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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

To send me a photo, use the [email protected] address.  To send me a message, please use the submit message form, which can be found by clicking here. 

WTH. Hey Iowa State who’s kidnapping your kids.
According to the Missing Person database published by Iowa Dept of Public Safety, 48 people have gone missing in the last two weeks, 34 are children.

DML: If this is indeed true, this is a major crisis.  I’ll look it up.

Hello DML and greetings from Iowa. I’m working with a team to organize a rally in WDC on Sept. 7, 10 AM-12 noon called “Negative Effects of Illegal Alien Crime in America.” In attendance are two Angel Moms from IA and AZ (Michelle Root and Mary Ann Mendoza) and legislators (Steve King-IA for one). We are scouting a headliner speaker and have some ideas but wanted to reach out to you given your expertise in this area and for your insightful feedback on any suggestions. Our rally space is secure for a gathering of 300 ppl. I can send more details regarding our effort. We are 100% MAGA and have a few successful rally events under our belts and we have great references.

DML: I’m wondering if the crux of this email was designed to make me eat my pride with sugar on top.  On behalf of those two angel moms I’ll eat it.  Contact Ann Coulter, she’s got a big following.  Or contact Eric Bolling, he’s got a decent following and looking for exposure to his new program on CRTV.

FROM BETTYANN: Dennis, your FB live Friday was spot on! As a society, we love the internet and digital technology, but it can be addicting. Look around, people are on their smartphones, talking, texting and using the internet. Social media is designed to keep the user engaged with followers. Video games are designed to promote competitiveness. Users are spurred on to achieve the next highest game score. There is an adrenaline rush playing these games, even innocent games like PacMan or Candy Crush. I can see how certain people can be influenced by these violent games to commit mass murder. Kids that are bullied or ostracized by their peers are particularly vulnerable. I would like to know how many of the school shooters were on medication, in particular anti depression medication. Certain anti depressants have black box warnings not for use in teenagers.
Someone needs to gather detailed information on the habits and drug use of the school shooters to see if there are any commonalities between them. It would be interesting to see if there are any common denominators.
God bless you and Andy Pollock in your quest to make schools safe.

DML: Digital drugs.

A friend is coming tomorrow to watch one of your films. She doesn’t have a DVD player. I couldn’t decide which one to show so I watched TCTA and TCTA II tonight. I’ve decided to show your first film as it really embodies what you are all about and how you got started. I hope she’ll come back to watch II and III! I am reminded once again what a talented film maker you are after rewatching both films. I’m glad you are putting your talent out there making more films. TY

DML: I’m always asked the same question.  I always answer it this way…  TCTA1 is my favorite because it was my first and I think it’s the most entertaining.  TCTA2 was the most fun, dangerous and interesting to make, and I think it’s the scariest.  TCTA3 is the most informative.  TCTA4 will be the best as I believe it highlights the problem after years of ignoring it exists.   I urge people to get the trilogy and help us do more.  Thanks for the support Donna.

DML, My husband and I are both registered Democrat,but, for the last 2 Years we have seen the light. We have asked this question to various people and in turn gotten various answers.Since I trust you, do we need to be registered republican before the mid-term elections? Thanks so much and GO TEAM DML!!!

DML: Each state is different, but in many states you can only vote in a party’s PRIMARY if you are registered with that party.  In other words, if you are a registered DEM you can’t vote in a REP primary.

Dear DML, just wanted to thank you and Miss Mary, for sending out my 3rd set of the Trilogy and my Tour Book.

They arrived yesterday and today! The book is wonderfully done, the pics are GREAT. Fantastic job to all of you 4 for your photog skills.

Can hardly wait till your next dvds come out! I SO appreciate all the tedious and hard work you sow into our lives to bring us the real TRUTH!

I would love to meet all of you one day in the near future. Maybe next time you all come to Okla. Im 50 miles straight north of Tulsa in Bartlesville.

