Below are the responses I issued to some of the messages sent in over the past 24-hours.

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Good morning DML! Love you, love your family, love your app and everything you do. I just read the email Carol sent about her son and FB seemingly listening. This just happened to my 16 year old daughter. My mom had LASIK surgery and my daughter was telling her friend about it. In person—not via text or Facebook or any other app. She didn’t mention it to anyone else on social media. Suddenly FB started showing her ads about LASIK surgery. Super scary.

DML: I wonder if Facebook can hear me complaining that they’ve shut down Miss Mary Cafe Facebook page for no reason.  Maybe they’ll start showing it to people.

When i try to watch DMLTV it says i must first agree to get cookies. Im 74 and not too electronic savay but i think cookies are not good. I therefore didnt agree and are not abel to see any of your TV broadcast.
Whatever shall i do.

DML: It would have been OK to accept.  Every website plants cookies, some ask, some don’t, but most all do it.

I was busy all day yesterday and didn’t have time to check your app. Woke up this morning, got my coffee, and IPhone. Went to your app and low and behold it looked different. 2.0 was updated automatically. No problems at all. LOVE, LOVE the new format. Great work! Thank you for always providing the TRUTH. I’m one of your loyal followers who actual love to hear you call out people, including President Trump, when needed. The TRUTH is the TRUTH whether we like it or not. That’s what I’m looking for in news, not a TRUMP cheerleader like Hannity.

DML: I’d love nothing more than to have no reason but to praise Trump all day long.

I really like the new app!! Miss Mary’s Cafe is wonderful! She’s so talented! Thanks for all you and Miss Mary & your entire family do to keep us truthfully informed, Enjoy the cross country trip & keep us posted. I know we’d love to see how our country is REALLY doing! Be safe!

DML: It appears people like the new APP.  I appreciate the enthusiasm.  Mary is talented, I appreciate your saying so.

Absolute best documentaries I have ever seen in my life…. THEY COME TO AMERICA 1, 2 and 3.  You deserve an OSCAR.  I am so happy I finally ordered the DVDs and appreciate the free copy which will be send to Trump Monday afternoon.  Thanks DML!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DML: Mason, I cannot say thank you enough.  Without people purchasing our films we don’t survive, and without the free copies being sent to the White House, e-Verify never gets done.  GET THE FILMS, CLICK HERE

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