DML: I Respond to Some of Your Emails to Me plus Photos


Each day I receive an influx of messages, today I respond to some of them.  Plus, I post of a few of your photos and memes.

To send me a photo or meme, please use the [email protected] address or post to the Team DML group page on Facebook.

Over the last few weeks if I try to post a comment that is anti-Muslim or anti-illegal alien I get a message asking me if I really want to post that comment. After I post the comment FB shuts down. Yet every so often someone post a video showing Muslim anti-American hate. I always get anti-Trump posts. Are the people who post those getting shut down by DB as well? It seems there are no limits to what the liberals can post but conservative speech is. After The Truth I go to Jay Sekulow and get messages during thier entire show telling me that FB is not working properly and ask if I want to close or wait. This happens at least 6-7 times every time. I never get these messages if I’m watching a non political video.   How do we fight back against FB’s obvious attacks on conservative speech. The last I knew the 1st amendment did not restrict freedom of speech to only liberal ideology.
Thank you for all you do to bring us honest coverage of the news. I have been following you on a daily basis since your first Walk and Talk.

DML: I have tried everything.  Lawyers, direct messages to Facebook, spending money with them, pulling money spent with them, letters, email blasts, etc.  I have come to realize that I am not fighting fire with fire.  Over the past 30-days I have spent more time on my vision for the future and where things need to be in order to combat the Facebook gatekeepers, and I think I have the first phase with Team DML.  The platform we are creating, and that should be ready by June — if not sooner, will begin the process of giving conservatives and truth seekers a place to go without the Facebook gods controlling the narrative.  I ask you to stick with me, hang in there, and provide the support we need in order to build the bridge.  That said, today is OUR LAST day of asking for donations.  So I ask all people who can afford to do so to please donate by clicking here.

Just listened to Martha Radish (ABC NEWS) ask Admiral Mullen is President Trump was “stable”. Wasn’t she the one breaking down in tears on election night when Obama LOST?

DML: You are spot on.

Hi Dennis, I just watched that New Years Resolution video of you. Wow what a difference a few years makes. I did first learn about you on New Max but I like what you are doing now much better. Please keep going and I look forward to what you come up with in 2018. Happy New Year! Ps. Looking forward to the Super Bowel party. I want to see King of the Hamptons again. I couldn’t make it to California to visit family on Christmas so I spent it with you and several thousand people. I had a blast!

DML: Thank you Sandra. I enjoyed watching the NYR video this morning when a guy Jeff posted it to the Facebook group.

I have several goals for the up coming new year, but my 1st is to move closer to God. I believe if I do that I will be a much happier and healthier person! May God bless you and Miss Mary!

DML: Back at ya!

I never have and never will do New Year Resolutions or words. I let God guide my path from day to day. He’s the one in control not me. For me it’s as simple as that. Yes, I try to take care of my health even though I have MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS. Not fun but, God will guide me through it. Blessings to you your family and company this new year.

DML: Happy New Year.

Will you be doing a Walk & Talk on New Years Eve?

DML: I plan to at midnight, assuming I am awake.

You mentioned your resolution for the incoming 2018. My name us Allen, I’m 63 yrs.young. I thank God that to date I’ve never had any serious/major health issues. I like you,have been the type NOT to make resolutions for the new year as I usually never keep them. I have promised myself that for the New Year, I’ll to do more healthier things to insure the good health ie: taking walks wiht my wife Nancy, riding my bike(like I used too), eating healthier foods, etc.
Thanks for all you do to bring us the”real”news. May God richly reward you & your family !

DML: HNY to you too.  The walking is a life saver.

Hi Dennis,
Wondering first of all where I can buy the entire 1-3 series? I see that some people are selling their personal copies on Amazon, but I’d rather buy new dvds, preferably from you, if that’s possible. After viewing some portions of the series on YouTube, I feel even more dismayed and frightened about what is happening to our country right under our noses! We all need to wake up and educate others. Also I’m curious if President Trump has this series? If so, let’s encourage him to offer viewing parties at the White House! Thank you for all that you do in enlightening your viewers… we all need to be diligent and continue to press for our Country’s protection from this insidious takeover!

DML: We sent an entire box to the Trump org.  I don’t know if he watched them all.  I no longer sell the DVDs, although I should probably do so considering everyone is asking me to.

DML, I was exploring FB pages this morning and did a search on “Kill Trump” to see what would surface. I can’t believe I found these disgusting groups. It floors me that FB gives you grief but allows these groups to exist. Consider this more ammunition for your files:-) We love DML!

Amazing work. Thanks.

I contacted you about InfinitySN earlier now on Team DML page, and all I see are people promoting it.  I’ve proof where this ISN sells ppls emails & worry that DML followers will get scammed.

DML: They’ve been approaching me for months to help support their new social media platform that is supposed to “launch soon.”  I had one of my team members reach out to get the particulars, but there was nothing I could see that justified my support.  That said, I give kudos to anyone who starts a business.  In the end, I know they’ve used my name numerous times and often jump into my live shows in the comments section trying to promote their “coming soon” social media platform.  I want people to know that I HAVE NOTHING to do with these guys, and know NOTHING about what they do or do not do.  I had a consultant go out and find me a social network platform for us to acquire, and we found there to be nothing.  Thus, we are building our own platform which should be ready in June.  We do not pretend it will be huge like Facebook, nor will we have the bells and whistles.  But the days of having Facebook stop you from seeing what is out there is over when we launch.

I donated to you this month and will do so again to help with the NO GO ISLAM ZONES you want to film in Europe but I am really scared about you going there Dennis.  I know you did the border stuff and standing up to the BLM in Nevada was one of the most heroic things I have ever seen one man do.  This is something so much bigger and dangerous and I hope you know what you are doing!!!! I realize you’re a tough guy and my father always says “DML is one guy not to mess with” but I really want you to get security experts with you when traveling to Europe to film.

DML: I am so appreciative of the donation, and I urge people to help if they can before the news year hits.  That said, your dad is a smart guy. LOL.  I will take all precautions necessary. Thanks for the love and concern.

Dennis. Honestly! I think you just Love to complain about your 150,000 mile Mercedes! Lord knows! that You and Ms. Mary could afford ANY car and/or yacht your little hearts so desire! Trying to keep it real.

“According to various sources, Dennis M. Lynch’s net worth has grown significantly in 2017. However, the numbers vary depending on the source. Dennis M. Lynch’s net worth is estimated to be in the range of approximately$442,774,901 in 2017, according to the users of vipfaq. The estimated net worth includes stocks, properties, and luxury goods such as yachts and private airplanes.”
San Diego, CA.

DML: Lanny, over the past 10 years I have met my share of idiots. But you and the emails you send me take the cake. Your estimate of my net worth is almost as fake as you pretending to be “Lanny” from San Diego. IP trackers are pretty powerful things. It must be so lonely being you. Perhaps reach out to Rosie O’Donnell, she needs a friend. PS – Considering I just gave you your 15-minutes of fame, please know there won’t be a 16th minute. By the way, my net worth isn’t $442M.  It’s more like $9Billion when you factor in my thick head of hair. Thanks.   NOTE TO SELF: Remember to close up the yacht before January 1, and to make first class air reservations to visit my Aspen estate after vacationing at my chalet in the French Riviera.


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