When I look a little better, i will send a pic of me and my DML cash. Love it all and love you all! Youre the best.

Sincerely, Ms.Terry Gurule’
P.s. my last name is pronounced like
Robert Goulet with a roo in the middle.. 🙂

DML: I am sure you look wonderful!  Thank you for the support with the DVDs, and by picking up the photo book.  So happy you enjoyed both.

DML don’t know if you have seen my messages about my frustration with Facebook spinning and shutting me out for the past 10 days so that I can’t hear your videos.

Please Please Please can you add the video to the daily summary emails your office sends me. It used to be there but for the last month or so it has been omitted.

Thank you very much – hate to miss you and the Truth!

DML: All you have to do is go to and click on the LIVE link at the top… the videos are all there.

I just watched your “sit and talk” about glow kids. I had a friend in the military in Ft. Wainwright, Fairbanks, that was named “Horse” I later found out that he was named that because he used heroin. At the time I used to kinda charmingly or playful tease him…with a smile. In my youth I was very attratactive, so I got away with a lot! we were kinda friends, at least we were friendly to each other. 2 years after I got out of the army a News Story went viral about a “drifter” who had shot and killed 7 people (one woman was pregnant) In Manley Hot Springs. His name was Mike Silka, or who we called, “horse”.
Your story made the hair on my neck stand up. It always shocked me that I had known and lived with, in the Army Barracks, someone that could actually do what Mike did. I knew it was the drugs. I also have believed that these shooting had a connection with gaming, I just hadn’t had heard someone draw the corrilation.

This is the story we Alaskans heard so many years ago that really ROCKED our World.
Your doing a good job Dennis.

DML: Thanks for sharing.

Thank u for all u do for us! Prayers…

DML: Thank you.

Dennis, I discovered you & your W&T’s back during the election in 2016. I am so addicted to your site & news that I can’t seem to get anything else done during the day or at night. I’m retired and don’t really have a life much these days. Anyway, i think you could refer to me as a “glow” senior citizen. (Not poking fun from your video this am) I have posted your news in Fb & on Twitter making comments along the way. Last night while watching Tucker Carlson re illegals, I did a twitter blast of 8 tweets. I railed against Congress & the MSM & tagged the ones who didn’t care what was happening & those who did give a damn! I tagged so many that it turned into 8 tweets, plus you. I just hope it was retweeted by someone who could help get my message out there. I’m sick to death of what the Dems & Rinos are allowing to happen at the border. It took at least 1 & 1/2 hours because I was strategically trying to think of the different people that I blamed for sitting on their asses just because they didn’t like our President and how they were the ones making us look bad on the foreign stage. Just wanted to let you know that I’m trying to do my part. God bless you, your family, your staff, our troops, our President and these United States of America. He is the only one who can really save us.

DML: Your passion comes through.

I’m not sure if this is considered news…or just a major concern that I have noticed. I will need to give you an example of my question in order to explain it more clearly. We pay privately for our health insurance. We only have catastrophic insurance so we have to pay for anything that is preventive. I recently went for my routine mammogram…I used my insurance card by accident, (this insurance is new to me) so they ended up charging me an extraordinarily high bill, however I have a $5000 deductible, so it needs to come out of that first. So I am now responsible for this bill. However, when I ask them to now give me the “cash rate” of the Mammogram they “claim” that they can not resubmitt the original claim & that I must pay the higher am’t. Do you know if there is a “law” or “ruling” that can protect people in these instances. It’s not fair that hospitals/institutions can make up their own rules and not provide “clear” explanations for people. Do you know if we have any rights when it comes to this? Should I maybe try to go to small claims court with this? I feel that this is a common occurrence that is happening to most people. It’s just so unfair.

DML: I don’t know if there are any laws that protect from the specific example you provide, but my of handling this would be to tell the hospital I am not paying the bill and issuing a complaint with the state attorney general.  They may change their tune real fast.

