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Below, I respond to some of the emails you sent me over the past 24-hours.

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Is there anything that can be done about all the police that are getting killed. I know that is part of the job but I think people are really getting pissed about this. Could this be a way to start a civil war? I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer but I’m far from being the dullest knife in the drawer. Was there anything in the new spending bill that money could be funneled from the DHS to the police force for better body armor? I know you don’t have time to answer this but I needed to rant.

DML: Protecting our police isn’t a matter of better body armor.  It’s a tone.  A national tone is set by its leader, and then the tone trickles down.  The tone set by Obama was that the police are bad people.  Although Trump attempted to reverse that tone by voicing his appreciation for the police, it didn’t work because the tone of the country as a whole remains divided.  Trump is a combative personality who draws lines, “them vs us, right vs left.”  He calls people names.  Like this approach or not, it sets a tone of division.  Thus, people love to love him, or people love to hate him.  Tack on that most of the media can’t stand to say his name, and this sort of thing trickles down into communities.  In essence, Trump says he loves the cops, therefore the thugs hate the cops more than they did under Obama.

I have been following you on Facebook since the first time I saw you appear on Megyn Kelly’s show on Fox News.  My husband was alive at the time.  He said, “I LIKE THAT GUY.”

I watched you for years on Fox.  I watched you every night on Newsmax. I have watched you every day on Facebook.  I have also watched Hannity, O’Reilly, Dobbs, and I always listen to Rush.  I used to watch and listen to Beck.  There is not one person in the news media who is more consistent than you.  There is not one person in the news media more entertaining than you.  There is not a person in the news media more passionate, brave, or loving than you.
I have never ever seen any one of these news media people carve out hours on Christmas to be with his supporters like you have two years running.

Having watched you for as long as I have, and having friends who watch you because they learn so much about issues that other news media will not speak about or cover at length, you are a rare gem who should have been grabbed by a network to host a prime time slot.  The fact that you have not been says so much about the news media and how biased they are.   A few weeks ago you asked people on Facebook to write a comment about you getting a weekend TV show on Fox News.  I don’t think you’d survive more than a month on Fox News.  You would end up walking off the stage when they try censoring you on immigration.

What you shouldn’t be getting is the assault on your character like you are from people who claim to want the truth in news.  As my husband would say, “Crazies come in all colors and sizes.”  I have read some of the things people write about you now because you are pointing out the obvious about Trump’s presidency.

You have given so much to Trump over the past two years.  It was you who dragged in many of the Independent voters, myself included, to vote for Trump.  You asked for no credit, you received no credit, and yet you kept marching forward with your job.  This doesn’t surprise me one bit.  This is what makes DML who he is.

My husband died at 61.  He didn’t drink. He didn’t smoke. He took decent care of himself.  He just died on day.  Life is short! That’s the lesson I took away from his passing.  I miss him so much.  It really hit me the other morning when you read the letter from the man Ken who lost his wife.  I miss my husband.  We used to watch you together.  He didn’t always agree with you on everything.  But he really liked your explanations and ability to argue a point with details and facts.

DML, I urge you to exit the news business and go do something else.  Having watched you for as long as I have, I see you each day and there is a noticeable difference, especially in your appearance.

Not many years ago, you made an appearance on Fox and Friends soliciting one of your films.  I think it was Ride to DC.  You were dressed in a jacket and tie, and you had a glowing tan.  When your segment was over I told my husband you were the most attractive man I had ever seen.  He agreed.

Your handsomeness was not tied solely to your sharp jaw and thick hair. It was the sparkle in your eye and the strength of your voice when speaking about America and the American people.  You sucked me in.  I was in love with your words and how you delivered them to me on the other side of the TV.  I felt like I could reach my hand out and touch your heart.

I have watched that sparkle fade.  Although you have remained incredibly consistent and determined to get your message out to people like me, over the past few months you have lost the sparkle that makes you who you are.  It’s not because you don’t love America like you once did.  I think it’s because you realize there is nothing you can do to stop the nonsense taking place in Washington DC.  Talk of amnesty from a man who swore he’d never do such a thing is weighing down your heart, so too is all the other promises unkept.  I know it bothers you to discuss the ugliness of the Russia craziness because you see no upside in the matter.  I have always known you to find the silver lining.  I don’t believe you see any silver linings for us and it’s breaking you inside.

