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Below are my responses to some of the emails I received over the past 24-hours, plus, at the very bottom is my photo of the day.

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DML when will ‘The Truth’ return? I enjoy the short videos you’ve been doing but I do prefer the one-hour program. This house loves DML.

DML: THE TRUTH, which is done in studio should return full time towards the end of September. However, I plan on making the show a bit different than it has been in the past. The studio will be configured a bit differently. Either way, I will continue with pushing out the short sit / walk and talks as they are today.

Dml, I think a video of the immigrant standing on the Statue of Liberty should be a touch point or the ending point of your new film as credits roll, then cut to you rolling out of the ocean in your suit saving the Red White and Blue.

This just shows how all illegals are literally standing on our own American begotten liberty in which these illegals show no concern for liberty itself and the fight against oppression as opposition to totalitarian Americanism, which is just plain true capitalism and old fashion freedom.

I was upset at first but as the story line came out was actually happy to hear it wasn’t an American. We just know, not to mess with our true First Lady, Ms Liberty her self.
Keep warm in the RWB,

DML: I am uncertain as to her legal status, she is from the Congo so odds are she is legal. Either way, she’s been a trouble-maker for years and offers zero value to the USA from what I can tell.

The e-mail from 7/6 you wrote a lady pointing out things as far as immigration: e-verify, the wall, etc, I think it’s great list of things he (Trump) has not done — and for things that should be done. I think it would be great to send the list to the President.

DML: It’s called THEY COME TO AMERICA 4, and it’s coming soon.  He’ll see it.

Hey Dennis & Mary,
I’d like to order two of your new photo books. One for me, and the other for a woman that commented on Facebook that she’d have to wait until her next Social Security check to buy one. Her name is Karla Miller and I screen-shotted her comment for you.   I’d like to do it anonymously and was hoping you’d have her address or be able to get her address to mail it from you guys.   I don’t feel it’s appropriate for me to ask her. She might think I’m a serial killer or something! Lol. I just don’t want Karla to struggle to get this beautiful book that I’m sure she deserves so I want to get it for her. Should I just order two online and you’ll know to ship one to her or is it easier if I mail in a check?  Just let me know what works best for you.

DML: Susan, once you order the two, Mary will do her magic. Thank you!!  Let me add that it is people like you who make America The Beautiful place it is.  We get so many letters from people all the time saying that if it was not for what they see on our feeds from people who consider themselves TEAM DML, that they’d have no faith left in humanity.  Your generosity and thoughtfulness is outstanding, and you should be proud of yourself knowing that not only did you make someone feel like a million bucks (Karla), but your purchase will go towards making more people feel good as portions of each sale are put towards charities we will donate to during out next tour, which will begin in August and last until the end of September.  More details on that to come soon.  Thanks again Susan.  NOTE: Karla, if you read this, send Mary your address at [email protected]

This is the response I received from Walmart about the Impeach 45 shirts:

Dear Steven,
Thank you for writing to us. Customer feedback is important to us, and we appreciate your sharing your concerns. These items were sold by third party sellers on our open marketplace, and were not offered directly by Walmart. We’re removing these types of items pending review of our marketplace policies.

Thank you for reaching out.

DML: Good for you for taking the time to write in to Walmart.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for adding my letter in your article and I greatly appreciate that as it made my day and I just read the response from Laurie, and that also made my day and I am way beyond happy! I am a huge supporter of you, DML! As I really look up to you and I admire you and your family and you definitely give me hope. Thank you so much for all that you do. Together we will make America great!

DML: Interesting emails, especially those that offer hope and positive lights have a great chance of making it on my response list.

Hey Dennis,
The email you received from Martha regarding liberal’s hate for the term “ILLEGAL ALIENS” does offend them. I bet, the next liberal in office will have the use of “ILLEGAL ALIENS” changed to “UNDOCUMENTED CITIZENS!”

DML: You may be 110% correct.

