Below are some of the replies I’ve given to emails and messages sent my way over the past 24-hours.

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DML did I miss the announcement on the DML APP 2.0? I cannot find it. Thanks for all you do.

DML: No, you missed nothing. I continue to make last minute changes to the DML NEWS APP 2.0, and in the process driving Mark the developer crazy. But, I would prefer it be late and great. He will be done with his end later today. I am still adding these as of this morning. He then has to add those things. I suspect another few days and it will be ready.

As a former police officer I must say that your documentaries are extremely informative and well done. Most people have no idea what’s taking place in the United States and along the border. You captured it all in three DVDs which need to be viewed by every American and shown in every school. I love the idea of sending these films to Trump. Honestly speaking, I voted for him because he was tough on immigration and respected our military and cops. But I don’t see him doing enough to stop the flow of illegals and agree with you that he needs to place in an executive order for verifying workers. I have purchased your films and will do my part. I encourage everyone to do the same because it is impossible to argue with your track record. You get shit done, there is no other way of saying it. I urge you to run for office of some kind when you are finished with your films and news business. You would be sensational and a sure win in any race you enter. God bless.

DML: Thank you for your service as a police officer. Next, I want to say thank you for the support in buying the DVDs and sending copies to Trump. As you mentioned, the DACA deal was killed two days after our films started hitting the White House in large numbers. I want the same to be done with e-Verify. If we pressure him hard enough, he may actually do it. On a side note, I received a request from one of the leaders in the Suffolk County GOP this weekend. He and others in the party want me to run for county executive in 2019. I am meeting with them next week to discuss the possibilities. If I run, I will win. Maybe governor next? Lots to think about. Right now, however, we need to get these films in front of Trump. I ask people to support our efforts. For every DVD trilogy that is purchased a free copy of each is sent. That person then sends the DVD set with a note urging Trump to implement e-Verify. For every order, I match the free set by sending another set to the White House directly from me. Here is the link to order.  CLICK HERE

Dennis if you haven’t already, watch the movie RV that stars Robin Williams. It’s hilarious. Don’t do anything that he does when you RV lol. We have a motorhome and do a big trip one a year with our young kids. It’s fun. We use the app Allstays when we travel. Safe travels and God willing we will see you when you come down to South Texas.

DML: I’ve seen it. Very funny.  Thank you for the invite.

Dennis I posted the other day that I would send anyone  a 100 dollar gift card if they could find any fake news that you published  I am worried now that I  see you are publishing articles from some of the fake  news  publishers can you explain this and  Guarantee me that  you have not published any from these crap companies.  Losing your trust.

DML: “Losing Your Trust?”  Probably not the best message to send me if you want me to read your emails going forward.  As I have noted a million times, we have shifted our model to aggregating news items from around the world.  In doing so, we offer a much wider look at what is being reported.  We can get the information out faster, and we weed through the mire so you don’t have to.  No doubt in my mind we will emerge as the go to site in the years ahead.  Currently, one of the most read websites in the world, which happens to be a source that Trump uses, does the same thing we are now doing but not even half as well.  Thus, we plan to be bigger and better because we are doing it much smarter.  That said, we use prefixes like “REPORT”, “CLAIM”, and “VIDEO.”  We expect our readers to carry a level of intelligence that gives them a strong bearing as to what it means when a CLAIM is made.  If there is a NY TIMES report that states Trump had sex with a donkey, we won’t publish it as fact unless Trump admits to such a thing.  However, we will publish it — like every other news outlet will — but we will mark it as a claim.  This is nothing new.  We’ve reported on the outlandish reports for years.  That said, not everything CNN posts is fake.  If you believe that, then there is nothing I can do to help you.  If CNN reports that a woman was nearly sucked from a Southwest flight, we’re going to publish the report.

Hi DML, I would love to see when you are in Orlando. I live in Longwood which is a suburb of Orlando.

DML: I may have explained it wrong.  We are leaving from Orlando, but not making a stop there.  I’m sorry for confusion.  Same thing with Georgia the next day.  We are heading through the area making stops for filming purposes, but not visiting.  Our hard stops for meeting with TEAM DML, so far, is Long Creek South Carolina (May 17), Nashville, TV (May 18), and Cincinnati, Ohio (May 19).  We are filming all day on the 2oth in West Virginia, but not meeting with people on that day.  The next two days we will be mapping today.  We end our trip where we started in Orlando, so perhaps we can meet in the middle of June.

Hey Dennis, Please, Please let me know where you will be. I’m in Louisville, I’ll be taking the 19th off to see you, Thank You in advance.

DML: How nice of you.  However, I our stop in KY as of now is to film a manufacturing plant, so we are making that a stop for meet and greet.  If something changes we will let you know for sure.