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My school district is offering an African American Academic Acceleration summer literacy program. Segregation at its finest in Fresno, CA.

DML: Can you imagine the volcano that would go off if there was an American Caucasian Academic Acceleration Program?

I was just wondering how your daughter Ashley is doing. You had said she was not feeling well on your tour. I hope she is feeling better. Looking forward to your Walk and Talk on Thursday.

DML: Walk & Talk will resume tomorrow weather permitting. If it’s raining, I will do it from the house. My studio isn’t operational — we removed the cameras from the studio to use them while we traveled the country. As for Ashley, she is on antibiotics and recovering. She will be back to work on Monday, I hope. Thanks for asking.

Hey there! Long time no talk. I hope your daughter gets well soon! Cannot believe all of that nonsense with the RV! I hope the renter doesn’t try to accuse you of busting it up! I would say you shouldn’t have to even pay for it since it was a death trap!

Anyway, I’m so happy to see that you all made it back home safely. I can tell that by traveling the country to find the beauty of America, that you have seen what matters in this country, and coming back to the news cycle about Negative Nancy Pelosi and friends probably annoys your soul!

Basically I just wanted to say I’m glad you and your family are home safe, and while you were gone I made a video for you. A video that proves you are always on point. This is a longer one, and I just wanted to make it for you, Team DML, and anyone looking for media they can trust.

DML: As noted, Ashley is on the mend, thank you. I’ve always known what matters most in this country, difference being this time I captured it on camera. AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL is a fundamental shift for me in my film making endeavors. I tried to incorporate my humor and love for country, along with my family’s involvement. You are 120% correct about hating the task of getting back to the news. Escaping it for a month to focus on the positive stories in America was healing for the not only the soul, but for the first time since we shut down the estate due to my illness, I feel 100% healthy. The doctor said it would take a year, and he wasn’t kidding. I am finally pain free and can get back to daily exercise and shed this ugly weight I have gained. As for your video (seen below), you are awesome. I really nailed the “Russia thing” long before anyone was speaking about the “Russia thing.”

I see you are going back to the Walk and Talk videos instead of The Truth. May I ask why? Personally, I like the studio much better.

DML: During the 4 stops we made during my tour in which we met with TEAM DML, I asked people what they liked better… Walk & Talk, or The Truth (in studio). Although everyone said they liked both, the large majority said they prefer the W&T. As I noted to Amanda, I am finally able to exercise and shed this weight I’ve gained due to being ill last year. The W&T will help me get back in shape while I offer the more preferred method of delivery for my audience. That said, when it rains, and when the weather changes, I will be back to the studio.

AMANDA’s video…

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