Good morning from Nebraska, hope all is well with you and the family!! We are doing ok just surviving!!
Wanted to say loved your talk on glo kids!!! I am always telling my grandkids and daughter that they don’t need to be on those games all day!!! It is crazy!!! Now since my daughter is one of the Demcrots that is nuts.. lol. Does this Dr. you talk to have a book or something on these glo kids.. I can’t share the video because she would just go off on me. But then again I should lol
Well please send me the name of dr and hopefully I can find more in it.. I so agree with all you said this morning !
Thanks again for all you do!!! God Bless You and your family!!
And yes a wine and talk would be fun!! I so enjoy the good laughs and fun

DML: Book is “Glow Kids” from Dr. Nicholas K.

There have been times when I have read your emails and watched your videos only to think you are really anti-Trump.  I thought this knowing that it made no sense that you would push for him so hard and then slam him so terribly.  It didn’t occur to me how honest you are until I watched Hannity interview Steve Bannon last night.  Bannon was slammed by Trump and Hannity and every Trump supporter months ago.  Now for the sake or ratings Hannity is going to put him on every week?  You are the only genuine person with a real following.  You never do the conspiracy story thing, you don’t try to sell us on bullsh_t, you don’t try to make it appear like the world is falling down.  I am ashamed of myself for thinking bad of you.  You are 100% correct about Trump’s failure to address Obamacare, immigration and homelessness in America.  I will no longer watch Hannity and will only support Trump for what he is…. a public servant.  I know you will not go on TV, but I wish there was a way more people knew of you. I think you’d make an outstanding president if you’re anything like you are when you do your reports.

DML: Thanks for the email.  If I was the president of this great country, I would raid the cartels in Mexico and take them out with a rash of airstrikes like nothing the world has ever seen.  Sure, Congress would give me sh*t, and Mexico would declare my action as an act of war, but that country is no friend of the USA.  They suck us dry of money and then enable illegal drug and human smuggling.  If what they do to us is not an act of war, what is?  The amount of Americans who die from the drugs and criminal illegal aliens coming through Mexico each year trumps the amount of people who died on 9/11.

Moving on, if I was president I would never tweet about BS regarding TV ratings, and I would never push books written by Fox News anchors. I would not call other people names even when I disagree with them, for I believe doing so makes me look stupid and childish.  Instead, I would call them out like a gentleman by pointing out where they are wrong and paint them into a corner using facts and figures. I would tweet only when necessary so that nothing could be taken out of context.  Instead of tweets, I would hold daily Facebook LIVE events lasting no more than 5 min. to express what I am doing to make the country improve.

I would make it my job to tour this country as often as I could, and my tour would be 100% about meeting with everyday people and listening to how their lives in America need improving under my leadership.  I would not hold rallies where it’s all about me.

The list is long regarding what I would do, but the fact is I am not the president, he is. That said, overall, Trump’s doing better than Obama and much better than Hillary would be doing, so I am happy in that regard.  I just don’t understand why we have to settle for “better”.  As for Hannity and Bannon, Steve got a bad rap for the nonsense Trump pulled early on.  I am glad to see him appearing on TV and trying to make a comeback.  I say this despite the fact that I don’t always agree with SB, I don’t alway support who he supports, and I’m not a huge fan of how he conducts himself at times, but no person is perfect.  Either way, make no mistake that Bannon is using Hannity as much as Hannity is using Bannon.  Sean knows this, and that’s why I have less respect for him with each given day.

Now this is traffic….

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  1. Dennis, thanks for including my letter! My friend loved TCTA and felt you really covered it all very well. She’s originally from NY and lives most of the year in FL so you were very relatable to her. She wants to come back and watch the next two. I also showed her the photo book and she commented on how beautiful the photos were and how they made her feel she was right there! I gave her an “I Stand For The Flag” bumper sticker to give her veteran husband and she was delighted. You’ve got a new fan!

  2. Dennis, I would love to have you speak before any group where I could come and listen…plus meet you someday. Get that book finished…book signing road trip!

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