Below are my responses to some of the emails I received over the past 24-hours, and I post at the very bottom my “photo of the day.”

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The past couple of weeks I have posted two opinions on FB about illegal aliens. The first one was just a comment on a friends post and I was swiftly insulted by her friends.

The second one was just a share and I was told I was misinformed and ignorant. I learned one thing-the left hates the term ‘illegal alien’! It makes me sad when people I respected and admired do this.

Thank you for all your work and keeping us ignorant people informed. Keep up the good work.

DML: I you read this website and use the DML NEWS APP, then the last thing you are is “misinformed.”  Never, have we been found guilty of posting “fake news.”  We don’t believe or report on conspiracy theories, we don’t post hate, and my writers / reporters are not permitted to compromise my name or our organization.  That said, “illegal alien” is not some street slang like the n-word.  “Illegal alien” is the US government’s legal term for those who enter the country, or who stay in the country without permission from the government.  So tell your friends and the left to take it up with the attorney general.

Pictures of my son in law and daughter and their company float in our city’s parade:

DML: So very cool.  Thanks for sharing.

I am a faithful reader and listener to all your news and I was very moved by the email from Meghan Dixon you posted. She has faced adversity throughout her life and I think her story should be told. Not only was she bullied by classmates and teachers and couldn’t finish school, but her dad lost his job because of illegal immigration and they were at one point homeless. She used horse therapy to get her through all the traumatic events in her life including having PTSD. I think you may want to pay her a visit on your next tour and put her story in your movie. If she isn’t the voice of the American Spirit, I don’t know what is? Thank you Dennis and your wonderful family for doing what you do for us and our country!!

DML: It was a strong email.  If people want to read it they can go to and search “DML email.”  Look for July 5.

Dear Dennis,
We hear all these stories about the border and many of the people trying to come over are coming for evil purposes.  There are some legitimate cases of asylum and refugee but there are too many to vet at one time.  Why is it that so many people want to come to the USA.  A better life?  Why don’t we as a nation help them have a better life in their own countries.  There are many organizations that are helping.  If more people would donate or sponsor a child through companies like Compassion, Cross International, etc, those people can stay in their countries with all their extended families.

It is much cheaper and better for everyone concerned for people to stay in their own country.  Why isn’t the UN getting involved with these countries that are creating nightmares for the main population.  Why isn’t Mexico doing something about the drug cartels?  why are the letting them run over their country and people?  Why is it all focused on the USA being such a bad place and not generous enough to let everyone in?  The USA has been and will always be a generous nation, but it comes to the point, like it is now, that we cannot for our own safety and economics allow everyone to come in and support them.  It is not immigration when people leave their own country for a better life and bring all the corruption they left for with them.  I grew up in Dearborn, MI.  There is an area where all the signs are in Arabic.  This is not assimilating, this is trying to make the USA anything but American.  We are a country founded on biblical principles.  There are those that try to destroy our founding fathers and therefore think it is ok to destroy what we were founded for.  God is slow to anger but if this continues and the USA sinks further into apostasy, we will feel His wrath very soon.  The hatred has to stop.  I for one am so tired of it.

DML: Although I understand your point, I disagree with some of what you expressed to me.  If people are going to donate, I say donate to an American in need.   I put the blame on the US government.  It is not our responsibility to help these other countries.  However, we already do help in a big way.  As you will see in They Come to America 4, in 2017 the US government dished out $30B in foreign aid.  As if that wasn’t painful enough, we dished out more aid money to 9 countries known for harboring terrorists than we budgeted for our own Border Patrol.

More blame…

Whether people want to admit it or not, Trump caved on immigration 8 months after he took office.  The left, and the media, have eaten him alive — and he provided the steak sauce.

As a candidate, he vowed to end DACA on “day one.”  He failed to keep the “day one” promise.  Instead, a year after taking office he tried to make an amnesty deal for DACA and touted numerous times how much “he loves these kids.”  That sparked the wave of immigration we see at the border today.

Next, he vowed that the caravan in Mexico that came months ago would not step foot in the US. Days later, after they arrived at the border, most were granted asylum.

Trump vowed to crack down on refugee resettlement.  He sets the refugee number.  For this fiscal year he set the numbers into the tens of thousands.  So much for a crackdown.

Trump talked about eVerify on the campaign trail, which by the way, is the number one way to curb illegal immigration per experts on the subject matter.  That said, Trump’s 4-point plan does not include eVerify.   He never mentions it, he never tweets it.  Problem is, his pool of pals and the GOP want / need that cheap labor.

Trump vowed to build a wall and that Mexico would pay for it, which means he would not require Congress to pay for it — thus, no delays.

Not only will Congress not pay for the wall, neither will Mexico.  Meanwhile, NAFTA…. the one thing we hold over Mexico’s head… was supposed to be ripped up.  However, 18-months into his presidency, NAFTA remains as it has been, and he has not used it as a means to stop the illegal immigration.   To add insult to injury, we continue to dish out hundreds of millions to Mexico in foreign aid.

DRUGS. Like every president, Trump talked tough on drugs during the campaign.  He even swore to take the cartels out to pasture.  If you recall, Trump was threatened by a cartel head.  Meanwhile, 18-months later, drugs are flowing in greater numbers than ever before.

The only thing to showcase is the travel ban, which I think is no better than putting a bandaid on cancer.  The majority of terrorists that carried out the 9/11 attacks stemmed from Saudi Arabia.  Meanwhile, S.A. is not listed on the ban.  It’s comically sad.

I guess we’ll just have to wait for someone who understands the problem and doesn’t hire illegal aliens on their properties to be the president.  However, with the number of new legal voters we receive each year from foreign countries, the odds of the RIGHT ever winning again is slim.

Russia Investigation. I am very pissed at this when in the hell is he going to charge the real criminals, I’m sick of our tax dollars going for this , I write letters but who listens anymore , the money wasted on this could have helped fix the real problems! Sorry but what else can we do , Mueller needs to stop this!

DML: As I predicted weeks after Trump took office, you will hear about the “Russia” narrative until the day Trump is out of office.

My son is 11 and loves to watch DML. He has learned a lot! He watched the movies and wanted a beach/flag picture like DML. So, Monday we had beach pix done and this is his. His name is Judd.

DML: Not only is this photo my photo of the day, but Judd made my day as a whole.  Mary forwarded this to me and I showed my kids… they LOVE JUDD.  Send Mary your address and I will sign my beach photo and send his way.  He’s a handsome boy!  I put my beach photo under his — that’s the one I will sign.