should be able to like both pages again.  This is why I am raising donations.  I have to break away from this Facebook stink.  If people can donate, today is the last day I will be asking.  Thanks. Click her to donate.


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