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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

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Mr. Holman didn’t say the President was doing great on immigration or that it was even ok just that he is doing more than past Presidents. Which means to me past Presidents didn’t do nothing to help the immigration process. Or border security.

DML:  His self-praise about economy is one thing, I get it, well-deserved, but with immigration…? I wonder if the brainwashed Trump supporters will pretend they don’t see the reality.  Immigration, and Trump’s lack of effort with e-verify, has gotten to the point that it’s making me sick to my stomach. Perhaps I am shoveling the sand into the tide here? If so, what does a man swallow when he cares too much?  Pride, gasoline or Oreos? So far, for me, it’s been the latter and I have to stop.

Hi Team DML, your the best, your the only news feed, that I can stomach. It’s the “TRUTH” not always “pretty” but it’s what I want !!! Just quickly, that ego of Trumps, nauseates me. I know, he’s not getting kudo’s from anyone, but blowing his own “hot air” into himself, is sad to watch. I cannot even read articles on him puffing himself up, to a degree, that makes me squirm. I will read them, when “you” hit him back with the actual truth about, these false, “puff ups” Then I feel balanced again. Thank you for telling us when he is doing something good, when he puffs on a subject, like immigration, you tell him, NO, your really not doing good on this subject. My nausea subsides, till he’s puffing that air into himself again. Thank you, for all that you do.

DML: Sadly, money makes the world spin.  The more money in the pockets, the more spin is generated.  Meaning…. People will overlook what they voted for (Obamacare, Immigration, Veterans taken off the streets).  These issues are worse than they were 2 years ago, but because the economy is humming nobody seems to care.  Instead they focus on the fact that the Trump tax cuts made it so their taxes are lower by $50 per month.  Sad thing is, the money won’t stay in the pocket! It will be spent on an increase in property taxes (someone has to pay for the new wave of illegal alien students), Obamacare increases, and the cost of services to care for the homeless as more tents go up on the streets.  I know, I know, I know….  “it’s Congress’ fault.”

I just want you to know I saved a life on Thursday! Yes, I am a critical care nurse for 30 years but retired for five. Was on the Elliptical machine at the gym and I am always looking everywhere just cause you never know! Looked over, saw a guy that fell off threadmill! At first I did not go but when he was not moving I jumped off! Thank god I did . He was in full cardiac arrest ! My instincts just kicked in and I remembered everything! We shocked him with an AED and he came right back!! The guy could not thank me enough when he woke up. Don’t know how he is doing but I have to tell you, we need to forget the bull shi**t and carry on!! Thursday was a day of reckoning for me, let it go!! Life is too short!!

DML: Hero!

Did you change the chat room?

DML: I believe you can only chat if you now login with Facebook or with the chat provider we use.  I have to confirm this today, but the idiot trolls who go on there each day needed to be eliminated, so we will hunt them down and remove them this way.

DML, Just wanted to say Thank You for shedding light on “Glow Kids”. There is something very important here that is being ignored! Will read the book. Possible connection to school violence, suicides, bullying, and desensitization. Scary scenarios when these kids grow up.

DML: Sent an email to the doctor last night.  Thinking about making a documentary about his book.  Lets see.

Dennis, now, back home from Tampa, I’m catching up on DML News that I couldnt get to. As, I was reading your article regarding your immigration films and how it all started (as I have many times), a question came to mind. Whatever happened to Tom Wedell, the gentleman on the corner protesting immigrants taking jobs from Americans? Does he still do so or has he stopped? Is he alive and do you keep in touch w/him? You may have addressed these questions, but I am just curious. It’s so good to get back to my DML routine at home…at times, during my trip, I just could not get to the “bing” in my purse!
Love what you do for us. Each day I await the news of the release of your next video, “They Come to America lV – The Cost of Politics”…can’t wait!

DML: I don’t know where Tom is these days, I do know there are droves of illegal aliens soliciting work on the corner of 7-11.  That hasn’t changed one iota.  To be honest, his lack of presence is probably due to him finally giving up.  He thought Trump would end the problem, and meanwhile it’s only gotten worse under his administration.  Whoever is to blame for that… Congress, Trump, a combination of the two, if I had to guess, I would say Tom realized that his passion for stopping the illegal immigration problem was better served on trying to live the one life we get.  There is only one guy who would truly fix the problem the way he promised he would / could, but he’s responding to emails right now.

DML, Why is it  California  can make plastic straws illegal but we can’t make illegal immigrants illegal?

DML: Why.  Great question.

