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Below are my replies to some of the emails and messages received over the past 24-hours.

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I am so confused about the new app and when it comes out. When I search on Apple IOS the old app is all I see. Please help as I do not want to miss anything.

DML: We have submitted to Apple and Google for approval. Typically it takes 48-hours unless there is an issue. If there are no issues, the new app should be available today. Meanwhile, one of our new features is, and it’s connection to the new LIFE tab on the APP. Mary is new to this, although her training period over the past week or so has been intense. She will be hiring some people to help her, could be you, who knows.  I ask you have patience with the website as we get the kinks out and Mary finds her way with the technology.  Thanks.

Facebook deleted your last Walk & Talk, which was hilarious.  Maybe they thought it was hate speech?

DML: LOL. Doubt it since the hating was on Trump’s handling of the Stormy Daniels story.

Great name pal!!! Just want to say your new style for takes a little to get used to, but overall it is 100 times better as the menu of stories each day is tenfold of what it was, and I like have the news aggregated versus you folks rewriting the story of a story.  KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.

DML: Back at you!

I think your analysis of Trump and Stormy Daniels is proof that you are a f*cking liberal troll.  I’m outa here because all you do is point out the bad stuff with DJT.

DML:  You need progressional help.   I deliver the news, I don’t make the news.   Unemployment is an all time low for the past 20-years, we reported that too.  Fools like you see what you want to see and blame others when you can’t handle the truth when it’s not favorable.  If you want Trump to walk on water, you may be waiting at the shore for a long time.

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