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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

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Good show today.
Trump really screwed up by not endorsing many people in the primaries. He could have ousted at least 10 congressmen. He isn’t even really endorsing anyone in open seats.

We got seriously screwed in committee today by the GOP, especially by a guy that Trump just endorsed, Rep Yoder from KS:

1. DACA protected
2. Codify Obama and judicial definition of asylum
3. Wall only to maybe get funded 200 miles (and that could ultimately just be “technology”)
4. Country caps lifted on H-1B (Indians were lobbying hard for this)
5. Farmers get expanded definition of H-2A visas, which I don’t believe there is any cap on H-2A
6. More H-2B workers for Mar-a-lago …

DML: As I said during the show, Trump lies to us about immigration 50% of the time. The diehards will ignore this and pretend it doesn’t happen, but that’s there issue, not mine.

I don’t understand why Clinton, Obama ect. Continue to have security clearance when they are not in any capacity position in government. Why is this not terminated upon leaving office?

DML: Millions of Americans hold security clearances, needed for many government and private-sector jobs. The practice of having senior national security officials retain clearance after leaving government is longstanding.

National security officials often go on to work in the private sector, particularly at defense contractors, and need access to classified information to support the government. Former officials keep clearances to assist in ongoing criminal and national security investigations. The clearances offer continuity between administrations on intelligence and national security matters, and also would enable former officials to return to active service in a national emergency and offer expertise.

Having a security clearance doesn’t automatically afford a former official access to information. Rather the former official must have a need to know information on which he or she is briefed.

Hi Dennis! I just wanted to share a rock I painted.
I’m calling it:
Rebuilding America, peace by peace
I painted this from a cartoon picture I saw. I chose Peace instead of Piece. I hope you enjoy.

DML: Your art is the photo of the day, and your talent is off the charts great.  It’s a same your art is not a reality, nor do I believe it will be.  The wall will never be built.

I read the article about how the housing issue in CA is a precursor to what will happen across the country. I am wondering what you think about this?

This is my take on the warning that is being touted. Now in the past maybe that has been the case but at this time I don’t believe that it is a warning to the rest of the country. I believe that CA has created this problem all on their own by what they have done to their state, taxes, regulations, the illegals and what they are being given and all the other stupid stuff that the liberals have implemented in the last few years.

When people are losing their jobs to or can’t find one because of illegals and when they do get/have a job they aren’t making the amount of money required to live in the area how do they expect to sell half a million dollar homes?!

Keep up the reliable news because you are the only place I can trust to get the TRUE facts vs the LIBERAL facts (made up to fit the narrative at the time, changing with the wind).

DML: Facebook announced it missed earnings last night.  The stock fell overnight from $217 to $166.  I called this months ago.  They are screwing with the product, putting politics in front of performance.  I see housing taking a nosedive in the next 12-months.  In one hand you have a homeless population growing because housing is unaffordable, and this to me means that owners and landlords are pushing prices too high.  More important to he measurement are interest rates — they appear to be going up for the long term.  This hurts.  With less buyers, prices drop.

Hi dml, you busted on President Trump pretty hard today, however I think he is trying as hard as he can to fix as much as he can. I say this because he loves america and the people…have faith, God is with him. R/MMC/SS

DML: God is with him?  Then that means God was with Obama too.  I didn’t “bust” on Trump, I told the truth.  How people don’t see that distinction is troubling to me, but appears to be more normal each day.

About two years ago a rookie policeman shot and killed a woman. This very same woman was the one who called for service regarding a couple arguing in the alley behind the calling woman’s house. It was about eleven o’clock at night. The responding officers arrived in the alley. The woman went to meet with the officers to explain what had happened. The Caucasian veteran officer was talking to the woman thru the drivers window. He was in the drivers seat. The rookie policeman was sitting in the passengers seat. The rookie is a Somali Muslim. As the veteran officer and the woman were talking, the rookie took his gun and shot the woman thru the drivers door. The mayor would not let the rookie be interviewed. My question is, has the rookie still working, has he been charged? Thanks for any info. Love your show.

DML: Great question, I do not know the status.  I will ask one of our writers to look into it.

What is your opinion on moving US troops to Poland? It would probably take an act of Congress, but the Polish people love Trump so I think it’s a great idea. It would certainly surprise a lot of people.

DML: I say save the money.

Obamacare. How would you fix the insurance problem?
My husband and I paid the Obamacare fine for three years and now we have Christian Ministries Insurance that only covers catastrophic care and member can donate to the Organization to help others meet the costs that are not covered. Why would you pay for Obamacare when there other options out there? It seems to me that it would better for your family to save the monthly payment and not support Obamacare. Please let me know why you still on this insurance.

