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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

To send me a photo, use the [email protected] address.  To send me a message, please use the submit message form, which can be found by clicking here.

My 36 year-old son in Louisiana went on his two week National Guard Training in June. Afterwards, he returned to his full time position as Internal Auditor. At first, he received compensation for his time at the Army Reserves Training and then his employer asked him to pay back the two weeks he was gone. Now, he just gave his notice and does not want to work for a business that does not honor the Military and his service to our Country. My son went to Afghanistan for nine months several years ago and is a very honorable young man. I totally agree with his decision to find a better job since he has his Masters in Business Administration and he has never had a problem finding employment.

DML: That business owner is a foolish person. I am sure your son will land on his feet. I wish him luck, and thank him for his service.

Can you give any more information on what has happened since your son graduated… the coach thing. Thank you.

DML: I am interviewing lawyers with the intent of suing the school, principal, super, and coach.

Illegal immigration. I am the parent of a 3rd grader and a college student in Texas. My 3rd grader will never shower with his classmates due to pedophiles coming here claiming they are unaccompanied minors. I’m so sick of the immigration bs. Shut it down, throw them out, I’m done.

I love your videos even though they pissed me off beyond belief. We did not elect humanitarians, we elected them to protect our sovereignty state. Obama and Trump, for dear God this is America… protect and serve it. Soapbox done… Love you DML, Miss Mary and your family… American at it’s finest.

DML: If I had a dollar for every email I have received over the years like yours, I would be richer than Trump.

The president is now being sued over making money from his presidency. I think this is a fair lawsuit. He should not be making the money he is based on the reports I have seen. I would be interested in your opinions here.

DML: The president would not agree to not take the profits from his business while in office, and I think that is wrong. He said he would donate the profits taken in from foreign governments, but according to the suit that has turned out to be largely untrue. He’s playing with fire in this area. This lawsuit may gain national attention real soon.

How is it the Maxine Waters can say and behave so badly and not have any repercussions? Her veiled threats and calls to confront are just plain crazy.

I know that freedom of speech or freedom of expression has its limits. You can not yell fire in a crowded movie theater etc…. is it because the left would cry foul? Is it a case for semantics? I think her recent actions and statements are akin to yelling fire in a crowded movie theater.

If you are not held accountable then what does that teach the public. Why isn’t her own party trying to censure her rhetoric? Can it because by holding her accountable it may lead to rioting?

Is it because the government doesn’t want to offend by having her charged with a crime? I’m just so sick and tired of people hiding behind freedom of speech or expression. I’m tired of having to tip toe around everything because we might offend someone, somewhere or somehow. I know this sounds like I’m contradicting myself, which I apologize for, but I think the right just lets Mad Maxine get away with her antics because it’s easier then fight back. And it would open a can of worms they don’t want to deal with. I’m curious about how you think on these topics. Maybe I’m the crazy one. Just call me frustrated. Thanks for listening or I should say reading!

DML: Waters represents the worst in government. How she is permitted to operate and remain in her position is beyond me, and so I cannot answer you with any level of certainty. I’ll just jump on the bandwagon that says she is a stain on DC.

DML I would like to know what are your thoughts on socialism, do you think America will eventually adopt socialism or will we be taken over by socialism God I hope I’m not alive if that should happen.

DML: I just had a similar conversation with Mary last night. Our country is heading towards the 3rd world. We have some people getting so insanely rich that the money they have is uncountable, it’s so high. In the other hand, we have people pitching tents in the streets of major cities, and taking craps on the sidewalk. This scenario playing out to the next level is the 3rd world, and I see the situation getting worse before it gets better because housing is just so expensive — people are being priced out of having a solid roof over their heads. This pushes those who cannot afford living to mix in with those who are calling for FREE THIS and FREE THAT. The rise of socialism is inevitable if we continue to take in more immigrants both legal and illegal in the huge numbers we are, and if the rise of housing and costs of living continue to outpace the wage growth in America. What happens is normal people who would never champion for government programs will now vote for them in order to survive. Then of course you have the lazy asses, they want things for FREE regardless. This is when I say Trump isn’t focused on the bigger issues. The sleeping giant in it all is Obamacare.

Good Day DML
I don’t know if you have finished your America the Beautiful filming. The beauty of America is found in those that care about our country and our flag. You posted about a country music star doing the pledge everyday. Well Neal Mccoy is still doing that pledge. On October 3, 2018 he will be celebrating 1000 consecutive days in a row doing the pledge of allegiance to the flag. I think Neal Mccoy is a very true patriot he has been on USO tours for our military. He stands behind the immigration law. His mom came to America the right way and she taught Neal and his other brother and sister, to appreciate this country that they live in now because it’s the best country ever is United States of America. I know his story may fit into both your new movies. You can visit his office in Longview Texas. To reach out to him at

I just wanted to share this with you DML. Sorry I didn’t get to catch up with you in Kansas, but I thank you for all you do and that includes holding President trump accountable. Please consider interviewing Neal Mccoy, I think it would add to your movies, and I think the pledge is a beautiful thing. Trust me, Facebook has been censoring him as well doing the pledge. I think he has a great immigration story with his mom coming from the Philippines. I just wanted share this with you DML, thank you for your time.

