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At the very bottom of this post is my Photo of the Day. Also listed are my responses to some of the recent messages I’ve received from readers.

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Well DML, I finally went back again to to send an email to the president. To my surprise I found that there is no longer an option to email him, as far as I could tell. This does not bode for him, as someone might think he is hiding something. Oh well 😣, par for the course for a politician.

DML: I think the most important thing I do is answer my supporters’ and critics’ emails. Politicians should think the same way.  Granted the president is supposed to be busy working, but there should be someone(s) answering these emails for him.

Hi DML, After reading your replies to the e-mails today I began to become more than a little irritated. You discussed your most important topics immigration and healthcare which I agree are very important.

However, you might consider toning down your criticisms until after the mid terms. I couldn’t agree more with you in how disappointing it has been to see Trump/congress do absolutely nothing on immigration and when Trump attempted the no tolerance policy well you know how that went. And then on Healthcare a big fat nothing burger.

It is going to be an uphill battle for the Republicans to keep control of congress thanks to a lot of Republicans quitting during this crucial year. With 98% of control of the media and the social platforms being liberal it will be a struggle. Even though so many of us have been completely shocked at the lack of leadership by the Republicans and the fact they literally haven’t accomplished anything with the exception of tax cuts. We have to literally ignore all of these things and vote Republican all the way just to keep out the democrats. There is no other way. If the Democrats win the house mark my words along with Mueller they will impeach Trump.

If congress changes to blue this will be absolutely devastating for our country. They plan to first impeach Donald Trump, Raise Taxes, Open Borders, cut military spending and put the rights of illegals ahead of our own citizens. In addition to implementing their global/socialist platform. All the gains could be lost. Our booming economy will be impacted and I believe we will be right back where we were with Obama but worse. This is really scary. If you think this isn’t a reality look at the numbers. We have an uphill battle ahead of us.

So even if we all know the Republicans in congress have been terrible and Trump certainly hasn’t done what he needs to do with immigration and healthcare but if you keep popping off about immigration on the daily- your voters might not understand the drastic situation with congress. If Trump goes we are in way more trouble as a nation. Trump certainly has more work to do in terms of healthcare and immigration please look at the big picture here. Not all your followers understand it. From here on out we have to take to the streets and do whatever it takes to make sure we get people out voting Republican. If not our country is in big trouble. These mid terms are Trumps re-election in a sense because if he loses Trump will be impeached. It’s time to be pragmatic and be a big picture thinker. We need to rally and keep congress red.

DML: Well I see someone watched Bannon on Hannity.

RENEE: No actually it was Ann Coulter! I very seldom watch Fox news.

DML:   With all due respect to you, I must push back on your first message.

(1) You used the term “your most important topics” as if the healthcare and immigration issues are specific to me somehow.  The most important topics in my life are my wife and kids, and the security of this country.  Furthermore, I am passionate about all the issues facing this country. For example, there will be school shootings this fall I am sure, and I will be just as passionate about school security as I am about border security.

(1a) The above said, immigration and healthcare are important topics to all Americans.  Trump and the GOP ran on fixing these two issues not because of me, but because of all the voters’ concerns.  That said, nothing has been done to improve these issues.  I put the blame on all of them, meaning, Trump, the GOP, and the Dems.  The issues we face as Americans are issues that face all people regardless of party, and thus, until this cross party hatred stops, we won’t get anywhere as a nation.  For example, although the economy is doing OK, as a nation we are very unhealthy on so many levels.

(2) If I had surgery tomorrow, I wouldn’t ask for the Republican doctor because I don’t want a Democrat, I’d request the best doctor.  My job is not to be a fake cheerleader, my job is to provide truthful news and political insight.  I am not championing for ratings.  I would rather have 50 people listen because they value the fair and balanced ways I go about things, then 200 people listening because I feed them what they want to hear.

There is a huge amount of money on hating the other side, and there are plenty of Fox News and CNN anchors making a fortune doing it each day. I don’t see how any of that adds value to my kids, wife or national security.

I am not here for the money, if I was, I’d being selling a Trump photo book instead of an America the Beautiful photo book.  So, I will not hold back my criticisms, nor will I buy into the strategy you’ve outlined. Bottom line, if I may borrow your words, the strategy you pose, be it your own or Ann’s or Sean’s or Steve’s is one that gets me a little more than irritated.  How about the strategy of the GOP does the job they promised to do?   How about they earn the votes instead of tweeting about them.

(3) If Trump was to lose both chambers, which he will not, he has a thing called VETO power.  Therefore, sleep easy as the sky is not falling on us (notwithstanding those people who have to pay their health insurance 8/1, or those who live life without a loved one killed by drugs / illegal aliens).

(4) If Trump has done nothing wrong, then Trump will not be impeached.  So I don’t get the concern.   And if I am dead wrong and they do impeach him,  so what?  They impeached Clinton and he kept moving forward.

(5) I know this may sound crazy to most people — but then again that’s what people said about me when I explained how Trump would win the Electoral College — I think the best thing that could happen to the Trump presidency is losing one chamber of Congress.

Right now, Trump thinks he’s the best president to ever walk the earth. I think this works against him.  He constantly blames the Dems and media for everything that doesn’t get done, and in my opinion that shows a lack of leadership.  He should be blaming the GOP and keeping them on their toes.  He doesn’t do this, at all.

