Below are the responses I’ve issued to some of the emails you sent me over the past 24-hours. Plus, the explanation of the owl photo is at the very bottom.

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Dear Anneta, Tracy and Kat,Thank you for working from the crack of dawn to every late night to bring us the truth. You are appreciated!

DML: It’s not easy sifting through the weeds and finding the news that needs to be delivered. They do a fine job those 3 ladies, as do all the folks who work with me. Thanks for recognizing them.

It was great news about Walmart pulling the IMPEACH TRUMP shirts from their website. I am sure your video from yesterday played a huge role.

DML: It was shared nearly 20k times and played a half million times in 12-hours, and so I am sure it was seen by many who needed to see it. Overall, I think it was a national effort.  There comes a time when the unacceptable becomes too much to ignore.  Now, if we could just get Amazon and others to do the same.

GUESS WHAT? WOW!!!! There was no Impeach Trump crap on the Walmart site this morning! I guess they got the message. I would imagine thousands of people complained. YAY! I still don’t respect them, but at least the products seem have been removed. Thank you Dennis, for blasting out that video… I think it went viral, and it looks like they got the message. No doubt they were scrambling to remove all the impeach 45 crap!

DML: Just doing my job. LOL.

Love the chit chats and Miss Mary’s daily freshness. However your flag is a little ragged. God Bless America. The two cops singing: man,Woman, black, white. I got goose bumps. Would love to see more like that. With respect and love from North Carolina. Insurance medical care for the elderly is terrible. No wonder we are stuck at home alone; can’t afford to go any where. You are the only news I watch.

DML: Insurance costs are going to haunt Trump in 2020 if he doesn’t do something soon.  As for the flag, it took a beating this winter.  I don’t want to replace it because it was a gift from my son.  But I will be retiring it at the end of the summer and getting a new one.  Thanks for the support.

I loved your reply to the question about “Q.” I’ve never mentioned this before, but the last person in my group of DML supporters that abandoned you told me to follow it, and not waste time reading your news. I follow you because your app tells us different things daily, not a repeated message, like listening to a parrot all day long.  He was constantly sending me pink messages to read, but tells me not to read anything because news people lie? Are people going nuts? “Don’t believe anything you read Tony!” But he sends me his crap to read, seriously?

DML: Perhaps I can boost my web traffic by creating a fictional character called “Z.”  I can make crap up and get everyone spooked.  Let me tell you this… if there really was a person who really was “in the know” and posting videos on YouTube, the person wouldn’t be posting very long.

First time emailer but long time reader and listener.  I wanted to say thank you for bringing light to the Walmart t-shirt disaster.  I don’t care much for Trump’s messaging style, but he is the president and should be given the respect that comes with the office.

Your video yesterday was so well put together and compelling that even my  liberal friends said they agreed with you. You really have a great way of explaining things in a manner which is comprehensible.

I want to say that I’m 65 years into this life and believe that the country is on the wrong path.  Although the economy is strong it is not enough.

In order to truly be great, we as a nation need to come together as a TEAM.  You say it all the time.  However, it will take a person like yourself to bring the nation together.

Trump is a smart man and can fight off the media on a daily basis, but in many respects he started the war with the media while on the campaign trail.  It was brilliant at the time because it shined light on his candidacy, but it made for an ongoing stream of enemies with big microphones and black pens.  He will never recover with the media.  Therefore, he will never reach his true potential because he will be spending most of his time in a battle that will never be won or lost.  Meanwhile, people grow tired of the bickering.

You on the other hand know how to do it better.  You understand what it means to be polite, tough, smart and caring all at the same time. I’ve seen you reach through the computer screen and give your hand and heart to strangers, and I have also seen you blast those trolls who need the blasting.  Some may say Trump does the same thing, but there is a HUGE difference in your two styles.  His style comes off as bullying and self-serving.  Your style comes off as passionate and is full of leadership.

I have been following you since the first time I saw you on Fox News many years ago.  It was a special program on the July 4 holiday.  You were on Hannity for a full hour with a few guests from your films.  I recall one lady saying that you are the only person who puts his money where his mouth is.  I believe she hit the nail on the head.  Nobody in politics, and nobody in media, and nobody in film has the personality, passion, leadership, and desire and dedication to the truth like you do DML.  I never feel like you are doing something for clicks or ratings! I feel like you are doing it for us and the nation.

I don’t agree with everything you say.  We are on different ends of the death penalty debate.  I don’t believe in the death penalty.  Nobody has the right to take a life but God.  I prefer see the evil people rot in jail.  Aside from that issue I am locked in step with you on most topics, especially immigration and healthcare.

I conclude this, my first email to you, by saying thanks for being such a reliable man.  I am one of those people who spends Christmas with you each year.  It takes a really dedicated man to do what you do each day, and to give up your Christmas evening to be with your supporters is something no other media personality does (without being paid to do so).

I know you have given up on politics for now, but I sure do hope you will pick it back up later in life (BUT NOT TOO LATE).  You would be the best president this country ever had, and your family would make the White House sparkle once again.   Have a great July 4 holiday.

DML:  If I may borrow from Tom Cruise…. “You had me at hello.”  Thanks Mike.  Enjoy your 4th!

GOT MY BOOK! DML, I came home last night and I found my photo book. I was at McKinleys Monument for the 4th of July tribute. Thank you for such a beautiful book and all that you and your family do. The photo of the plantation reminded me of Savannah Georgia in the cemetery. A great place to visit. Nice to put a face to the wonderful reporter Anneta Griffee she is a good one!! Hopefully your next trip the rest of your family will be able to join you, Miss Mary, you’re AWESOME!! Again, thank you for all you do, I know it has to be hard to report all the crap going on in this country! But showing the good side keeps my spirits up.
Love to DML team
PS- Happy 4th

DML: It was a pleasure meeting you and your wonderful family.  The ZOE FARM is outstanding, and your segment in the film AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL will be remarkable.  Thank you for the continued support.  Without people like you, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.

Hey DML! I just read Jane’s email to you about her receipt of y’all’s picture book. Is it going to be available for purchase by those of us who couldn’t donate enough to get the free copy? I sure hope so, I’d love to have a copy on my coffee table.

DML: I am overwhelmed by the amount of requests we received like yours following the posting of the book description via Jane’s email.  We just ordered a batch of books, albeit a smaller version of the book to make it more affordable.  I will sign each book with a personalized message to the buyer.  You can pick one up by CLICKING HERE.  Example photos are shown when you click the page.

Do you believe the wall will ever be built?

DML: No.  But that doesn’t mean we cannot stop illegal immigration.  Rip out the incentive for people to come and stay illegally, and the problem will be solved to a great degree.

I saw the Miss Mary Cafe’ photo of the sleeping owl and was wondering where it was taken exactly.  What an amazing video of your son touching it.  Thanks for posting!

DML:  The owl was sleeping on a tree located on a private property in Amagansett, NY.  My son works for a landscaper and saw the owl as he was pruning trees.  As shown in the video, he touched the owl while it was sleeping and in doing so, he woke the owl and it stared back at him. The video is pretty cool, and people can see it by clicking here. is super cool too.  Mary and my daughter Ashley add content to it every day.  The updates are fed to the DML NEWS APP in real time.