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Dear Dennis, I love your show and I have been a supporter of your for almost 2 years now . I watched you today on your live talk and I was very disappointed of your hatred for Iran and your take on covering the news ! I’ve shared your app to tens of friends and family members . I’ve asked friends with money and power to donate to you , I also post most of your talks and stories daily ! I believe you are missing the point !

NO ONE is asking for your pity ! Iranians don’t care about your pity or anyone to fight their battle as its theirs to fight ! However as someone who is an advocate for the “TRUTH” I believe you are being bias and at times sounding a bit radical. I understand your Love for USA and I love this country too ! I’m an Iranian who voted for Trump !
However to make comments of “Who cares about the Iranians” is ignorant .
You don’t need to care for them or about them . You are Missing your opportunity to showcase the “Dangers” of Islam ! It’s oppression and impact on a Nation !
Iranians are showing the ignorant left their propaganda and agenda to shove this ideology in our face ! You covering the story is very impactful and profound !
Because it shows Dangers of Islam and what it does and how we need to wake up in USA and not allow it to ever be implemented here ! We learn by watching others don’t we ??
Best of luck. Honey

DML: You are right about one thing, I am totally biased in this particular case.  My bias sits, stands and remains with the American people.  That’s not going to change, so call me a radical if you like.  That said, with all due respect, it isn’t me who is missing the point.

Today on my show, I pointed out that all the cameras and headlines are pointed at Iran when our cameras need to be pointed here at home.  In short, if we have three key spots on a news webpage and six segments on a TV show, and the temps outside are below zero and 500k Americans are out on the streets, then I prefer to see the news and the president focus on the people here at home.   I ain’t backing off that stance one iota.

I appreciate your support over the past two years, but the truth is the truth — and in this case the I think the truth is that you are being biased.  I think you don’t like my coverage because you are Iranian.

If you watch my show each day, then you know that yesterday I said not all Iranian people hate America, and that the flag burning we see in the streets is often the Iranian gov’t pushing propaganda.  That said, I will repeat what I said today: “Let Iran solve its own problems; I want the media to turn the spotlight on the people suffering here in the USA. Shine the light on the people who are living on the streets — those are the people I am concerned about at this very moment.”  If you don’t agree, that’s your choice and I appreciate you voicing your opinion.  On a complete side note…. I don’t learn from watching others — I learn from doing things first hand.  That’s why I never did well in the classroom.

Dear DML, I was listening to you talk about the homeless this morning and I couldn’t wait to get a message out to you. I am in NO WAY a heartless human being!!! Now, it may be different on the East Coast. I don’t know. But over here on the West Coast, the homeless population are criminal Vagrants who CHOOSE to live on the streets. I live in San Pedro, a suburb of Los Angeles. Our  Homeless population has exploded! However, it is not due to having nowhere to go. These people WANT to live on the street where they are free to do drugs, drink, commit crime, and nothing gets done to them. We have empty shelters here advertising for homeless people to come and get warm and eat but they don’t want to go there because there are rules. You have to be in at a certain time, you have to be sober. Our mayor has made our streets Very dangerous. We have vagrants pooping, peeing, shooting up, having sex, walking the streets butt naked and so much more in broad day light and there is nothing the police can do about it. They have overtaken our town and have made it unsafe for children to even walk home from school. We have people every single day out offering help with jobs, shelter, addiction services, and they don’t want the help. We have enablers who give them food and blankets which encourages them to just stay on the street because they are free to do as they wish, and if they went to the shelter they are not free to do this.  We have prostitution rings, drug dealers, felons all on the streets. Just yesterday we had a felon in possession of a loaded fire arm.  He was picked up and let back out of jail the same day. I have pictures of all of this. I’m sure the weather on the West Coast has everything to do with it, but our homeless people many of the time choose to live on the street. Our taxes were just raised for homeless housing, but these people don’t even want to be housed. The drug problem and our liberal leaders are to blame for our problem. California is circling the drain FAST! And this is a town where housing prices are in the high 500k, 600k and 700k. Ugh…

DML: With all due respect Robin, it is not I who stands on the wrong side of this issue.  If you think a homeless person wants to be homeless, you’re seriously out of touch with the problem.  Although I have no doubt you are correct about the homeless not taking advantage of the public services offered to them, the point is they are homeless and their mindset is no longer functioning like yours or mine — they need help.   I remind you that some of these homeless shelters are total sh*tholes where people get raped, stolen from, beaten, etc.  Being homeless is by no means a lifestyle choice.  These people are barely hanging on, and I agree that in many situations they present a danger to themselves, and to your family.   Thus, the handling of the problem by the local and state governments is pathetic.  It’s easier to turn a blind eye than to do what needs to be done.  And of course the high cost of living / housing makes it a problem of epic levels.

Mr. Lynch,  I’ve been following you since the elections first took place. You ha e been a my one and only source for the information that I need on a daily basis. Today, your “sky is the limit” message really hit me. It is exactly what I needed to hear.  God knew I needed to hear it and he sent you to deliver that motivation, not just for me, but for others that needed that same motivation as well. I don’t know how you do it everyday sir, but I’m very thankful for your dedication and hard work. I just wanted to say thank you and God bless you and your family. I’m a proud  President Trump supporter and a proud Marine Corps veteran. Take care Mr. Lynch. Keep doing what you’re doing.

DML: Pete, I received a bunch of emails like yours about my opening on Jan 1.  I wouldn’t say it if it were not true.  Believe in yourself.  Thank you for your service!!!

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