DML: We are ramping up for the production of America The Beautiful 2. However, we’ve decided to do it a little differently. This week, after long debate, we decided that our first run across the country will be a film — no news there — but that film will be edited in such a way that it sparks an ongoing series.  So instead of making a second film, we will begin making a series of one-hour explorations through America.

Imagine Anthony Bordaine’s long running show on CNN called Parts Unknown.  The series was based on his visits to various parts of the world to discover the culture and cuisine. Instead of the cuisine, we are focused on finding the beauty within our stops. As of now, the plan is to make 3 “seasons” each year. Each season will have 6 episodes. We’re developing more ideas and putting together a cost structure, but whatever we decide to do, Mr. McCoy will be a consideration going forward. Thanks for alerting me to him.

Great episode of “The Truth” today! My mother and I are anxious to get our hands on They Come to America 4. When you or a member of your team have the chance, I would love a little clarification. Here is my question. My congressmen have told me “illegal aliens themselves can’t get welfare.” If that is true, how can they get their “anchor babies’” benefits if they are not legal themselves? Also, one of my senators (I’ve given up on Lindsay Graham but I think Senator Scott at least partially listens) doesn’t really believe that there are black market locations all along the southern border (on both the American side and Mexican side) for all kinds of fraudulent documentation. Is that true? If so, what can or should we look for in our own communities to warn the authorities (using the cameras on our cell phones to get some sort of proof) as to where specifically such activity might be taking place?

It is a sad day in our country when we have to discreetly (but within the law of course) in part do the job of our law enforcement. Those law enforcement officers on the street are trying to do their jobs but the political elite that have command are making that very problematic. I am fortunate that by red state is better off than others. However, the amount of Spanish speaking individuals who do not speak English seems to keep increasing with little end in sight. This even holds true on the college campus where I work-a place where I am very hesitant on saying or publicizing anything political for obvious reasons. Thus, I must ask for confidentiality regarding my identity.

I am looking forward to any type of clarification I can get from someone who has been on ground zero. I’ll pass on as much info as I can to my representatives at the state and local level. Also, please take at least one day a week off from work DML. None of us want you sick. Thank you and God Bless.

DML: Those senators are idiots, no other way of saying it. There are fake doc shops throughout Mexico, Texas, California and Arizona. If they want a tour under the elevated train on Roosevelt Ave in Queens, tell them to call me. I’ll get them fake docs in one hour for $100. As for welfare, the illegal aliens get it via their children, who are American citizens. Again, tell your representatives to contact me. I’ve have them come to my area and we can go food shopping at the local IGA. We’ll get behind a lady, or 20 ladies, incapable of speaking English. We’ll watch them checkout with an EBT card that ties back to their kid(s). In TCTA4, I show how the locals in Turks & Caicos are actually hunting down illegal aliens on their own and handing them over to police for deportation. Nobody wants illegal immigration, and it has nothing to do with race.

Hey DML! Long time fan and I love your app, reports, qalk & talks, family etc. 😁

Jeff Sessions. What is wrong with this guy DML? Why is he stating he has high confidence in Rod Rosenstein? Am I missing something. I remember a walk & talk of yours last year or longer and you were thrilled about Mr. Sessions. I dont understand his stance on the Russia investigation?

I’m from CA and I work in Fullerton. I went to Sam’s club yesterday which is in the same parking lot as Home Depot. Ugh! The amount of illegals that are out there ever day makes me so angry. They whistle at me, leave their trash on the grass, their empty cups and God only knows what else. I really wish the government would get their crap together and take care of this. I’m Born and raised in California and I’m dying to get out. My husband is a cop and we have 5 yrs until he retires. CANT WAIT!

God Bless you and Mrs. Mary.

DML: I can’t answer for Sessions. A part of me believes he has grown to hate Trump after the president has gone out of his way to humiliate him publicly. Perhaps he is taking it too personal? I don’t know the answer, for I do not have a reliable source within the DOJ.

As for the illegal alien problem, Trump made a lot of promises. One was his ability to be a master negotiator. LOL. How has that worked out so far?

The immigration issue today is just as bad as it was under Obama, and in 10 years you will see this problem become so bad that you’ll want to move out of the country because there will be NO PLACE TO GO.

The illegal aliens are everywhere.  The non-English speaking and limited-English speaking individuals are now becoming the majority in America. Sorry to say it, but economy aside, the Trump presidency will end up being a bust — Obamacare and illegal immigration will be worse than when he took office.  This is partly his fault, partly not.  That said, even the economy is vulnerable.   I was crunching some numbers yesterday, and although I see the next 12-months being awesome, thereafter, get ready for the downturn as corporations will not use their money to invest in workers, but rather in how to rid of them.  Get ready to be replaced by technology once and for all.

