Below are the responses I’ve issued to some of the emails sent my way.

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Can I get two tickets to the Reds game with you folks.  WE LOVE DML NEWS.

DML: Today is the last day.  If you live in Cincinnati or Nashville, and you want to join us for the Reds game on May 19, or the Nashville lunch on the 18th, you must contact me today requesting your tickets.  We have limited seating and a few seats left for each.  I sent out notices via email but some people have not responded after originally showing interest.  I suspect they have not checked their email.  We have 50 tickets to the Reds game with about 10 unclaimed.  Again, they will be gone by tonight I am 100% certain.  The game starts at 7pm that evening.  We will all be sitting together.  First come first served.  As for Nashville, seating is even less.  We have 40 lunch spots.  Again, about 10 slots remain open.  The lunch lasts 90-minutes and starts at 11:30am.  Use the submit news button to contact me.  Be sure to put your email address and phone number.

I’d love to meet you in San Diego if you have a meet & greet or whatever you end up planning. I’ll be making my donation next time I get paid. Looking Forward to it! I’ll keep your group in prayer for safe travels & God’s Providence in your filming.

DML: We will be in San Diego from May 28 (Memorial Day) through May 30. We plan to host a dinner while there. Details to follow. I will be announcing another set of stops later this evening. People can follow me at

You said just sending a few DVDs to the WH wouldn’t make a difference. I have mine ready to go, but I don’t want to waste it. Advise, please.

DML: Send it.  We started shipping last week, this week we’re shipping more, and we have a big announcement coming next week about a new petition and a big DVD blast per the generosity of a big donor.   We urge people to help us get e-Verify into being mandatory.  Get your Trilogy, send the free copy to the White House with a letter stating it’s not a gift.  You want mandatory e-Verify.

Love, love,love the new app! Easy to maneuver through each feature, it has everything we need to be informed and updated. Definitely don’t need FB at this point. Stay safe during your tour , really wish you were coming to or near New Hampshire ☹️ Maybe next time! Thanks for all you do , We’d be lost without your truthful reporting!

DML: There’s more coming! We have an entire social media tool for the DML NEWS APP which 100% ready to launch but we held it back to not overwhelm everyone all at once.  When Part I of my tour is over in July, we will roll it out.  Miss Mary launched a poll asking readers Monday if they are lonely.  Stunningly, 25% of people responded yes.  Well, they will have a nice social media platform on DML News in the weeks to come to discuss life and news with like-minded TEAM DML members.  If people don’t have the DML NEWS APP they should get it now.  Starting tomorrow morning, I will be making a daily morning video which is only available on the VIRAL tab on the DML NEWS APP.  To get the app, go to the Google Play Store or Apple IOS Store.  Search DML NEWS APP and hit the download button (or upgrade button if you already have the app).  It’s totally for free.  Turn on notifications.

I looked up the racial composition of New Zealand and saw it supposedly is 74 percent European racial composition.   Hillary says she contemplated moving there.  Considering all the labeling she has dished out to others, the efforts taken to ignore border security and welcome every Latino, Middle Easterner, African, etc. into the US, etc., I don’t mean to sound racist but you’d think Hillary would be seeking solitude with those she seemed to profess so much love, kinship,  and comrodary with and not trying to seclude herself in a predominantly white population.   The left never misses a chance to call someone out on such matters even if they have to fabricate lies to accuse someone.  Yet, what response was given by anyone, left or right, about Hillary’s contemplated destination?  Seems like the left can say and do anything without anyone raising much more than an eyebrow.  I’d think Qatar would be Hillary’s destination since she was investing large sums of money in at least one of their banks not too long ago.

DML: The book tour that never ends. You see the post on Miss Mary Cafe about the scarf she wore?

Will Trump cancel the Iran deal?

DML: My bet is on YES.  Long overdue.

Dear DML,  My name is Gilda Molinar.  I am a 59yr. old born and raised in CA.  My husband was born in Mexico and came to this country legally at the age of 17.  I am a faithful listener.  I agree with your way of thinking.  I’ve been following you since before the election.  My husband and I feel the same as you do about our broken immigration system. We both voted for Trump and like yourself have not been thrilled with everything he does.  It would be an honor for me personally to meet you.  I love my country and feel saddened by what’s going on.   Sincerely, Gilda

DML: I love your story, be sure to meet up with me in San Diego when we announce specifics.  We’ll get your husband in the film, They Come to America 4.

DML and Team,
I wanted to let you know about an event that is being held in Chicago. I normally would not talk to about Chicago, but this event is a big one for many people.  This July marks the 50th Anniversary of Special Olympics. We have came a long way in 50 years.  There is a celebration planned at Soldier Field in Chicago, July 17th-22nd.
If anyone would like more information please follow this link

I know that not a lot are interested in, or even know about Special Olympics, but it never hurts to open a conversation. If you want a heart warming experience, please, visit your local Special Olympics competitions. I am the Athletic Director/Head Coach for a team of 12 athletes and each competition gives me hope and faith. This year’s motto is: Choose to Include; everyone is welcome regardless of your ability.Thank you and Have a great day.

DML: WOW, this is great information.  I will be in the area at that time!