Below are the responses I give to some of the emails our readers sent in over the past 24-hours.

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I and my parents were at the barbecue event in Carlsbad north of San Diego, and I wanted a chance to ask DML a few things but didn’t get to. If you see this and can ask him, I would appreciate his input. Thank you.

1. How to phase out sanctuary cities without grouping all undocumented/illegal immigrants as “criminals”? Why not pass a law specifying the kinds of crimes that can get you deported and finding a way to issue ID to the right people who are law-abiding?

2. How would he have marketed his documentaries if Brian Kilmeade hadn’t been his neighbor?

3. How did he go about getting his news website so much better than other news services on the speed and accuracy of news stories?

4. How did the conservative internet celebrities “Diamond and Silk” end up getting advice from Dennis, which led to him coming up with their name?

DML: It was a pleasure meeting you all in San Diego.  Here are some answers to your questions…
(1) Your question doesn’t work for me. All illegal aliens are criminals, they have all broken our immigration laws.
(2) I don’t have an answer for you. All I can say is I’m thankful Brian helped me when he did, and I took the opportunity as far as I could at the time.
(3) The question your asking, although a smart question, is like asking McDonalds for the ingredients to its secret sauce. LOL.
(4) At the time when I found them on YouTube, they were running 1 hour videos which were nothing less than rambling sessions filled with curse words and inaccuracies. However, I saw their  hidden talent, and knew I could mine it in a way that could be positive for Trump.  But it had to be crafted and harnessed, and to do that it took me a solid month of training them on a daily basis, and help marketing them to the media. I also had to script their videos.  I provided that service for them under the cover of a contract. I also gave them the names Diamond and Silk, and I told “Silk” to always have a colored drink of some kind in her hand. That was then. Today, they owe me a lot of money, seriously.

Just wanted to say “ Welcome Home!” Can’t wait until your Walk n Talk Thursday morning. I’ve missed your wit, wisdom, insights, etc. Loved following you on your road trip of this great country! Just sorry I couldn’t get to a Meet n Greet, and you were so close. Maybe another time! Absolutely loved Amanda’s Spot On video! Well done. You should consider hiring her! 😊 anyway glad you’re home and Ashley’s on the mend. Can’t wait for your videos!

DML: Amanda’s video was pretty cool. Odds are when the summer is over I will hire her on some level.  As for the Walk & Talk, it may end up being a sit and talk as I twisted my ankle yesterday moving boxes out of my Jeep.  Lets see how it feels at 10am.

What are your thoughts about Disney buying Fox? Won’t this mean more liberal control over the news?

DML: I haven’t looked at the deal recently, but I thought the news channel wasn’t part of the deal. Lets assume I am incorrect and it is part of the deal, I don’t think you’d have to worry much. Smart companies like Disney don’t break things that are working. It’s all about the money and shareholder value.  Or at least that’s the formula that is supposed to be followed.  In this day and age, it’s hard to predict what these companies will do.