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The responses I’ve given to some of the emails sent in by readers are answered below. Under the emails is my photo of the day.

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Above is an article that at the very top states “opinion” by a group at the NY Times called the “editorial board” not one name given to whom this board comprises itself. The article is a slap to the new supreme court nomination. It states how we don’t know Mr Kavanaugh’s ideals and thoughts on the law and constitution and blah blah blah, blah. I just find it funny that a bunch of individuals hiding behind the name “editorial board” wrote such an article in which their hypocrisy exists in almost every word. And then to add to that under the headline it states that this articles “is separate from the newsroom and the op-ed sections of the Times.

Opinion based journalism is not journalism at all, and news companies like the times should be called out for BS like this. And that’s why I go to DML for the truth. And when I want an opinion I actually hear it from DML’s mouth, he doesn’t hide himself behind something called an “editorial board” NYT=Disgraceful…DML=Truth

DML: There is no question the Times has it out for DJT, but I have to push back a bit here.  The Editorial Board has been around for a long time, and it’s pretty clear that it’s an op-ed.  I have little issue with this.  It’s the other articles you’ll see in that paper that either use “nameless” sources as fact, and at time insert opinions into the mix that gets me upset.   Our articles don’t include opinions unless we state such.

In fact, I am so concerned about this going forward, that by the end of the weekend coming, an entire new will be launched, so that there is no question that it is completely separate from  My opinions are my own, and they should not be intertwined.  The new DML site will feed to the DML APP, but we are making it very clear that my opinions are just that… opinions.  Perhaps the Times should make a similar effort.

Dennis, now that President Trump has chosen Brett Kavanaugh as his SCOTUS pick, could you please share “your” choice(s) or if not, then please share your opinion on the President’s choice.

DML: As noted a few weeks ago, I’m trying hard to keep myself from offering political analysis that doesn’t push the ball forward.  So, to that end, I see no value in listing who I would have picked because at this point it would do no good.  That said, BK was a “safe pick” in the sense he should have no problems getting approved.  If you’re hoping abortion will be outlawed under his watch, I’m not sure this guy is the person you wanted.   I think you may find him chumming up with Justice Roberts, who went rogue on Obamacare.  That’s a bit of a concern, we shall see.

Dennis, Watching Fox on You Tube. Youtube asked if I wanted to see the live stream after the announcement of Supreme Court announcement.  YouTube said : **it was offensive and Innappropriate for audiences,  ** and asked to confirm I wanted to watch this right now.  WTH Dennis.  Please explain this tomorrow?  YouTube needs to get Hurt in the Pocket….

DML: I no longer use YouTube.

Link to soldiers singing amazing Grace. I can’t find any link in your article. I can’t find any link on the web apparently have an exclusive on it. I’ve noticed many times in your article that they are supposed to contain a video and it’s not there.? Still a big fan.   (DML NEWS editor’s note: CLICK HERE to view our story on this – the videos are included in the story.)

DML: I really do not know which article you are referring to as we publish thousands per week, but I assure you there are many times that a video will not show because a person is using the Facebook App and thus, it won’t pick up the video code.  It is not on our end, it’s either Facebook or whatever browser you are using.  We often here this about our polls.  People will claim “there is no poll”, meanwhile 5k people voted.  It’s a browser thing you may want to take a look at.

I was just commenting on the Boston vote and someone mentioned towns being inundated by illegals. It just made me think about the possibility in some towns or areas where illegals could or do out number American citizens. What then?

Also, have you given any thought to an actual chat session during the day/evening? I enjoyed the personal letters being read during “The Truth” I also read the daily letters you answer. Even that Christmas you made phone calls., that was great. Would you consider a short, interactive, live chats on a regular basis in the future? I really feel people enjoy that type of platform. Especially Team DML!

DML: Well, you sort of got me here.  The DML NEWS APP and the DML NEWS website were newly designed to have live chats that include me during the day.  But I have removed them for the summer.  Between the AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL tour, and the next one coming soon (in planning phase), and the 4 films we are producing, and it being summer, it’s just not in the cards.  That said, when the summer passes, and some of the films are completed, and the elections are around the corner, I will be back to doing those sorts of things.  Unlike the hosts you see on Fox, etc, I do not get 4 weeks vacation each year.  And when I do go on vacation, it typically involves work on some level. So, I am trying to give myself a bit of a breather until the summer is over.  Meaning, I work about 10-hour days right now versus 14-hours.  For the first time in over a year, I am finally feeling 100% and can run the streets and go to the gym.  If I were to space time for chats, my exercise time would be the sufferer, and I’m not willing to do that right now.  I am sure you understand.

DML, I just ordered your book.  Can’t wait to get it.  Thank you for what you do!

DML: Thank you Sid.  Every book sold is put towards our next tour and to help donate money to charities we meet on that tour.  The photo book appears to be a big hit with those who receive it.

Your Youtube subscription is not available and your Facebook Wine and Talk has been deleted from DML app…we do not use FB and have had your Ytube subscription for a long time…what are the social media gatekeepers up to now? Cordially, Nick

DML: YouTube cancelled our account because I tried to upload a video three times in a row while in a dead area in Zion, Utah.  Absolutely asinine.  I am tired of their nonsense, so we are not opening another account.  We are switching over to Vimeo this month and should have it tied to the DML APP by Aug 1.

I watched your short video on Sunday about the news media and how Fox News Channel used to tell you what not to showcase and talk about.  I often find myself watching Fox News because there is nothing else to watch.  I cannot understand why someone with deep pockets doesn’t try to take them on as it appears so much room for competition exists.  I know it would take hundreds of millions, but in today’s investment market billions of dollars are spent on less.  Your insight is invaluable here.

DML: Your question is a good one.  For a long time now, I refuse to tune in to Fox News.  Sure, if there is breaking news, or like last night when SCOTUS was announced I will go to Fox over CNN or MSNBC, but my days of watching Hannity and company are over.  Reason being is I know how the sausage is made, and there is no way I will subject myself to it.  As for appearing, I see no value in dedicating an entire day to 3-minutes.

As for your question about why nobody is going after the Fox model, it’s because investors do not invest for the short term, but rather the long term.  The cable news model is dying.  Although Fox and the other cable networks they compete against are raking in the money during this presidency, their audiences are getting older and the venues for watching / consuming news are getting newer and more streamlined.  Youngsters (Millennials) will one day be middle-aged, and the last thing they will be doing is tuning into Hannity.  I say this because in the future, unless shows like Hannity are played on Netflix, and unless they are less biased, no person will spend the money to have cable.   I also see America tiring of the media BS — shows like Hannity, Maddow, Anderson 360… they will lose their appeal when the divide becomes less.  My kids don’t watch TV news.  They get their news online and if they need to watch a short news clip, they do so on Instagram and Twitter where the video lasts for 30-seconds at most.

While on tour last month we saw this barn in Indiana and stopped to a photo.


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