Dennis, I think you’ve got this covered.
7 Habits for Success:
1. Read every day
2. Make your health a priority
3. Learn from people you admire
4. Plan your day the night before
5. Keep your goals in front of you
6. Take action, even when it’s scary
7. Have a powerful and inspiring “why”

DML: Thanks Shirley!  However, I would say my set of rules are a bit different, and in many ways the same.
7 Habits for Success (by DML)
1. If you’re the smartest person in the room, you need to change rooms in order to grow.
2. Exercise takes priority, even if it’s standing up from the desk and walking around in a circle (which I often do).
3. Do not idolize anyone for all people put their pants on the same way.
4. Early to bed, early to rise, and strategize constantly.
5. Say I love you to others more times than it is said to you.
6. Give thanks to God each day.
7. Never tell yourself that you cannot do it, never listen to the people who say you cannot do it, never allow your age to deter you from trying, and if you don’t have something you need find a way to get it.
8. Always respond to your customers and stay engaged with them.  Learn who they are if you can and respect those who give you their time and support.  (And this is why I know you are from Florida, Shirley.)

I may have missed an explanation of this but was wondering why your Walk/Sit and Talks have been so short lately.Keep up all the great work you are doing DML!

DML: A few reasons. (1) The studio is being occupied by editors — we have 4 films in the works.  Not enough room or time to prep for a one-hour show.  (2) I pulled the tendon in my left foot trying to run on the treadmill — allowing it to heal before our next tour.  (3) It’s summer, people have shorter attention spans, including yours truly. LOL. (4) I no longer want to engage in the politics that lead to nowhere.  Talking about Mueller, Hillary, Trump and Stormy, Congressional hearings… it is all a waste of my time and yours, and so I want the show to be different.  However, I don’t know exactly how to do it yet.  So, some may say I am stalling.  LOL.  (5) Short videos are more viral.  But I will reengage with THE TRUTH in late Sept., albeit in a different style.

I continue to read your comments about all these films you are making and I have not a clue as to what they are?????  As a huge DML fan please let me know about them and where I can buy them.

DML: ‘They Come to America 4: The Cost of Politics”, which my son renamed for me last week — it was the cost of “politicians” — will be released on DVD and on-demand via VIMEO in early September.  This is the 4th film in the series of immigration films I have made over the past ten years.  It is a different style of filmmaking than the others, and I think this one may be my best.  However, I say that about all of them.  LOL.   I am in the beginning stages of producing They Come to America 5. 

Remembering Meadow & The Parkland 17. This film, which I am co-producing with my daughter, is about the Parkland school shooting and what needs to be done to secure our schools. The film will be submitted to film festivals in early 2019, and will be available on digital platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime in 2019.  DVDs will also be available.

HOMELESS FILM. We do not have a title established for this film, but as of last night it is 50% complete.  The film, which I am co-producing with my son, is about the emergence of tent cities in the USA and how the homeless problem is no longer what it used to be in the sense that it could become commonplace to see tents on sidewalks throughout the country.  We shine a light on the issue of affordable housing and dismantle the false perception of who the homeless are. This film will also be available on Netflix and Amazon Prime, and will be available on DVD later this year.

AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL.  Although filming for this movie is complete, we have yet to start editing.  This film is the first collaboration between my son, daughter and me (THEY ARE THE BOSSES ON THIS ONE).  This film will truly be amazing, and the kids want it to be an ongoing series.  It’s much like the series PARTS UNKNOWN, which was produced by Anthony Boredain for many seasons prior to his death.  I suspect we will be finished with the first film in November, and the making of Part II starts in August.   But again, they are the bosses on this, not me.

Do you think Trump is the best president of our lifetime?

DML: No.  Reagan was far better on numerous fronts.   He too sparked an incredible economy.  He was amazing at bringing the world and America together.  I don’t see that happening right now, at all.

I wrote a note earlier telling you how much work I’ve been getting done in my retirement. I hired my daughter’s friend to help clean out cluttered rooms and the garage. She is a single Mom working part-time at a hospital but needs more hours during the week. She paints, does landscaping, and other work for hire. I couldn’t have gotten a harder honest worker. Oh yes, she’s all American not an illegal immigrant. Now, my husband showed her how to rip up carpet and lay down laminate flooring. She’s catching on quick and doing a wonderful job and loves it. We’re replacing all carpet in our home, so by the time she’s done, she will be proficient enough to add it to her resume. I advise everyone to hire a single Mom.

DML: Good for the mom, and good for you!


Participants run next to Puerto de San Lorenzo’s fighting bulls on the first day of the San Fermin bull run festival in Pamplona, northern Spain on July 7, 2018. – Each day at 8am hundreds of people race with six bulls, charging along a winding, 848.6-metre (more than half a mile) course through narrow streets to the city’s bull ring, where the animals are killed in a bullfight or corrida, during this festival dating back to medieval times and also featuring religious processions, folk dancing, concerts and round-the-clock drinking.



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