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The responses I’ve given to some of the emails I received this weekend are below.

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Dennis, just wanted to thank you for consistent and factual reporting every single day. In this hostile news environment, you are one of the few sources I can always rely upon. I look forward to the new app, the new movie and your book. And, thank you for bringing Andrew Pollack to all of us.

DML: Very kind of you, thanks.

Just LOVE the TRUTH news we get from you and one (among many) of my favorite reports on the app is your answering emails. You don’t have to answer this…it’s just an opinion.  LOVE Tracy doing reports at the 10am slot ( I’m in MISSOURI) U ALL ROCK….JUST love being able to share the truth with my liberal friends and a couple family members!  Thanks and keep it up DML and Team DML!

DML: Thank you.

Since California typically goes Democratic anyway what’s wrong in concentrating the DACA burden (police, hospitals & welfare) in one single confine (State) also increasing their dependence on Federal Government vs. other States shouldering the burdens – not surprising other States are reluctant putting out the welcome mat for them, the concern I have is the next generation becoming even harder to rationalize especially if mixing with documented legal folks – I know it sounds like the German Government in ’39 but if that’s what it takes so be it.

DML: Deportation is a viable option.

Good morning Dennis, I’m trying to understand how cities and states can say they are sanctuary places when to me it’s unconstitutional.  I mean if it’s illegal to keep illegal aliens in the country when they commit a crime why is this allowed to happen? I realize we are a country of immigrated but why allow illegals to remain here and claim rights and privileges reserved for legal citizens?

DML: They are all breaking the law.  It’s a battle between state and fed authorities that ends up in the courts.

Two questions. 1. Are you covering the kids march next week in DC?  2. Can you please go on Fox News and explain to the president why he has to get back to being tough on immigration.

DML: Yes. I will be there in DC on the 24th.  No, my days of TV are over for now.  I met with some folks earlier in the year to consider making appearances again, and based on those conversations decided it is simply a waste of my time at this point.  I would prefer to work with other people like Andy Pollack and teach him how to get the most out of his appearances.  I am just too busy to give up half days for 3-minutes.

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