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I really enjoyed the commentary from Jill, Tommy and Pinky (although I could not see her).  However, there is nobody like you DML and I think we all take for granted what it’s like having you with us each day. I so miss your show!!! I have been lost this week. I am a little nervous to think how much of my life depends on Team DML and your commentary.

DML: I did not get to watch more than a few minutes of each program put on by the three fill-in guests. Trust me when I tell you, Walk & Talks are much harder than they appear. Keeping the attention of people simply by talking into a phone is no easy task. Give them kudos for trying! As for your kind words, thank you, but keep in mind my absence will be for another 13 days, maybe 14 if I land an interview I am trying to grab for “They Come to America 4.” I will do my best to pop in next week and answer more emails in the interim.

I’ve submitted things to you before, and I don’t know if you’ve ever read them. I’m hoping you did. But this is on a different level. I’m really worried about you. And it’s not just me, others are worried too. We’ve noticed a change in you. and it’s not a good change. Are you healthy? Are you alright? Have you seen a doctor? You’re loved DML and we want you strong and healthy. God bless you, your wonderful family, Pres. Trump and his family, all service men and women, and God bless the United States!!

DML: Well, it sure is nice to be loved — thank you — but as far as the rest of the statement goes, my thought is “how ridiculous.” My cough is gone. My parasite from the summer is gone (or so it feels that way), and I am more than healthy both in mind and physical ability. I assume your comments are in regard to my reaction to the president defending illegal aliens via his new “love bill.” It’s not me who needs a doctor. I have ALWAYS been consistent, and I always will be. I have told my audience time and again that if the president gives amnesty, I will remain a champion for the truth, and our news will remain reliable, and I will remain a voice against the corrupt politicians like Hillary, but I will not be a champion for Trump.

DML News will report on his positive achievements if and when they occur, amnesty or no amnesty, but we will also report on the downsides of his actions. DML News has always been about news you can trust, I am not changing that for any one person. My opinions are a different story. My opinions and my insights (which are always 99% of the time spot on) are often expressed in my tweets, emails, and program commentary. My opinions and insights are independent of our news reporting, so when I say I will no longer be a champion for Trump, it is in those areas described in the last sentence. My insights and opinions will hold no bias, and be prepared, because I will blast out about the pains incurred by the American people at the hands of an amnesty giver if that’s the way it lands. I don’t suffer from memory loss, I can’t say the same for other people. In fact, the email you sent me would be appropriate if I was making a case for amnesty, like Trump. But I’m not a liar.

Your position on Dreamers is going to lose you tons of followers. You should side with the president. I urge you to reconsider.

DML: You should delete my app, unlike my pages, and save yourself the time of sending me messages. I wish you luck and happiness.

DML there are so many people on the Team DML page and your DML Daily page on Facebook ripping you apart for your position on DACA. I am shocked to read some of these statements which are downright rude. One person threatened to take their donation back. I will forever remain with you until you flip-flop on amnesty.

DML: Well, then it appears we are stuck with each other forever Lisa. As for the haters, people can disagree with me all they want — that’s the beauty of America. However, rude comments or people who hold a donation over my head will be blocked and their donation returned. It may not happen in full until I return, but make no mistake it will happen. People donated to a news organization that can be trusted, they did not buy my opinions. I cannot be bought.

I’m reporting about when Donnie DACA told that story about the old lady and the snake she took in and held it against her bosoms and nurtured it back and it bit here. I wish you could run that story. Thanks Rick.

DML: Good one, Rick. That said, I don’t have a microphone in front of me so it’s hard to convey my full head of thoughts, but if people have been following me long enough and actually listen to what I say, then I should not have to give a brain dump. When I return, perhaps I will. In the interim, I ask you all to ask yourself these questions, and provide yourself an honest answer:

A) When Obama announced his DACA amnesty, conservatives went haywire. Now Trump wants to legalize Obama’s fundamental transformation (DACA). Had Trump stood on the debate stage in 2016 and told voters, “If elected president I will push for the legalization of Dreamers, I love these kids.” Would you have voted for him? I know I would not have.

B) When Jeb Bush called illegal immigration an “act of love”, did you blast him for it? I know I did. So, had Trump stood on the debate stage in 2016 and declared that if elected president he would push for a “love bill” to help legalize illegal aliens, would you have voted for him? I know I would not have.

c) When Marco Rubio was the star of the Republican party in 2013, but then joined the Gang of 8 to create a comprehensive immigration reform bill to help legalize the illegals, did you stick with Rubio, or did you call him a liar for backing away from his campaign promise that he would never support amnesty? I know I dropped my support. Trump is now doing the same thing.

D) After the election, Trump raved on and on and on about the illegal votes Hillary allegedly grabbed from illegal aliens. So, when Trump cried about all the illegal votes given to Hillary, did you ever think for one moment that he would legalize some of those votes by pushing for an amnesty? I know I did not.

E) Consider A-D when you answer this last question, or do not, it’s entirely up for you. But this last question says a lot about who a person is and who a person is not…

I have often stated in my commentary that Trump would never suggest an amnesty of any kind, or for any reason. What fueled my confidence was the fact that he met with the families of victims of illegal aliens and promised them that no amnesty whatsoever would ever pass his desk. I have often said that meeting with those parents will change a person’s life like it did mine. Some of these parents have given me mementos from the lives their children once led. I can only assume these parents gave similar items to Trump.

That said, a real man would never turn his back on these Americans.  If the “art of the deal” includes lying to people who believe in you, then perhaps that’s why I never bought the book. And if lying your way through  a negotiation doesn’t bother you, I’m not sure how you can be part of Team DML. If Obama did the same thing, I would be ripping him to shreds for screwing with the emotions of the American people. A real dealmaker doesn’t need such draconian tactics.

Anyone who can look so cool into a camera and lie, is as scary as Obama. There is no difference between Obama’s lie about Obamacare and his vow that you can keep your doctor, and Trump’s lie on DACA — wall or no wall. Please know this NOW, I will not pretend as if this is not happening.  Even if DACA doesn’t pass and this all goes to waste, I will never be able to fully trust what comes from Trump’s mouth.  If Trump was a man of his word, he would say there is no amnesty at all, no matter what.

As noted above, make no mistake, if the jobs situation in the US continues to improve, we will report in bright red colors, and so too with all other areas of news. We will not stop reporting the truth, and informing our readers and viewers. I close by saying that I assure you of the following: If that border wall gets approved in exchange for DACA, the wall will never be finished, and if I am wrong, I assure you it will never stay up. You can take that to the bank.

So, the last question is this; what do you say about a man who will look these Angel Parents in the face and take pictures with them for the sake of getting elected — make promises to them, and then break those promises and not as much as refer to them when doing so? I think Rick provided the answer.

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