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Today, I respond to some the emails you sent me in the past 24-hours.

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Your thoughts on Trump’s comments about taking immigrants from shitholes?

DML: Trump continues to make massive mistakes when selecting who he keeps company with when discussing immigration, e.g., Sen Graham and Democrat lawmakers.  Trump will have to defend himself, but I will say the USA is taking in too many people from all over the world, whether the locations are deemed “shitholes” or not.  We need to reduce the number of people we take in, and we need to completely reject DACA.

With the new Facebook rules concerning the newsfeeds going back to friends and family posts instead of news and reports from publishers, I assume DMLNews has a plan for this?  I am ready to dump Facebook altogether but want to remain in touch with DML and crew.  Please tell us what you have planned.  THIS HOUSE LOVES DML and will always STAND WITH DML no matter who is president….!!!!

DML: LOL. Thanks! As for our plans, much like DACA and Trump’s softening on immigration, I saw this Facebook crap coming and warned people.  If you don’t have the DML APP (go to and click on FREE APP link), then you’ll likely fade off our radar as Facebook puts more cat videos and baby memes in your newsfeed.  As noted last month, we have the DML APP 2.0 on its way which offers full messaging between users, we also have a social media plugin being installed for a conservative social media experience.  These things now have to be expedited, and advertised.  We need your help.  You can either donate to the amnesty-giving GOP, or to the one company that never changes its principles…. DML NEWS.  To donate, go to

The shithole comment from Trump will be used against him for years to come.  He’s finished for 2020.  You always call it right DML.

DML: Him being done for 2020 has nothing to do with shithole comment, in my opinion.  His DACA remarks are what will do him in.  The shithole comment is nothing really.  His base won’t give a damn because they agree with the concept of stopping the influx of the world’s most poorest folks, the Left will only call him a racist more often.  I find it trivial at best.

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