DML: I will start in reverse. I have 4 children.  I am in the news business.  My wife and I are getting to an age where the body starts to have issues.  Put the three together.  I am not going to fail to provide insurance for my children, and my wife and I do not want to lose our home in the event something happens to our health.  Being in the news business I read the nightmare stories.  Perhaps like most Americans, I fear the worst could happen. As for solving the insurance issue.  There are many ways to lower the costs.  First, is to open the insurance markets across state lines.  Second, is to stop funding illegal aliens. Third, is to shift to a prevention model versus a treatment model.  Forth, is to put forward new reforms that prevent frivolous lawsuits against medical centers and doctors.  The list is long.   But one would have to stop tweeting about fake news and get on the asses of lawmakers.  I don’t see that happening.

Why is Trump opposed to National Mandatory E-Verify? Why can’t we get illegals off of our social services like healthcare (Medicaid/Medicare and welfare)? Shouldn’t you have to prove that you are a citizen to receive benefits that Americans work for and have paid into for other Americans?

DML: (1) Because it would hurt his economy, or so the business lobbies have told him. (2) We can get them off, but lawmakers, business owners and Trump love the cheap labor, so they do nothing.  Instead Trump pushes the BS of needing a wall.  (3) Yes. But keep in mind many of the benefits paid to illegals are because they have American children (aka anchor babies).

Are we still trying to vet immigrants now or have we given up and just letting them all in. I don’t know what I can do on my part to be part of the answer, but as I approach retirement I have been considering donating my time to Homeland Security to help the vetting process. Am I just a dreamer?

DML: DHS, CBP and other government agencies that are part of the immigration process do not accept volunteers.   The US has always vetted the incoming immigrants, sometimes they miss the bad people (e.g. 9/11).  I say enjoy your retirement.

We need to talk, I have a great idea for a project on your walk and talk live. Timing is perfect with what is happening with China, I think it will be huge. I’m a retired federal government employee (lets drain the swamp) and started an aviation consulting business. I manage a few corporate jets, out of Scottsdale and a pilot that has flown to 30+ countries. Give me five minutes to your time and I’ll fill you in on the details. I just want to be a part of the project.

DML: Feel free to email the details.  I’ll see it. If interested I’ll let you know.

At this point you are either for or against our President … DML .. all of us see he’s doing the best he can .. he is not perfect .. we knew this when we voted for Trump .. but one thing we did know .. he can MAGA and he loves this country .. the deep state is real .. he had to and still is fighting .. Darts ..Dagers .. mad Dogs since he took office .. he will learn through his mistakes .. please give him a chance .. I am .. so far .. I am happy I voted for Trump.

DML: I’m a bit different. I focus on being for America, not politicians.  I won’t compromise my fight for what is right because I voted for someone.  If I disagree with that elected official I will voice such.  If I agree I will voice such.  Simple math for someone who doesn’t buy into the idea that a president is a icon or messiah.  But that’s just me.

I’ll ask the question nobody is asking, how is social security going to survive? Is the money going to illegals coming from SS? How is that the illegals steal someone SS and at the end gets the benefits back??Love the Truth! Keep on going the good work!

DML: It’s not going to survive.  It’s a system based on young people paying for old people.  As for illegals getting the SS funds, the answer is no.  Although, there are some on the left that want to make it so the illegals would get the money.  For example, grant amnesty and they are now eligible.

I often respond to your polls and wonder how many have responded. Is there a possibility of adding that piece of information to your polls?

DML: It’s typically between 5,000 and 10,000 per poll.

I received my photo book.  You capture the USA like no other person.  Kudos.  Glad to be a part of helping your next journey.  Keep up the great work.

DML:  I cannot express how much it helps us when people get that book. Thanks so much.  Sadly, Facebook limits our reach so I don’t think many people know it’s available.


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  1. Hi DML, I haven’t heard you mention moving to Florida anymore. Is this still your aim or were you out voted by your family? Diane

  2. On security clearances….. you don’t actually lose your security clearance, you lose access to the program or area you worked in. In the case of Brennan who now works with CNBC, no longer needs or should have access to top secret information that he had as director of the CIA. If he is needed for whatever reason, his access can be restored. My husband had Top Secret security clearances in government programs through military and private sector and when no longer on a related program he was debriefed and no longer had access. That should hold true for any government official as well, high ranking or not.

  3. I feel about Social Security as you(Dennis)
    do about Obamacare. I know how it works, but I put 40 years into SS and I better get it back somehow, some way as well as the many others my age who feel the same. It’s not my fault that it has been depleting because of Presidents dipping into the honey pot (SS) for their agenda’s spending.We are tired of being screwed and if I’m still alive when SS is ever reformed, then all hell will break lose!

    • Shirley, I completely agree. Removing or substantially reducing Soc Sec for people already receiving it would be catastrophic and create more social and economic problems than it would solve. Would be a big mistake and another HUGE burden to our society. There are a number of ways to cut back government spending without bankrupting Soc Sec. it’s simply not a viable solution. It just shuffles things around and becomes an even greater tax payer burden.

  4. I am Do one With Dennis he never has anything nice to say about Trump. He stopped doing his letter to the President. I say Dennis if you know how to fix imagration. The. Put it in a letter to Trump and stopp bashing our Preide t

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