Below are the responses I give to some of the emails readers have sent me over the weekend.

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I just finished watching your DVDs on immigration and want to now send the extra copies to the White House. Should I make my letter about mandatory everify a long letter or extremely short? Let me say that you have millions of supporters online and each of them should participate in this DVD sharing program with the White House. It’s a brilliant idea that is long overdue. Please never stop doing what you do. It is much appreciated.

DML: Keep your note short. Be sure to mark at the top that the DVDs are not a gift. Urge the president to issue an executive order making e-Verify mandatory. Doing so will help stop the border surge. Thank you for the DVD support, and for doing your part in trying to stop illegal immigration. CLICK HERE TO PARTICIPATE

Hi DML! As I look to see how your trip is being planned, it doesn’t seem that the northeast will fit into the schedule as the route turns west pretty quickly. We here in New England had hoped to see you but know that it’s not possible to visit all places. Maybe in the future you can visit the small but great states of MA NH ME VT CT RI. We are not all liberal Democrats. Best wishes in your travels.

DML: After receiving a ton of complaints, we have altered our trip some.  From May 16 thru June 16 we will cover most of the states from Ohio going west.  After that date and throughout the summer we will visit the east coast states north of Virginia and the New England region.

Grades based on race…. this one admitted she grades based on race… harder on whites… easy on others.

DML: It appears she’s taking an absolute pounding on Twitter.  It also appears she’s now protecting her Twitter account.