Below are some of the emails you sent me over the past 24-hours, and the responses I’ve given to each one.

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Good Morning.  I am hearing all over Fox that these indictments mean no collusion and POTUS is cleared.  I did not hear that, nor did I hear that the Meuller investigation has come to an end. Do you think Trump is “cleared”? Do you think Meuller is “possibly” also investigating the other side of the Russian Collusion – Christopher Steele, Page, Stzrok, mcCabe, dossier, etc. or just dead set on taking Trump out.?

DML: Fox News tries to push its narrative, which happens to be the same as Trump’s.  CNN tries to push their narrative, which is the complete opposite.  At the end of the day, one should read all 37 pages of the indictment, like I did.  FACTS: Nowhere does it say that Trump is no longer being investigated, nor does it claim vindication for Trump.  That said, based on information provided by Bloomberg News, the investigation is ongoing.

You know, Dennis, you almost lost me with your ‘no amnesty for Dreamers’ stance. I was of the opinion that because these people came here as children by no choice of their own, they should be granted the primrose path to amnesty, yada, yada, blah-de-blah, etc., etc. I stopped watching you for a few days until I saw this lady interviewed on Tucker Carlson Tonight. She believes that Dreamers, as citizens, should be allowed the same rights as other citizens to ‘import’ family members to the US. IOW, chain migration. I realized then that it would not end with just chain migration. They would continue to ask for more and more special privileges to correct the’ injustices’ that they have suffered. Needless to say I changed my mind.

DML: Some people take the scenic route like yourself.  I guess the good news for you is that you ended up at the correct destination.   Meanwhile, I have bruises all over my body.  NOTE TO SELF: I have to have my head checked.

DML, I just listened to your spot on Kevin Miller’s show and you were fantastic!  I shared this and hope you will be on more shows like this!!!

DML: I used to do numerous radio hits every day.  One part of me thinks it would be smart to start doing them again, but another part of me wants no part of that world.  I look at Rush Limbaugh.  He never has on any guests, he never appears on TV shows (with rare exception of Fox News Sunday a few times per year).  There’s a reason he does his own thing, and I think that’s the model I will follow for now.  I went on Kevin’s show simply because I wanted to push for no DACA.  By the time we scheduled the spot, DACA was dead in the Senate, so it was sort of moot.  But thank you so much for the compliment.

I love your daily program because it so different than anything else out there on radio and TV.  Perfect example is the caller from yesterday who’s daughter is dying.  You warmed her heart with speaking to her and promising to send flowers.  You’re the real deal DML and I am happy to have found you.  I am making a donation to you today with hope that you can use it to attract more viewers somehow.

DML: Thanks for everything you wrote.  As for getting more listeners, we are beta testing the new DML APP right now.  There are a few bugs to sort out and it will be here soon.  Once it is, you’ll start to see our advertisements.  Without the help of people like you, those efforts would fall short.  Thanks!