Below are my responses to some of the emails I’ve received from readers.

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Hi DML, it’s so good to have you back on the Truth & seeing you do a Walk & Talk was like old times. Hearing your experience in FL with Mr. Pollack was incredible. I’m in such awe of you and how you have the ability to help people like you do. I remembered you said you were going to go to Europe to film for TCTA IV… i know the recent events may have changed your plans, but you were so passionate about showing what’s going on there and how it’s happening here in America. Do you still plan on going to Europe to film? I can’t wait to see your up coming films and read your books. I’m such a big fan of you, your family, and Team DML. God bless

DML: All plans are scheduled.  Nothing has changed.

Dennis,  My complements on the wonderful walk and talk show yesterday. Your actions in helping Mr. Pollard were honorable, and were the best lesson you could ever give your beautiful daughter Ashley in regards to how a journalist should conduct himself/herself.
I am looking forward to seeing your documentary on school shootings and was glad to hear that you will not be doing the show next week so that you complete the documentary. The quicker you complete and release this documentary, the greater the effect that it can have on preventing another school massacre. I am sure that your documentary exposing the gun control measures that won’t work as opposed to the school safety measures that will work will be riveting to watch.
You mentioned that you will be traveling to DC to cover the March for Our Lives on March 24. I am very interested to see how you will expose the liberal, gun control advocacy that is the core belief of the organization behind this March. Also, will you be covering any of the school walk outs against planned for Wednesday, March 14? As you know, this walk out is rooted in gun control.
Last but not least, the social studies teacher in me needs to explain to you about surnames in Asian culture. In Korea the last name is first and the first name is last. So, Kim is the North Korean leaders last name. The reason the name is structured this way in Asian culture is to emphasize the importance of the family over the importance of the individual.
Thanks for all you do, and don’t get discouraged by the ignorance and the evil.

DML: You’re the second person to send me a comment about my use of the name “Kim”.  Do you really think I didn’t know that Kim is not his first name?  I’ve been covering NoKo and Kim for many years.  I was making a Walk & Talk “joke.”  People toss negativity at me because I don’t do Walk & Talks anymore, and claim they miss “the humor.”  Then I do the walk and sprinkle in some humor only to get “corrected.”  Perhaps I shouldn’t joke anymore — just can’t make everyone happy no matter what.  FYI, there really was never a tree named Obama.  I was joking. It was technically a birch tree. I should probably stick to the facts at all times.  Either way, I can’t win.   As for the compliments you paid me, thank you very much.

When I saw today’s (Monday’s) Walk And Talk, I was moved beyond words. As you described your experience helping Mr. Pollack, I felt your deep desire to make a difference and to genuinely help someone you never knew before because you felt his pain so deeply. At the end of the W&T,  I saw how purely emotional you felt when Andrew told you that you were a good man – and I think I understand why. This man actually saw you and appreciated what you did. You went to DC to stand by him. You went to Florida, when he asked, and you gave your all and helped push through this critical legislation. He is a tough man, but he needed help and support and you gave it freely. When he said “you’re a good man”, he got you right in the heart because he affirmed you and really got who you are. I said it before but I must say it again. You are a rare human being, Dennis. You are someone who makes a huge difference in this world. What you did for that man could never be bought, and you gave it freely. And that heart, commitment, and love brought me to tears today. It is why I stand by you and remain a loyal supporter. God bless you, Dennis Michael Lynch. Thanks for all that you do.

DML: It’s so nice to receive an email where the focus can be on one good thing.  So happy you didn’t comment on my hair being messy.  Refreshing! Thanks.

Hi there Dennis, Tommy Tattoo here. Have to get this off my chest. I know you need no defending but since the bill Gov Scott signed, there seems to be a lot of betrayal on your part from our members. Some have generated that towards Mr Pollack.  Hear me out, those members may have a opinion but to say you helped push a bill thru that you had known was a disaster?  Their major complaint: the age from 18 to 21. I am beside myself  that the same Team DML members who did calls to those representatives,  are now saying you forced them to call to get the bill passed that they so object to.  I even asked in a post to those that objected to this bill, to tell that to Mr Pollack face to face. YES THERE WERE SOME THAT DID IN THE POST. This man who has gone thru so much, to think we have members on the Team that would call out this humble man as betraying them. Loyalty has gone by the wayside. I have been civil in all my posts, without vulgarity,   I continue to do so. I further said in posts, the anger should not be towards Mr Pollack  or you,  if they want answers, use the same power of the call in to state their disagreement, not behind  social media comments. I will always remain truthfully, and loyal, not only to you, but to Mr .Pollack, and the members  to this group, who may disagree, in a civil manner. Otherwise, in saying to those that cowardly  betrayed you, in your words “there’s  the door, don’t  let it hit your buttocks  on the way out.” I remain a DML RAIDER FOR THE TRUTH.

DML: The last few months have really been a wake up call. I thought I had seen the worst in people  in 2016 and 2015 — watching Democrats attack conservatives over nonsense —  but what I’ve witnessed as of late is beyond pathetic.  First it was the “so-called” conservatives attacking me for protecting against Trump’s desire to grant amnesty.  These are the same people who screamed bloody murder when Obama launched DACA.  These people are hypocrites of the worst kind, and they appear to lack the ability to think for themselves.

Now there are people who are verbally destroying on me for calling for common sense solutions to save children from maniacs.  Frankly Tommy, I don’t give a shit what these people say.  The people who write such asinine comments are lost in their own disturbed brains.

That said, I’ll keep doing what I do for as long as I see a difference being made.  If people like what we do over here, and they want to be part of something special and different, then they should stick around.  If they want to go somewhere else, I say let them deal with the bullshit artists in DC — let them follow the teleprompter readers on Fox News — let these other “public figures” deal with the hypocrites and haters.

Eventually, I’ll hand this business over to someone younger and smarter.  I will be so happy when the day comes that I take that little blue check mark off my name and close every social media account that bears my profile.  I yearn to break away from the hatred and nonstop flow of lunatic remarks.  I hope to see the day when I never have to write or say “Obama”, “Hillary”, “Trump” or “DC” ever again.

Make no mistake, DML News will continue to grow under my leadership for the time being, but I am training others to take it over and move it to the next level.  At the same time, I’m gearing up to do more with children and school safety, and to make more films with my daughter.

In the crystal ball I see into, Team DML will always exist but I see it going in a different direction.  More activism and new faces emerging under the brand — although my initials will remain on the door, there will be less of my face.

That said, I thought I would one day run for office.  Not a chance.  Based on what I’ve seen since January, my efforts and time on this earth are better served elsewhere.  The corruption of politicians and groups like the NRA and Teachers Union is sickening.  Tack on dealing with the lunatics who scream bloody murder and hate on other people online for sharing opinions they don’t agree with, is like living a slow death.  For now, I deal with this crap because I see no other choice.  I’ve built this thing to be too reliant on me.  I’m changing that, as noted.  Meanwhile, I guess I’ll dig in to fight for what I believe in, and simply say, “thank you Tommy.”

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