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Hi DML…I’ve sent a few emails to you in the past, I hope you see this one. I know you’re busy.  People in America aren’t listening and becoming complacent!! After what I saw happen in the primary in IL on Tuesday, I’m literally disgusted. It was an important Governor race and they put Rauner back on the ballot for the General. I live in Michigan and spent endless hours trying to show the importance of that race. Now we have this spending fiasco happening, we put a petition out last night all over Facebook and Twitter and only 66 bites.   Hoping you can help get the word out.  Thanks DML for what you do for us and our country.

DML: I have never been one to push petitions because I do not believe they work.  But, you’re passionate and asked nicely, so here is the link to your petition:

They Come to America DVD.  I thought I knew about immigration, but your DVD changed me.
My grandparents came legally to America to have a dream to be part of America. They lived and fought for this Country. They wanted their grandchildren to have better lives than they did. My father worked from a teen to 62 as a laborer. He had 2 jobs, coal miner and shipper. We lived in a small town in NJ with a main street, with a thriving community. In 2000 they left and that community is no longer there. They have built a mosque in that little town. The homes where people raised their children are now run down and being rented. The town is gone and God Help Us, I wonder if America will ever be that again. I only watched one dvd today and it has changed me. I will continue to support you DML and pray for my family and this Country.

DML: America will never be like it once was. Ever.  Sadly, although I support Trump, he hasn’t taken the steps required to end the cycle of change.  And he won’t.

Thought of a new Republicans slogan for this primary.  MAKE AMERICANS #1 AGAIN WE ARE TIRED OF BEING SECOND CLASS CITIZENS! What do you think?

DML: I think slogans are words, we need action.  That said, you’re spot on.

Hey Dennis, hope that your trip to DC is a successful one and that you are able to validate what most of us who follow you already know; the March for Life is about trying to get the Second Ammendment nullified.  I have set up a recurring donation to DML at $75 per month. Does this qualify me for a Team DML bumper sticker? I would proudly display it next to my I Stand for My Flag one. If it doesn’t, please let me know; I will gladly purchase a few.

DML: A sticker is on its way. Thanks!!  On a side note, I was told today that many of the marchers are being paid $35.  I was told this from a person who is being paid.

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