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Please let us know which senators voted for this crappy spending bill. I am appalled! No one except Rand Paul read it! P.S. I love what you are doing. Thank you for your hard work.

DML: I say you redirect your energy to the guy who will sign it.  He vowed to defund Planned Parenthood, among other things.  We were supposed to cut spending.  Trump signs this bill and he makes Obama look like a cheapie.

‘They Come to America Trilogy.”  WOW, not the best sentence starter but it’s all I could think of after watching your series.  One would think it’s fiction, as it seems too far fetched to be true!! Sadly it’s a documentary and all I can think is the EVERYONE needs to see it. So, my question: What rules do you have, if someone like myself, a private citizen were to try to get some private places to screen your series?  I am thinking of places like American Legion’s, Elks, Lions Club, Retirement Communities (one near me has over 9,000 residents) Is this possible?

DML: Thank you for picking up the DVDs.  I do not place restrictions on public showings.  Other filmmakers, including conservatives, charge fees, etc. I do not.  The only thing you cannot do is copy the DVDs.  Thanks again.  When you buy the DVDs, you help keep up afloat.

It was announced that the budget has been passed. I feel like the Democrats had a 99% majority in Congress to get this bill passed. Planned parenthood fully funded,monies for sanctuary cities and states very little for the wall Wichita I’m not sure it will do that much good. The list goes on and no on. Schumer and Pelosi couldn’t have written a better democratic budget. This is not why I voted republican. I know that there has to be give and take on a budget but I feel all the Republicans done was give. I myself don’t understand why the budget is not voted on a line by line agenda.

DML: Trump signs this spending bill and he signs away the midterms, and his presidency maybe.  People will not show up to vote.

Trump is a bust.  The spending bill… the DACA promises… all the hiring and firings… he said he wasn’t going to rid of McMaster but then rids of him for his latest Fox News favorite.  He’s not the man I thought he was.

DML: Upset.  It appears to be the new normal.


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