Below are the answers I’ve given to some of the messages sent to me by DML News readers.

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We need people to go to and post things such as… Republicans in House and Senate need to stand behind and support President Trump. They are not doing that now. People like Lindsey Graham will keep republicans from voting in 2018. Mueller investigation needs to end and investigations into DNC, Hillary and Obama need to begin. Why are you allowing Mueller to run unheeded yet won’t look into actual crimes by Democrats?  We have House, Senate and Presidency, lets act like it. Meuller needs to be fired and crimes by Democrats investigated. We need to do something before idiots like Graham and Sessions ruin our Republic.

DML: Agree and disagree.  In my opinion, launching new investigations are a road to nowhere.  I’d prefer to see the Senate and House work on fixing problems instead of these investigations that cost money and result in nothing.

Good morning, would President Trump be impeached if he fired Mueller? If so, why? Kindly explain what the hubbub would be if this took place. Thank you.

DML: He would have to be found guilty of a crime, and then even if he was impeached he doesn’t need to leave office.  The debate is whether he would be guilty of obstruction of justice if he indeed fires Mueller.  Personally, I don’t think he would be.

Facebook blackout. I will be participating. Wish you would have advised to do the same…..disappointed!!!

DML: I don’t call for blackouts on something I use to inform people about the news.  There are ways to fight back against Facebook without shooting yourself in the foot. Disappointed you’d want me to do such a thing.  You really think that cheap trick will work?  Good luck.

DML, for the first time in al the years I’ve watched you and followed you, I left feeling hopeless, that everything we worked for is all going to hell and we lost our country today to the democrats! I cried and cried! No more DML hope or direction??? I will always follow you but this show hurt physically to watch!
The clip you showed today was you telling someone in an interview, you will be on them like white on rice, so when does the white on rice start? When do we fight? When do We The People step in and take back our Country? Because it’s time for white on rice!

DML: Are you kidding me with this?  Where’s the white on rice?  Perhaps you want me to burn myself at the stake outside the White House.

Hello, DML, I’ve been listening to the blah, blah, blah from Zuckerberg.  I only wish you could sit up there and tell your story.  They do censor conservatives and he knows it.  I have set my feed to see your posts first and it still isn’t working.  At least Ted Cruz got in a bit of news.  It’s really sickening to hear this.

DML: Of course he knows.  Maybe the end of his BS is near.  Lets see.

DML, I know I have said this before about your other shows but I have to say it again about todays show.  It was the most heartfelt truthful show to date.  I can’t get enough of your commentary. I hope your new program will continue to be as great.  I also hope you will continue Walk & Talks because they are a part of who you are and what we love about you. Can’t wait for your new videos. DML good luck with your new app films and website. A dedicated team DML follower. And God bless you and your family you’re the best.

DML: Thank you for all the kind words.

Last night I finished the 5th DML film, A DAY AT BUNDY’S.  I spent 5 nights watching your 5 films.  I watched the 3 immigration films. Then I sent the free copies to the White house like you explained and sent a note that expressed my frustration that the president has not done more to cut off the magnet to jobs for illegals.  I then watched WE RIDE TO DC and then the BUNDY film.  I have 4 comments to make.
#1: You are the best documentary filmmaker I have ever watched.
#2: You inform on the immigration issue like no person on the news ever has or will and I cannot understand why you are not on Fox News every day.
#3: There is no question in my mind after watching these videos that you should be the president of this country.
#4: You are either the craziest person in America or the bravest.  Watching you approach the BLM with guns pointed at you was so incredible it felt fake.
Thanks for what you do.

DML: I can assure of two things. One, I am not crazy. Two, it was extremely real.  Thanks for buying the films and sharing the free-bees with Trump.  People can buy the films by clicking here.