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I was really pissed off at you for giving Trump a hard time about DACA.  Even though I do not want amnesty, I felt as if we have an obligation to stand by our president.  I deleted your app and unliked you on Facebook.  Then yesterday Trump spoke at CPAC and I was finding myself feeling like a fool as he was repeating your warnings but in a much different way.  He said if the GOP doesn’t win 2018 it will end up being the end of the 2nd Amendment because the Dems want to take away our guns and freedoms.  He said the same thing you said about the risks of losing 2018 because the conservatives stay home and the Dems come out to vote in waves.  I found myself agreeing with him.  Then I found myself guilty of not agreeing with you.  You told me the same thing for weeks and I took it as you attacking Trump.  It wasn’t an attack at all.  It was a warning and the warning was 110% correct, but for some stupid reason I needed to hear it from Trump to believe it.  I am sorry DML!!! You’ve done nothing but support the American people.  You have reported the truth day in an out for years.  I deleted you despite your honesty because I did not want to hear what you had to say.  I hope you can forgive me as I am one of the people who lashed out at you on Facebook and Twitter.  I called you names and cursed you heavily.  I am sorry.

DML: No need apologize.  Now download the DML APP and turn on the notifications. LOL.

I took your poll and I am furious about the amount of money it is costing for the Obama library.  Between spending money on him and the illegals he allowed into this country I have about had it.  Is there anything we can do?

DML: No.

How would you rate Trump’s speech at CPAC?

DML: Trump being Trump.

I love your ideas for protecting our schools.  You have such a way of creating common sense solutions and you really understand the American people.  I hope you will run for office in your lifetime.

DML: There are days when I want nothing more than to hold public office of some kind, and there are day when I want no part of it at all. I guess it depends how long my lifetime turns out to be.  Thanks for the confidence.

Please, please, please do a walk & talk this weekend or sometime soon.  I really need a laugh.

DML: Will take your comments into consideration.  I hope you feel better.

I am so exited for your new films on immigration and school shootings.  When will they all be completed?

DML: They Come to America 4 should be done in April or May.  School shootings by end of August.

DML, After reading your corrected information on your health care premium, I cannot express how your honesty sets an example to others. How Obama got away with Obamacare is just another example of Democrat politicians uncaring and greedy people! I’m amazed at your knowledge, drive, and passion. Everything you do is a great accompaniment. Keep up the good work! This House Loves DML, and stands for our flag! God Bless you and your family, Carla

DML: How nice of you to say. Thanks!

Hey Dennis, Thank you for making me laugh today. I read your letter of apology to your audience regarding your insurance premiums, and there’s nothing I love more than sarcasm. I’m the most sarcastic individual you’ll ever meet, but lately, no one understands what sarcasm is. Either it’s a degree we college dropouts earned or it’s the timing not appropriate. Either way, though it’s not funny how Obamacare is out to destroy the middle class and this administration is ignoring it, but it’s funny how sarcastically you gave us the news. You’re absolutely Da Man. LOL. Thank you for making me laugh, something that hasn’t happened in a while.

DML: Real sarcasm would be for me to send the insurance company 1,844 checks made out for $1 each.  In memo I’d write: Maybe now you feel my pain.

Dennis, I find it very troubling that not one but several deputies stood outside that school while misery was happening inside.  One not going in is beyond the pale but several?? What are your thoughts? Sharon

DML: I recall when I was in the desert during the Bundy standoff.  I had guns pointed at my back, countless M16 machine guns pointed in my face, and one objective going through my head: Don’t allow anyone to die.  I can’t understand how these cops didn’t do the same.  I realize the risk of it all, but not taking the risk is something these men will have to live with for the rest of their lives.

I cannot find the link for the Team DML bumper sticker.  Please send.

DML: Click here. I thank you in advance.

Hi DML.   I just read about your annual premiums and I must say, holy shit!  Excuse my profanity , but you pay a year for healthcare what I MAKE in a,year!!  I have insurance through my employer thank God so I don feel that financial pain.   But imagine if my premiums were yours?  My family and I would be on the streets with our all important insurance!  I no longer trust Trump.  He has lied and continues to do so.  My thoughts… make insurance companies compete for us.  Costs would go down.  Quality up.  Across state lines.  Socialized medicine is NOT the answer as the liberals think.

DML: In defense to Trump, he’s doesn’t carry all the blame. This healthcare issue requires the GOP to get their act together.   I think the Obamacare flop by Trump and the GOP is going to haunt them in 2018 like it does my family every month.  At $1,844 how I am supposed to get ahead?  My daughter, who is 19, is on our plan.  She had to go to health clinic last week, it cost her money.  How can that happen?  I went to a clinic last month, cost me $200.  How can that happen?  They don’t take the insurance.

Hi Dennis, I haven’t been able to see videos attached to your news articles recently, they seem to be linked to twitter, and a warning comes up saying you agree to allow twitter cookies.  Is this safe? Something new your using from now on? Thanks for explaining. God Bless. Btw I watched Pres Trump on CPAC, I think he did a great job, and explained well about getting out the vote for the mid elections.  Debbie

DML: Trump repeated what I’ve been saying for months about 2018, and so perhaps he is finally catching on that 2018 is going to be brutal.  Talking about DACA and not doing anything about healthcare are crucial.  During his speech, he said eliminating the individual mandate was the biggest and best move to kill Obamacare.  Obviously, he isn’t paying the premiums the rest of are paying.  Having the mandate gone is meaningless if you want health insurance but can’t afford to pay each month.  I don’t know who is advising him, but I suspect they too are rich and have no concerns about monthly premiums.

The Truth Feb 23. Thanks. Another great show despite the technical problems. I plan on donating again when I  can but when I do I don’t need any gifts or recognition. Just have a glass of J Mohr and relax. Bob

DML: Thanks Bob.  Google hit us hard last week when they made us remove a large portion of the ads we were running.  Facebook is now removing us from feeds, “calling it clutter.”  We rely on the support of people like you.

I wanted to say thank you. I received my  Team DML backpack, Build the Wall bumper sticker, and beautiful note from you. Thank you for taking the time to hand write a thank you to me. It just shows the warmth and care that you bestow on those of us who are getting “the truth” from you.  Many thanks. May God continue to bless you and your beautiful family.

DML: I thank you for the support.