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Today, I respond to some of the emails you sent me.

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Dear DML, I opened my app this morning, as I do every day and saw your article that called President Trump DonnyDACA. I know you’re upset with DACA and I am too. However, I think that if they cap the original estimated Dreamers (and only adults), background check them all and don’t keep ANY on welfare, I’d be OK. Of course, they would have to give us everything we want.
I’m not inclined to throw the baby out with the bath. I don’t think its fair to say Trump hasn’t done anything if I don’t get everything. I don’t think it’s respectful to call names to the President of the United States. I can feel the stress mounting in your daily news. I get like that too. When I realize how wound up I am, I take a deep breath and realize God is in charge and He loves his creation very much. I just want to encourage you to walk by faith.

DML: So let me get this right, the president can call people nicknames but nobody can tag him with a nickname?  Sorry.  That doesn’t work in my book.  Your take on “DACA” indicates your watching me, but not listening to me.  If DACA goes through and they are legalized, then they VOTE.  And by the way, you can not discriminate against which citizens do and do not receive welfare.

Hello DML, I would like to start off this e-mail with the understanding that this house loves the DML family and by no means am I making this statement with any resentment in my heart.

I agree with you on the DACA issue. I believe that my President caving on DACA would be the biggest mistake in his presidency. It would give the liberal left democrats all the momentum to win in 2018 and 2020. I also agree that the wall would never be built due to activists groups and the Governor Browns (what an evilness) of the world would stop it in every stage of construction untilPresident Trump is no longer in office.

That being said I also believe that President Trump is in office because God has a plan for this world that as humans we can not explain. We have to try to rally around this President even though mistakes are being made or we should just go ahead and support the impeachment stupidity. Without his base he doesn’t stand a chance and we have to fight to try to stop him from giving in on DACA but we can not stop supporting him if he does.

All I am saying is please don’t turn his base against him. You never once supported the tax bill but it has not turned his base against him. His tweeting you did not like but it did not turn his base against him. I believe that he has made mistakes and will make more but we have to support him trough good decisions and bad decisions.

I will be highly disappointed him he caves on DACA but i will still support him.

Thank you and God bless you for what you do.

DML: First, you are incorrect about the position I took on the tax bill and my videos are alive to prove it.  I said I would not have picked this sort of bill, but that I would support it so Trump and the GOP could get a win.  That’s the fact, and as noted, there are several videos in which I said those exact words.  Moving on to DACA.  I do not turn his base against, Trump manages that force on his own.  People come to me because they trust I know what I am speaking about, and I deliver the facts.  How people land is up to them.  For example, despite all I have shared with you and the DML audience, you will stand behind the president even if he hands over DACA and makes it so the Democrats will be in office again.  That really speaks volumes to me, and you’ll probably end up with that scenario.  Meanwhile, Trump will be playing golf at Mar-a-Largo.  If that makes you happy, then amen for you.

I’m 74, retired defense WC attorney 12/31/05, 2nd marriage ’92, 2 bio & 4 step children, 3 bio & 7 step grandchildren, Republican til 2008, Conservative/Libertarian since, stumbled unto you Nov ’17, immediately hooked/habitamized, watch all shows live or replay.  I can’t feel closer to or more trusting of or committed to a non-blood (other than my wife) or blood relative than you.

This brings me to the need for me to write this email.  I am confused.  Previously I thought I heard you say that you would be willing to accept and support DACA with all its left/liberal requirements PROVIDED that any such person(s) granted this path to U.S. citizenship could and would NEVER vote in a federal election.  Yesterday evening 01/04/18 I thought I heard you say that you are now unwilling to EVER support DACA with all its left/liberal requirements unless and until we have directly addressed and effectively resolved/eliminated the presently estimated 1.5 million homeless, including all children.
Do I have this right?  If so, are these the same or different?  If they are the same, please explain how.  If they are different, please explain why the change and what is your present final position?

DML: Alfred, I appreciate your kind words.  However, you are confusing what I said weeks ago.  In being snarky, the litmus test for Democrats is to tell them you accept all their demands for DACA in exchange for the provision that they cannot ever vote.  In other words, DACA for Democrats is all about getting the votes.  Bottom line, if they are granted citizenship they are granted the ability to vote.  I say NO.  I am only willing to agree to a legalization (not citizenship) if all demands are met as I state them.  I will state them again today at 11am.

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