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One simple thing to help protect schools- LOCK THE DOORS! One way in; one way out!  If the armed guards are at one door, an attacker could enter another one! In Florida the guy just walked in!!

DML: I provide my analysis and idea to combat this issue below, but first take a look at the explanation that appeared in a Florida newspaper: “He (Cruz) came when he knew the gates would be open and set off a fire alarm that would dismantle a safety system, officials say. And the school resource officer, who is supposed to help protect students, may not have been on school grounds at the time.

Accused gunman Nikolas Cruz, who had been expelled from the school for behavioral problems, arrived on campus about 20 minutes before the school day ended.

That’s the time school officials usually open the gates around campus so students and staff parked in various parking lots, as well as school buses and parents picking up their kids, can get out easily, said Jerry Graziose, the district’s former director of school safety.

“During the day, those areas locked. But when you’re getting ready for kids to leave, all the gates in the different areas have to be unlocked, and it takes a few minutes for the person doing that,” Graziose said.

Once a person gets onto campus, they have access to a number of classroom buildings, which are often unlocked so that students can easily get to their classes. 

Graziose said a similar dilemma exists at the start of the school day, when large numbers of students are entering campus, and many parents are dropping their kids off.

The United States wastes more money than one can count, and so I would like to see our money be better spent.  Instead of investing hundreds of millions of dollars to teach illegal alien students how to speak English, how about we better protect our kids by using that money to increase school security.

In addition to armed guards, I think we should use driveway check points at our schools like those used by some hotels, condos and resorts.

One way in, one way out.  Fence in the property.   Then put a booth at the front entrance with an electric gate or arm of some kind.  Visitors must first check in at the gate and announce why they are visiting the school.  If they are not on a list of permitted visitors, then a call must be made to the school office for permission to allow the person to enter.  Cruz would never have made it past this point.

This is just one step we can take.  There are more.   That said, last night I was at dinner with members of my film crew, and we decided that after we are done with They Come to America 4, we are producing a film about school shootings.  We will look for solutions to be included in the film.

Last week during your show you called an elderly lady named Helen from Mississippi.  She said her daughter was dying and that you made her day by calling her out of the blue.  You had said you were sending flowers to her daughter.  Helen responded by saying she wanted to cry and thanked you up and down.  I was wondering if the flowers were sent and if you had heard anything about the daughter’s condition.  Thank you for all you do DML.

DML: The flowers were sent on Friday, and they were delivered Tuesday by 1-800Flowers.  I have not heard anything since then, but will update Team DML once we hear something.  Thanks for asking.

I am finding it harder and harder to find your live program at 11 o’clock.  What else can I do besides download the DML APP which I use throughout the day.  I love your program and hate when I miss it live.

DML: I announced on Monday that I would be traveling on Tuesday and Wednesday filming for They Come to America 4.  I am answering these emails from a hotel room, but once I leave there is no way for me to do a live show at 11am ET.  I will return tomorrow, God willing.   As for what you can do to watch the program… Facebook.com/DMLdaily is where we host the show each day. Go there at 11am and click the videos tab if you don’t see us on the home page.  Keep hitting refresh on your browser until it pops up.

I’ve read various reports that David Hogg is actually a planted actor.  He did seem to muddle through an interview, acts much older than his age and didn’t seem the least bit emotional about the situation.  Knowing what CNN considers news, this actually seems plausible.  That said, I’m in no way suggesting the shooting was staged, just that an actor was ready to feed the no guns narrative in the event a shooting took place. Thoughts?

DML: I think 17 people are dead in Parkland, Florida for no good reason, and as a father I want our children to be better protected at school.  In other words, I am not going to play into the distracting narrative about crisis actors, and I will take the young man at his word.

I thought I had heard enough hate towards you, but today I heard the worse. It wasn’t bad enough losing friends and family over Trump, now I’m losing friends over you. From the bottom of my heart, I only follow you, and that’s because of your honesty, by far the integrity.
Because I have friends that follow you as well, I enjoy debating your points with them. Today that came to an end. You now have lost 3 more followers, leaving me as the only one… meaning my family.

Today you were accused of being a true democrat fighting against Trump. They said that today’s show proved it because you just convinced Oprah to run in 2020. One guy said that you just told everyone to forget about Trump because Oprah will kill Trump at the polls. You were accused of endorsing OPRAH. I haven’t watched your show yet, but according to them, I guess that I’m with you about Oprah. If Oprah runs, how can she not win when all liberals will fall for the same trap everyone fell for Obama. The MSM and celebrities will rule the entire television talk shows. Forget the Kardashian’s, Kim will lose the spotlight to Oprah.

If she runs, It has nothing to do with you. I already had told them that Oprah hint on running many months ago. If she doesn’t run, I will be shocked! If Trump loses in 2020 we conservatives will never see another victory. The amount of corruption will keep any republican from running.

I’m deeply sorry my friend, it really hurts me. I tried my best to convince them that you are the one and only. I ended by telling them that they dropped you because you never changed, you’re not against Trump, you’re against lying to the American people. They think you changed but they are fine with Trump when he’s the one that changed. Hypocrites is what they are. They didn’t appreciate Obama lying but defend Trump’s lies? Seriously? Dennis, I don’t need to ask you not to change. I know you won’t and that’s why you are “Da Man.”

DML: I’ve officially heard it all.   During the show on Friday, I explained why Oprah would be a dangerous candidate, and provided political analysis stating she should not be blown off as not being a threat if she runs.   I also said I can’t stand Oprah, and that if Trump and the GOP were to put more money in the pockets of the American voters (aka repealing and replacing Obamacare), there would be nothing to worry about long term.   I offer political analysis, facts, and thought-provoking scenarios on a daily basis.  If people want to interpret my words differently than they CLEARLY leave my lips, then there is nothing I can do for them.  Some folks are just block headed and not very intelligent.  Either way, I wish them luck.  Thanks for the kind words.

You have removed the Disqus comment section from your site again, Disqus is my preference, I do not do FB.

DML: I don’t like Disqus.  It was removed and we are replacing it with a LIVE chat format when we launch the DML APP 2.0 in the weeks ahead.

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