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Below are a few of the messages I’ve received over the past 24-hours and the response I provided.  To send me a message, use the submit news button.

Hi Dennis! I just had to share something that made me smile today. My husband and I were at a large nursery buying plants here in SE Texas to replace those that died in the freeze this winter. It was 89 degrees today so in lieu of my DML hat I chose the DML News visor. I hear someone yell across several aisles of palms,  “Hey! I love DML and follow him daily!“. Then…I hear “Us too!” from a couple behind us. So, there you go, you are amazing and have impacted many.

DML: It’s better than hearing them scream “DML is a Democrat.”  Thanks for sharing. Thanks for supporting us.

DML how do you feel about the NRA Targeting Richard Corcoran and other GOP leaders that signed the school Safety Bill in Florida?

DML: I spoke with Corcoran and others like him who voted for a common sense bill that keeps our kids safe and does not infringe on the 2A.  They all said the same thing, “Let them come at us.”  I have their comments on camera, and it will be in our upcoming film.

Why does Trump continue to push DACA?

DML: Because he loves the Dreamers.  His own words, not mine.

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