Not sure if you are aware, but DML and DennisMichaelLynch is also being “shadow banned”. Bing and Yahoo are doing the same thing as Twitter.

DML: LOL. And this is news? I’ve been dealing with this crap for 2 years. It’s like having a tumor on our business model. We’ve come to learn how to live with it.  That said… If people didn’t buy our DVDs, hats and book, I don’t know what we would do.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my beautiful autographed America The Beautiful book. The pictures are amazing. Love you & your wonderful family sharing your amazing trip with all of us. What an amazing experience for you. And thank you Miss Mary for all of the hard work you do.
My book is the focal point on my coffee table that I share not only the book, but who DML is with my friends & visitors. Thank you from a faithful listener, Diana.

DML: I cannot say thank you enough.  We really believe we are onto something with ATB. The photo book helps us pay for the next tour.

Hay there, DML!! Just wanted to say that you blow my mind!! Your insight is unbelievable! I’m almost chuckling in regard to Facebook and their recent losses. Great karma! Also, I’ve been really thinking hard about the illegal invaders that are continually allowed to come and stay. It truly pisses me off. I keep thinking about how much wasted money is wasted because of those unwanted people! Then that airhead Democrat throws out there that we need to reimburse those PITA invaders for something they are responsible for!! GEES!!!!! Makes me angry!! Anyway, thanks for all you do AND for the laughs you cause periodically!! 😉

DML: We were hanging out for a few hours with a couple last weekend, and the wife said to me: “If you can make people laugh without cursing and being perverted, you have gold in your hand.”  Mary turned to me and said, that’s why your fans love your Walk / Wine and Talks.

I’m under a mountain of work right now with these films and the website / news.  Once a few of the films are done, I’ll be adding in more humor as we go along.  Thanks!  As for the insight, I love to say I told you so.  LOL.

Sessions is a traitor and I don’t see how you can defend him nor Gowdy anymore when they support the deep state Dennis.

DML: I must say, your emails never fail to amaze me.  I’m not a Deep State guy.  Send this to Sean Hannity.

If Millennials are not using FB ,then what platform are they using to get their information?And shouldn’t DML be targeting that platform to tell them the truth? Not all children have parents like you & miss Mary, who tell their children the truth!

DML: Snapchat, Instagram.

Just watched you today talking about Facebook. If we would like an alternative, which one could we still get your news and W&T on!? Don’t we need to stick with Facebook to see you!? Please recommend an alternative!! I listen to you every day and appreciate what you do for the American people!! God bless !!

DML: All I can say is use the DML APP for your news.

I just took a You Gov survey regarding news coverage and named DML News as my main source for the news. I hope that one day soon you will be recognized as a major news aggregation service. Thanks for giving me the news and a daily dose of your common sense. It is truly appreciated.

DML: It takes time, but we will get there.

The photo book is great! I want to order another copy for my Aunt. Where do I order?

DML: Go to either or and click on the store.  Thank you!

I use this photo not because I encourage illegal immigration, but because the press wants to make it sound like “families” who cross the border illegally are not reunited.  This photo shows that not to be true.  Although no person wants to see families separated, lets not forget it is the father who led the separation to happen.

Maybe you’ll be the lucky American who will get these two as your new neighbors?  I say “lucky” because I know your anxious to pay for this young man’s schooling and perhaps see the man take a job working construction under the books. There’s nothing more rewarding than saying hi to people who are not vetted, not paying taxes, may be carrying disease, and can’t understand what the heck you are saying.  Immigration laws are like traffic lights, without them accidents will happen more often.

PHOTO: Gonzalo and his 10-year-old son, Evelio, on July 19. They were separated for 63 days. As of July 24, Annunciation House said it had received 250 families into its facilities. “Sometimes it’s one family that arrives, other times it might be five or six. Releases have tended to take place later in the afternoon, evening, and even as late as midnight,”

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  1. Thanks for sharing these emails and your response to them. THANK YOU for what you do every single day to get the truth out to us. I never cease to be amazed at the emails you receive. I am sure there are thousands and you try to pick a wide range of comments. I use to get VERY annoyed at some of the comments but decided IF you can live with them so can I. I admire you and have since the very first time I saw your walk/talk. That was in 2016 and months before the election. I am amazed at your ability to gather all this information and shake it out so that it makes some sense to the rest of us. I laughed at a comment you made “I love saying I told you so” . If people listen to what you say, they can see that you could say that quite often. I trust you to explain things to us. I trust you to tell us the unvarnished truth. I am happy when you say you support AMERICA NOT some political person. I am disappointed in President Trump but I still support him. You keep holding his feet to the flame. Some may like it and some may not but at the end of the day whose going to be correct. DML for sure.

    My hat is off to you for all your efforts to get the truth to us. I know you work way to many hours and you need to take some time for you and your family. I DO NOT WANT YOU SICK LIKE YOU WERE LAST SUMMER. That was a traumatic summer. I was so concerned about you. SO PLEASE take care. You are the only source for us to get the truth. God bless you, our military, first responders, President Trump and these United States. Hugs

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