I have watched you gain weight and your eyes always look tired.  You’ve tabled the humor that once made your program so much different than anything else out there.  You never do walk and talks, and you’ve stopped incorporating your family and home into the program.  I see that as your way from protecting them from the ugliness you are seeing unfold.

You don’t come out an say it, but I can tell you no longer trust Trump.  I can tell you no longer want to spend energy on cheering for him.  I think you are protecting yourself from being burned by him.  I cannot say I blame you.

You always talk about your ability to see ahead and see how things will be in the end.  I’m pretty decent at doing to same thing.  I hate to say it but I don’t see you ever being rewarded in the way you deserve.  It has nothing to do with fame or fortune.  I don’t know how to explain it really. I wish I could put into words.

I wasn’t going to send this to you.  Please don’t think I am some fanatic who worships your every word.  I use your app but I also watch Fox and CNN for news.  I don’t believe in the conspiracy nonsense…I don’t swear by Trump…I do not believe he can do no wrong.  I think he is trying to make things better but I also think he is too concerned with his reputation and public approval.  I have not personally felt any of the upsides of his presidency other than the pleasantry of not having to see Hillary be president.

I am a simple woman who lost her husband and spends most of her days trying to keep busy with little circle of friends and family.  We do discuss you more often than you would think.  We love Miss Mary and the family atmosphere you’re trying to create with Team DML.  My friends agree with me when saying I don’t want to you to be unhappy in what you do.

You have way too much to offer the world, and way too much talent to have to deal with Facebook issues, Trump’s tweets, social media haters, and a lying media.  I know you’ve worked hard to build your business.  I don’t expect or want you to close the doors, but I hope you will consider what I have written.  You need to change it up somehow because I care too much about you and the Lynch family.  You need to do something else that offers more upside and a bigger megaphone.  I don’t know what it is.  I wish I did.  I hope you will forgive me for writing this if I have insulted you.  I don’t want to see you fade out.  I want you to sparkle.

DML: I appreciate your letter, and I hope you don’t mind me cleaning it up some.  I published it so that you know I received it.  I can feel the concern and love that went into writing the letter.  Please forgive me for not having a reply, but please know I’ve read it no less than 5 times.

I’m trying to give back to my community. And to the men and women that risk there lives on a daily basis to bring fuel and oil to this great nation.  I’ve worked in the oil fields of the North West, and now the North Slope in Alaska, since I got out of school in 94. I’ve seen hundreds of minor injuries, in fact I practically see one every day. Hell, I’m sure that I’m only alive because God has something bigger in store for me, because all the stupid things I’ve done in my past he could have easily allowed me to slide away and never be heard from again!  So, that being said I know you are aware of Patterson rig 219 that just blew up in Oklahoma. In my opinion, and from reports I’ve read, that was human neglect that took the lives of 5 oilfield worker’s. How many was it that died on the Deep Water Horizon rig… 22-24?  In Montana last week, another roughneck lost his life somehow falling from a rig.  In July of 2016 my brother in law Johnny Stassinos was killed, and 3 others seriously burned, one of which is a young man I’ve known since he was about 10yrs old in an explosion in North Dakota.  I could go one for a while about this because the longer I type the more names and faces keep popping into my head.   So, to get to the point, I see the reach you have and I was hoping I could ask you to use your platform to raise awareness of an upcoming event to help take care of some of the bills. And to help make dreams come true for Americans that risk their lives on a daily basis.  I’m attaching a link to the page I have created for this event.  My phone number is on the cover photo.  Signal is spotty here in Prudhoe Bay, but my Facebook page is there and messenger works well here with WiFi if you wish to contact me for info. Thank you for caring for this great nation like I and so many Patriots do. We are lucky to have a man like you to give us the truth. Thank YOU Sir for doing your country a true service!!  Here is the link.  Thank you again!

DML: Stay safe out there.  Good luck.

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