We have an idiot as our Prime Minister here in Canada.  PM does not mean Prime Minister….it means Pathetic Moron. He is the Obama of the North.  Same ideology.  Same ignorance.  He is doing nothing to protect Canada from rampant illegal ‘immigration’.  He is an economic bozo too as displayed by his recent rhetoric with Trump. Looking forward to 2019 when he gets voted out. Meanwhile….great to see the USA booming as I knew it would.  Go Trump!  🙂

DML: Are you so high up there in Canada that you can’t see what’s happening down here?  LOL.  America’s economy is rocking, and so too are the drug overdoses, homeless in tents, Obamacare rates and illegal aliens.  But here in America we now count money instead of bowed heads.  For you Bruce, so this way you can see what I see, I’ve added multiple photos below.

#1 Migrants crossing over into the USA

#2 – Homeless in America

#3 Drugs

#4 Obamacare

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  1. I wish you could describe the exact reasons why e-verify is not being put in place. I’ve talked to other conservatives and for some reason they don’t get the concept. I have shared, pushed, sent emails, and done what I can to get this put in place. I guess I need to understand why it’s not popular to be able to argue intelligently for it. Thanks!!

  2. Thanks for your answer, Dennis. You’re probably right about Tom. He probably thought it would be smooth sailing after Trump was elected, but some issues are still on the plate after we were promised differently.

  3. Yesterday I spent the day in Heber/ Forest Lakes AZ. I was in the woods at 64 degrees while it rained, but within 1 hour, I was back into 109 as I was heading home. Though the cool weather felt great, I couldn’t stop thinking of the amount of Muslims I saw in my favorite camping ground. Are they camping there or are they squatters? The amount of people in one campsite made me think they have been there for a long time, which is odd because you can only camp out 14 straight days. I’m so thankful that I was in my car, not my Silverado, that kept me from taking the roads deeper into the woods. All the campsites were packed, I can see it clearly, but I couldn’t see by whom. Middle Eastern camping out everywhere? I’ve been camping there for 20 years, never seen that before. Yeah, let’s focus on the positive and forget the negativity………. my foooooooooooot!!!!

  4. E-verify only works if they are in the system. If they are here illegally who is putting the information into the system. Like everything else if their is a way the illegals can get away with anything the Dems see to that.

  5. I can’t Stomach Dennis any more he was the one who told president trump to give praise to his economy not he bashing Trump again on immagration Dennis called Trump Suppoters brainwashed. So I guess Dennis is not a Trump Suppoters are not Branwashed and immigration is getting better in some areas of Texas .So Dennis don’t know everything and I am three listening to Dennies all he does is bash Trump. President Trump gets bashed from. The liberals and some republicans he don’t need it from his supporters either don’t like Trump Dennines lets see if you like Joe Biden better

  6. DML I love you to pieces … but I do not think of myself as brainwashed because I am giving DJT the time to make it right on his policies. Obama had 8 YEARS to destroy America and if Hillary had been elected the world as we know it would have died … as you well know; it has been 18 months. DJT gets frustrated but does not give up. I am giving DJT his 8 years. The cliche … Rome wasn’t build in a day is a good one.

    You say you don’t call names well brainwashed is a name; well, you wouldn’t be a New Yorker if you didn’t … it is part of the culture there. Over exaggerating is another. DJT is a classic New Yorker.

    I still love all that you do and you will probably pounce on this but do what you must. You and your family have shown your dedication to this country and I love you all for it but I am still giving DJT his 8 years.

  7. Fact is “brainwashed” is not a name, it is a state of being. Fact is Trump has to be reelected to get 8 years in office, so your time allocation may end up in the abyss. Fact is Obama got his agenda through without having the congress in his pocket. Fact is most immigration reforms he put in place were done after he lost his majority in the first term. Fact is America is not destroyed (talk about over selling it). Fact, classic New Yorkers are liberals. As for Hillary and the world as we know it…. are you suggesting HRC would have nuked every country including ours? I am no fan of HRC but are you stretching things here into a made-for-Hollywood scenario? Not true that I pounce on anything or anyone. I respond with facts. If they appear pouncing, it’s because facts often get in the way of storytelling, and tweets. 🙂

  8. Thanks for sharing these emails and your response to them. I never feel you bash anyone just state facts. If they can’t see the truth then it is on them. I know President Trump has done some good things but I give him an “f” on immigration and health care. So if that is bashing I guess i bash too. LOL I still support him but do not ever follow anyone blindly. God gave us all a brain and we should try to use it sometime. Thank you for always telling us the truth even when it is not pleasant to accept. I think that is called reality. God bless you, your team, our military, first responders, President Trump and these United States.

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