The responses I issue below are to some of the emails I received this weekend past.

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So what are your thoughts about the MEXICAN people supporting the lefty candidate?

DML: First of all, the country is land of corruption and it baffles me as to why and how we consider them an “ally” when there is little value added to the USA via our “arrangements.” Next, if you thought illegal immigration was bad today, wait until tomorrow.

I’m really not sure if this is “news” worthy but it could be a good W&T discussion. Even though Canada and China are throwing out their threats of increasing our tax tariffs for exports; would it be correct in saying this actually helps the US economy? I am not an economic scholar but it makes complete sense that production of our own products would actually begin to swell on the Merchants shelves. Production and manufacturing could increase, in affect, creating more jobs? With the tax tariffs that the USA is hit with could this also mean, in the end, lower costs of American made products?

DML: It’s a double edge sword.  You make complete sense.  But then some businesses in the US sell to China and Canada, thus, they’ll take a massive hit.  See Harley Davidson.  Personally, I like the idea of making things in America.

Sometimes with the passage of time we forget what Fast & Furious was actually all about. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed December 2010 and we still don’t have the answers. This is not just another U.S. Government coverup, this is the one that has to be fully reported to the American People.

DML: Terry was killed by a cartel member using a gun that was obtained by the smuggling of guns to Mexico.  The Obama administration and Eric Holder were never held accountable.  Are you shocked, George?  When was the last time anyone in DC was held accountable for anything?

Your poll about rating Trump’s presidency was eye-opening and sad.  To think that 70% of people are ranking Trump the best president of our lifetime is insane.  He has addressed only 1/3 of the biggest issues we face.  The border and illegal immigration is worse than it was when he took office.  Obamacare is a disaster (using his words) and there is no end in sight.  The economy is better but it is cyclical and will one day go in the opposite direction.  The country is more divided than ever before and the homeless tent cities are spreading like weeds.   I give him a “fair” rating.

FROM DML:  I too was shocked by the poll.  The immigration issue effects everything in the USA. Schools, national security, wages, medical services, etc, etc, and that topic alone should drive down the idea that he is the best ever.  But the die hard readers who believe Trump is never wrong and it’s all about Congress will buy into the rhetoric that Trump’s hands are tied all the time.  Trump is a master marketer and plays the victim better than anyone in our lifetime.  I would give him “less than good.”  If he’s address immigration, I’d give him “good.”