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Below are some of the messages DML News readers sent me.  My answers are included.

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I took your poll this morning, and although I do not think it will do as much as the DML plan to stop the border invasion I do think it will help and I support the president’s move.  It’s very late of him but better late than never.

DML: Better late than never is correct.  It may actually help him in 2018 if the NG stays in place for a while.

Why do you think the president never addresses Obamacare?  My premiums are $1500 per month.  It’s killing me!

DML: He doesn’t have a solution.  Even if he did, Congress sucks.

The DML APP is the best out there.  Thank you for all you do.

DML: DML APP 2.0 should be later next week.  Thanks for using our app.

I had put off buying your films for years.  I do not know why but I did.  With all that is going on with the border I decided to buy them with the free copies offered on the website.  Last night I watched the first of the three.  Tonight I will watch the 2nd and Sunday the 3rd.  Your film is outstanding.  I have never seen anything like it on the news and I am so upset at how the government has ignored our border laws.  Of all the immigration movies which is your favorite?

DML:  They Come to America 1 was the most fun to make because it was my first time seeing any of this, so it was all new to me.  They Come to America 2 was the most dangerous and hardest to make because it involved my father.  They Come to America 3 is the most informative of the bunch because it involves the border agent who was brave enough to go on camera.  I am making They Come to America 4, which will be just as good.  I would say it is the most frustrating to make because as I show in the film, nothing changed since They Come to America 1.  Team DML has done a great job in keeping amnesty from happening, but in terms of fixing things, until I am president one day (LOL), there will be no real fix.  Sad!

When will you be hosting the 11am show again?

DML: I return Monday.

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