Below are a collection of emails I received and the answers I provided.  To send me a message, use the submit news button on our websites.

Dennis, Yesterday I wrote to you complimenting your work in Florida with Mr. Pollard and expressing my interest in your upcoming documentary on school shootings, asking a specific question regarding school walk outs planned for today. I ended the email by explaining the significance of surnames in Asian culture since you made some references to Kim Jong-un’s name in your March 12 Walk & Talk that were concerning to me and 14 other listeners. You chose to publish my email, but rather than answering my question you lashed out at me for explaining Asian surnames to you and complained about negativity towards you, how you can’t make everyone happy, and how you can’t win. Based on the Matthew 18:15-17 principle, I want you to know that I am extremely disappointed by your response and that I do not appreciate your rude remarks to me. Since I have been following you I have shared your posts, encouraged others to listen to your message,purchased your merchandise, and prayed for you when were ill. When commenting on your Facebook posts I have always been respectful and have called out others for their hateful words. I sincerely hope that in the future you will be more mindful of your words. Fair winds and following seas as you travel next week.

DML: So allow me to understand this correctly… if someone buys a DML hat or shares our content, I am forever bound to ignore that person’s messages sent to me if I don’t appreciate the message as a whole, or in part?  Based on DML principle 101, that’s not the way it works because based on DML principle 102, I cannot be bought.  Fact is, I responded to the comments you made about “Kim” by stating it was CLEARLY a joke that I shared during a Walk & Talk.  Anyone and everyone who was watching could tell it was a joke.  Why you would feel a need to insert commentary about my KIM joke in an email about school shootings is something I cannot explain, but at the end of the day it was your choice to include it in your email. That said, it was my choice to address that part of the email.  Had you wanted me to specifically answer your remarks about school shooting and the walkout, then one would think you’d of kept the email on topic.   But, you had “a need.”  So too did I.  Make no mistake, I am very mindful of my words. I hope you will be as well.   Thank you for the well wishes regarding my travels, as well as your support.  As for the “walkout” planned today across the country, DML News issued a report on the event this morning, and I am sure DML writers will be covering it as it happens.

I’ve heard that local news is picking up this story But it really needs national attention. Our local high school which is called San Juan Hills high school in Dan juan Capistrano is experiencing a lot of controversy right now because the journalism department printed articles written by the HS Kids in the school newspaper, all about gay sex, slut shaming, “popping the cherry”, threesomes, “grinders”. It is a disgrace. Complete lack of oversight on principal’s behalf. Most parents outraged, but many typical CA liberals aren’t. Principal claims she is saddened and embarrassed but has no control nor is allowed to approve paper before print. I can send you pics of articles but can’t figure out how to attach.

DML: Thanks for reporting this.

Been awhile since I’ve written to you. I was reading through your responses to the messages today. There seemed to be a theme if you will. It seems like things of late are really getting to you. Whether it’s people being critical of you, critical of others, or just the things going on in the world that you report on daily. As you yourself have said in the past, it is difficult sometimes to report on what you see. I imagine your interactions with Mr. Pollack and sharing on his story and pain have taken a toll on you. Nothing like the toll he has paid. As a father of 3, two being girls, I cannot imagine what Andrew Pollack is going through. My heart goes out to him. My heart goes out to you too Dennis. Being a somewhat public figure in what you’re trying to build, I see that you have taken a fair amount of abuse. Enough to make you rethink your future endeavors. Be it with DML News, politics, etc. Today you said no more is your desire to throw your hat in the ring for President. I feel you would be a history changing president IF you ever chose that road. But as you said, people are crazy, and taking that road would be a long and hard road for you and your family. One that would take the full commitment of all involved. So if you feel taking that road isn’t the one for you, I get it. Politics are an ugly and nasty thing. The power and corruption that often come with these positions, due to back room deals and lobbyists who push for their agendas. The ugly side of business and humanity I feel. All this is to say, stay the course in what you feel is your course to run. Follow your gut and ignore the nay sayers. Because they are plentiful. Stick to what you know, and stick to what has taken you where you are today. God will guide your way, your integrity will keep you in line, and your family will be the wind in your sails when needed. God bless you brother for what you do. Remain the light you are in this dark world.

DML: As noted yesterday, I will continue to do my work and fight for what I believe in.  But, as of now, I have no desire to enter politics as I once wanted to.  I am sickened by what I witnessed last week in Florida despite the bill passing in a bipartisan manner.  I also have a greater desire to spend more time with my children.  As for the pile on that I continue to receive over fighting against amnesty, school safety, etc… The facts are simple, I stand my my principles, and I am a loyal person who is married to my high school sweetheart.  My two best friends have been my best friends since I was a boy.  I show up to work every day and go from 6:30am to 11pm.  I am consistent in my message, and I always help people whenever given the chance.  I do not think my loyalty is hidden from view — it’s in plain daylight for everyone to see, and I give more of myself than any media personality I know.  That said, the bullshit I get in return for offering honest reporting and thorough analysis is disgusting, and it represents the ugly picture of what this country has become under a corrupt media, and divisive leadership that festers inside the White House for more than a decade now.  I appreciate your kind words, and give thanks for the well-wishes and wisdom, but I wouldn’t deem it as things are “getting to me.”  Each of us has a tank, and my patience for the asinine comments and spineless people who make them is nearing empty. That’s all it is.  I still handle my job as I have always handled my job, and we continue to build DML News into something great with movies to add.   Ultimately, instead of being a politician later in life, I prefer to place my energy into making America great again according to the ways I feel matter most.