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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

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I don’t ever send in emails and I do not comment on Facebook. However I had to ask what you think of this Cohen tape?  Trump is a slime as a human being but he’s got the economy cranking and that’s all that most people care about.  What’s your take DML? Does this hurt Trump long term?

DML: I have always said Michael Cohen is a total scumbag.  I took tons of crap from people about saying it, and now they / you see for yourself how scummy he is. What sort of lawyer tapes his own client.  It’s a shame the amount of pain I must endure to put out the truth, which for some reason always seems to trail so far behind.

Moving past my own soap box, long term, Trump is Trump, people are people, and the media is the media.  What does that mean?  For as long as Trump continues to keep the economy humming, most people won’t give a damn about these tapes.  Meanwhile, the media will do nothing but focus on them because it’s drama, and drama sells.  Trump… he will continue to struggle at his job and get virtually nothing done because he’s always swimming against the tide and Congress hates him (even the GOP).  Fact is, Trump is struggling to get things done domestically whether his base wants to admit it or not.  However, thanks to the tax cuts and the cyclical patterns that power the markets and economy, his struggles will be overlooked by voters who support him.  I don’t see this economic boom ending any time soon unless there is a horrific 9/11-like event.  God forbid.

Hi Dennis, My husbands has been a member of the Lions Club for over 30 yrs. Every year they have a food stand at the Cecil County Fair in Fair Hills MD. I help with this as it is the biggest fundraiser they have. My observation this year is I have never seen so many “Mexicans” there as I have seen this year. This is so very scary. The borders need to be closed !!!! You are right as always. How do we stop this influx?
Thanks for listening. MJ.

DML: Keep in mind, legal immigration from Mexico and Latin America represents 51% of the immigrants coming in each year for the past few years.  We take in over 1 million people.  Keep in mind they could be legal.   That said, they very well may be here illegally as roughly 50% of the illegal aliens in the US are suspected to have entered via the southern border, which means they stem mostly from the same region.  How to stop it?  Hire a president who knows how to work with Congress, and hire a Congress that will work with its president.  NOTE: That solution assumes all want the problem to stop.  Good luck on that one.

DML – Just wanted to tell you Nick & I are super excited for THEY COME TO AMERICA 4. We watched the trailer today – beyond pumped. Keep up the good work, we are behind you 100%. USA all the way, Jenna & Nick

DML: Thanks!  However, that was not the trailer you watched, but rather a small clip we posted a while back, which I have since removed from the film. LOL.  It’s coming soon.  About another month we’ll have DVDs ready to go.

Hello Dennis,
Thanks to the Democrats, the illegals get Welfare, FREE health care for Parents and Kids, subsidized housing, food stamps, and more! I’m a Senior Citizen on a fixed income so will won’t have to deal with this BS much longer, but my grandchildren will suffer. The illegals break the laws to come across our borders, and all of us American Citizens MUST pay our taxes to Support Them and their FREE AMERICAN BENEFITS. All we get is a swift kick in the “buttocks”, as you put it.

Frankly, I wish you’d please contact your White House buddy and ask him/her to run this UNFAIR scenario by our President! The Democrats and the Liberal Judges keep blocking President Trump’s border controls so thousands of useless immigrants can come here to MOOCH OFF the United States Citizens, and do NOTHING IN RETURN for US! If Conservatives don’t STOP letting more and more illegals and their children come into OUR country, we will turn into a third world country and BE BROKE! We’re running out of LAND to build OUR housing and money to feed ourselves, and THEY KEEP COMING TO MOOCH OFF US. Thanks for listening, but I’m really pissed off.

DML: Republicans are just as bad.

I received my America The Beautiful photo book yesterday. Signed by DML himself with 2 bumper stickers. Thank you for this wonderful reminder of how great the USA really is! I was so fortunate that my parents took my 2 siblings & I on camping trips all across the United States, including several of the featured areas on your book. I am so grateful to my ancestors on both sides of my family for being brave enough by coming to the US, leaving everything behind to start life anew. This home loves TEAM DML!
PS. Please thank Miss Mary (BTW, I was a preschool teacher & was given the name Miss Lisa) for her yeoman’s work (& your family) of getting all of the items TEAM DML purchases to & through the mail system.