By the time this year ends, it will have been two years he’s been in office and yet he has only one major piece of legislation despite having both sides of Congress.  The one law — the tax law — has helped the economy pop, and to that I say “fantastic!” But why should we be happy with this alone when we gave the GOP everything they needed to do so much more?  Trump should be riding their asses every day.

In Obama’s first term he had both chambers. Shockingly, despite having all the scandals and birtha issue hovering over his head, and having a split Congress, he got more done in his last 4-years than his first 4. Why? Because he was more hungry, and he felt more pressured to save his legacy and get his agenda through. We should learn from this.

Reality is there is no way in a mid-term that the GOP wins the majority they need to make every bill pass.  Not to mention, with more RINOS in office, the bills will never pass anyhow.  But again, looking at the mid-terms, the party that is out of power typically wins big.  With a general hate for Trump rippling through liberal cities, a modern miracle would have to happen for the GOP to dominate in November.  Assuming I am correct, if things in Congress stay as they are now, then so too will the results we’ve seen to date.  Thus, Trump will continue to coast along polling off the economy.

I’ve made my point.  Take it as you will.  But I did not get into the news and politics business to fight for Trump as a person. I do my job with what’s best for the country in mind.  Therefore, I think it’s best if the GOP rids of the RINOs. If nothing else, it will make Trump have to work harder, smarter, and bolder just like Obama did when he lost his majority.

If I am correct, knowing Trump’s personality he will feel pinned to the wall and thus, will fight in the way I thought he would fight to get what he wants.  Love him or hate him, Trump is all about Trump’s standing in the polls and being perceived as “the best.”  Before he was elected I used to say all the time, “let Trump’s ego work for you.”  Well, sadly, it’s not working for us in this current capacity / environment.  If the mid-terms don’t go his way, I think the result will be Trump doing whatever it takes to stay on top. A little pressure to do things better will go a long way, I think.

I close by saying I am not for sale, nor do I live in fear.  I will not vote for any person who does a bad job simply because they are a member of a party.  I will not cast my vote because I fear what could happen if this or that happens.  Doing such a thing is irrational, and not in the best interest of the country.   This may not make a lot of sense to many people, but then again, this is why Vegas always wins.

Dennis, while I highly expect your opinion, I believe this President has tried to do more but the leftist judges keep overturning everything he tries. I believe it will take a Supreme Court with Kavanaugh and years of waiting for bills to go to the Supreme Court in order to get much done at the border as with the ban on people entering from the countries that he banned. We definitely need to keep pushing for these things.
I am so afraid for this country the millennials are so week and defy logic.

DML: The majority of what I share on my personal website and say during my LIVE videos is based on fact.  That aside, we all knew how a law is passed before voting for Trump.  We knew that getting laws passed was not an easy task, but Trump promised to be a huge negotiator — the best we had ever seen.  He knew how it all worked because he had worked the system for years.  Remember him saying that 100 times over?  I know I do.  But hey, the stock market is up and the economy is humming for some people.  Meanwhile, Obamacare, border security, homelessness… who cares about that stuff when the theme song is playing.  Money, money, money… M.O.N.E.Y.

Hello DML and teamDML, here is the other Monique again, hehe!
I have a question; don’t you think that our economy improving the way it is, isn’t it bringing more illegals? People think Oh America is back in business, so they come illegally to America to have their cut of the improved economy! I’m going somewhere with this thought or just the illegal immigration is just as bad as always??? I’m really frustrated because yesterday I was talking with liberal friends and they think it’s ok to hire illegals because it is cheaper labor! Unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to make my case that the cheaper labor today is the higher taxes for us tomorrow, first because I didn’t want to start an argument, and second I was a guest is their house, I didn’t want to be rude! I know it was “chicken” from my part, but sometimes to have a pleasant afternoon you just have to bite your tongue! Haha!
Love from Texas

DML: Finally, someone who gets it!!!!  Now you know why Trump never touts e-verify in his tweets. The economy is sucking the migrants up from Mexico and Central America into the US at Obama-like numbers.  If illegal aliens are stopped from getting jobs in the US, they will not come.  And if they stop coming, then the economy would slow in some areas (or so Trump is told by business groups who rely on cheap labor).

My wife bought me the photo book for my birthday.  It is the nicest photo book I have ever seen.  Great job DML.  Thanks for signing it!

DML: Thanks for support us, and happy birthday.

I read an email on here from a lady who asked your favorite film in the immigration trilogy.  You picked They Come to America I.  I must say I disagree.  I think the second film is the best because it shows how the border patrol really works hard, in the dark, and so on.  I also think the best film of all of them is We Ride to DC.  I loved that film.  You are a very talented filmmaker and I hope your upcoming documentaries outshine the first set of films, which seems impossible but I have faith.

DML: Thank you for the support, and for buying my films. There’s something about the upcoming film, They Come to America 4 that I like the most.  It’s done a but differently than the others in the way I tell the story and insert interviews.  But overall, my favorite film is sizing up to be REMEMBER MEADOW and the PARKLAND 17.  We are in the process of editing the film, and I cry each and every time I watch it play.  TCTA4 will be ready after Labor Day, Parkland will be released in 2019.  The homeless film is great too as it shows the homeless issue in a way no other film has to date.  Ultimately though, I think America The Beautiful will be my best work.

DML supporter Kim wears her DML News hat at the Orange County Fair.

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  1. I think having a majority by one in the Senate is one of the problem. The other Republicans don’t stick together. They should learn from the Dems. I believe Trump want the best for this country. He needs all the support he can get to accomplish his agenda.

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