Below are some of the emails I received this weekend and the responses I issued to them.

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Just finished reading your “report on housing immigrant children is big business”, I’m flabbergasted at this disturbing report of our $458 million spent on 1,600 kids? Really? On my gosh! How can that be??? This has got to STOP!!!! Just think if that money was spent on our American homeless, disabled veterans????? And paying the nonprofit CEO $1.5M?!! What a waste, not to forget the millions we spend so the illegals can live here!!!’ No wonder they send money back to their families… how can this be stopped? Who do we need to contact/complain to???? Obviously those kids live much better than poor American children whose parents can barely make ends meet?? Feed their kids? Medical care for their kids??? And Trump says America First???? This just makes me so upset!!! Thanks for listening… Have you included the cost of illegals in your “They come to America” films ? It’d be interesting to know….. I’d probably be even more upset. Bless you DML for making sure we know the ‘THe Truth” !

DML: The first 3 films do cover the costs. That’s why each film has a subtitle of “The Cost of…” EXAMPLE: They Come to America: The Cost of Illegal Immigration, They Come to America II: The Cost of Amnesty. They Come to America 3: The Cost of Obama’s Legacy. And now this latest one, which will be available towards the end of the summer, They Come to America 4: The Cost of Politics. I’ll give you something now that’s in the movie about money wasted. Ten years ago, the US government started digitizing immigration forms to make them available online. There are 95 forms / applications in total. The project cost $1 Billion to basically make a website of forms to submit. Ten years pass, $1B is spent, and only 1 of the 95 forms is complete. The other 94 can only be submitted via paper. They’ve now pushed it off another few years and it will cost $3.1B.

I am so depressed about how this country is going to hell! How in the world can all these people be so stupid.

DML: Gee. Which people are you talking about?  The groupings are so many that fall into your description.

DML New Water Bottles.… Mine arrived today!  Thank you! And….Made in AMERICA!!

DML: Thank you for the support.  It helps us fund our work. 

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