DML: It was Mary’s idea to do the book.  She’s a gem, and so are you for supporting us by means of buying the book and helping us raise the funds for the next tour.  On a personal note, I’ve always been ahead of the curve, sometimes too early, and this time I really think we are hitting it perfectly.  Although we do a great job at aggregating and delivering the news, and will continue to do so, I really feel myself being pulled as a filmmaker to produce more uplifting films and videos.  Each day, my daughter Ashley and I walk during our lunch.  Our conversations usually reflect my ideas for the future, and she weighs in to either support or critique my visions.  Lately, it feels like we talk more and more about AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL and how we should make it into a series that is constantly ongoing.  She loves the idea.  It will be a challenge to fund, but it has been my experience in life that the money will eventually flow if one follows the heart, and so my heart wants to be more positive in our storytelling.  Lets see.

When I tried to share your op ed u posted today about Orlando I didn’t see an option to share it. Not sure if I’m not seeing it I looked 2x.  Also I ordered the photo book 2 weeks ago still have not received it.

DML: Both websites have Twitter and FB share buttons located at the top and bottom.  Worst case, you can always copy the URL and paste it into your status section on FB.  As for the book, it depends on how stock is at the time of order.  Sometimes we are left waiting for the book supplier to send us more. This only delays things a day or two, so if you don’t receive it this week contact [email protected] and Mary will locate it for you.  Thanks again for the support.

Today’s sit and talk. Thanks again for all you do and the message you bring with the news on real matters in this country. With me, you are always preaching to the choir. I have always shared your views on day to day topics. That is why I enjoy listening to you daily!  You have a great passion for the USA and our law enforcement along with our military that is there to protect us. I share the same feelings as you but you definitely speak much more specific than I can, due to your knowledge through going to the borders, your research and most of all common sense.

Today was so spot on and I was high fiving you the whole time lol. The comparisons you used today were great and definitely makes it simple to see the point that you are making. I really am baffled by how far the left is leaning on such topics as you brought up today, honestly can’t wrap my head around their thought processes. I have many friends who are union members and when we discuss the political issues, they seemed to be so brainwashed by their unions that they can’t see the forrest for the trees. I’m a business owner and we do a lot of construction on union projects, so I’m not anti union but I could puke when they start talking about backing another candidate from the Democratic Party, who for the most part, are against any real common sense choices that would better this country, let alone their own kids future. I am 45 and have always been a registered Democrat but that has changed. I didn’t leave that political party, the party left me!!!! Their pitiful choices of candidates to vote for and their skewed vision for the positive direction for this great country to be headed towards. It always goes back to common sense for me. Saying all that, I haven’t one time voted for a president in the Democratic Party since I could start voting in 1990. That’s sad but those past candidates never stood for what I believe in. The left is so far out in “left field” that it’s truly scary to me.
I’m a republican now and proud to be because for the most part, the party stands for our constitution and the core principles that our country was built upon! I don’t agree with anyone just because they are from a certain party and I know not all republicans are great people. I base voting for someone on my God fearing heart and with those who share my opinions on topics that really impact our direction as a country and put our constitution before their self interest and their own political boosting within their own party.
Loved it when you finished and explained what makes our country different than the rest of the world. You hit it out of the park!! It’s not Freedom, it’s our great constitution and our laws set in place for all to follow!!!!!!  Awesome!!!! Thanks for keeping up the fight and sharing your opinions daily and as always, speaking the TRUTH!

DML: Thanks for watching, and I appreciate the support.


Man inside an ice caver under the Vatnajokull glacier, Vatnajokull national park, East Iceland, Iceland.
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  1. Right with you Scott. In te early you could not find a Republican in a haystack in Jacksonville Fl. When JFK was assasinated; that total boob Johnson took office. The elite of the good ole boys. You think Cohen is a scumbag … Johnson has him beat by a country mile. Look it up he recorded everything and used it for his advantage

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