Below are some emails that I received this weekend, and my responses to them. I’ve also included at the bottom the photo of the day.

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DML, My brother belongs to.a trade union and was a die hard Bernie Sanders supporter and a Trump hater. I periodically find myself in ugly debates with my brother over my conservative beliefs. He has asked me when did I become so conservative.
I moved away from Michigan way back in the 70’s and resided in California until the late 80’s, now I’m on the Texas/Louisiana border. Ya think that had something to do with it ! Lol.

Anyways, I think the Trade Unions have pushed their ideas and propaganda on their workers and THAT is where my brother gets his socialistic ideas. Could I be right?
I stand proud to say that “I Am TeamDML”

DML: Thank you for sharing your pride. As for your brother the socialist, I don’t know how people think socialism would work — there are no examples for which it has.

Hi DML,  Loved the Wine and Talk today!  You two are so cute and its good to see you relaxingI grew up in Eastern Washington (state) as a farm kid, married a farmer (wheat and small grains) and worked on our farm for over 30 years. We endured many “Tariff”  and embargo situations over the years which did affect our industry. None were ever fair to the US let alone the farmers. I read the piece today by the Washington Examiner about US Farmers being the real losers of the trade war. While it would appear logical I feel it is another Media attempt to lead people astray and try to drive a wedge with Trump’s base.  Farmers are very savvy business people and understand President Trump’s long game on this.

DML: The Wine and Talk was fun.  However, we did take it down to protect one individual.  People around here can be idiots.  If you watched it yesterday, you know what I am speaking of.  As for the trade wars, politely, I can’t totally agree with you that all farmers are OK with Trump’s plan.  Maybe some farmers are, but not all.  The trade wars will help some Americans and it will hurt others who own businesses (I consider a farmer a business owner).   It will make prices go up overall, but the point is that jobs will come back to the USA for the long term.  Lets see how it goes, only time will tell on this one.

Justin Bieber ‘engaged’ to model Hailey Baldwin.

DML: Alec getting himself a troubled son-in-law seems, well, …..

Hi Dennis,
Loved the Wine and Talk on the beach!  I am responding to the poll “Are kids more disrespectful than in years past?”  As  the poll shows yes they are.  But why?  Simple- it is all of our faults.  Why?   Parents-  yes it started after the depression as parents wanted their children to have a better life.

Each generation parents indulge their kids more and more and children are not being taught to have a work ethic.  Parents are on their cell phones and do not interact with their kids or supervise their activities. Children went to church and were taught social manners and to respect God and not using his name in vane. Media- How can we expect our children to respect others when many shows show adults not respecting each other. Our President is our leader.  It doesn’t mean we need to love him but show respect.  What do students see?  People calling him vulgar names and wanting to kill him.  Video games, cartoons and movies are much more violent.

Schools- (I retired this year after 37 years as a first grade teacher) There are no meaningful consequences for student actions.  This year the first time ever I was kicked by a student, threatened with scissors, told no repeatedly.  When administration was involved the student wrote an apology letter and sent back to class within an hour.  We are not holding students accountable for their actions.  Even though 98% of your viewers agree what have each of us done to change this?  I would have to say not enough…

Also,  I do want to say I have had these past years some of the brightest and most respectful students too.  They are out there… just not as easy to find.  So I would encourage all of your readers to take back your schools and demand students show respect.  As for the media we need to turn off those shows.  As parents, teach your children what respect is and then model it in your life.  Love isn’t giving your child material things it is giving your child your attention and doing activities with them. Quit letting them watch violence in movies and video games.  We can do it! Thank you Dennis for all you do!

DML: I voted yes.

How long will your America the Beautiful picture book be available?

DML: We’ll keep it as item until the next trip; we are using it help raise money for ATB2.

Dennis, I just want to say that I truly love your posts.  I left social media (my husband bet me I could not stay away from FB or Twitter for five days) temporarily since it can be very overwhelming and negative.  I just wanted some social media down time.  And, I was involved with a group who believed in the Q Anon phenomenon (not sure about that one either since it may just be a money maker), tons of conspiracy stories that I find hard to digest, and just got tired of having the phone attached to my hip.  The only one I did not refuse to look at was your app.  I really like it, basically because you are not a “cheerleader” but rather a realist.  I do think Trump is doing a good job given his background, but I do also see realistically, that it is much more than even he bargained for.  I think if Trump uses his instincts and listens to those who embraced the message early on (during the campaign debates for me), he will accomplish a lot during his presidential stint in office whether it be four years or eight.

And as for those who always want to point out others’ lies…everybody lies to some degree or another.  I do think to my knowledge Trump tells the truth with the best information he has at the time he speaks and that often is off the cuff.  He knows how to get a crowd to react.  This is one reason I have pulled away from social media to read and think.  I don’t want to get into a “group think” mentality.  I want what is best for my country.  There are very few people I consider heroes in the opinion department who don’t always agree with our president.  These include you, Steve Bannon, Ann Coulter and surprisingly Ben Shapiro ( I think him somewhat arrogant in the intelligence department, which may be an indication he is dealing with some short guy issues lol), and Brett Baier to name a few.  However, out of respect for my choice, when I do disagree with our president, I prefer to direct those disagreements or preferences  in private correspondence.   He needs cheerleaders too, just like you do.    Keep up the good work, my friend.

DML: Great name!  As for needing cheerleaders, I guess there is some truth in saying everyone needs someone to show support.  That said, in some respects Trump causes his own grief — he did this a lot early on in his presidency.  He’s been terrible on the main issues: healthcare and immigration, but overall he’s doing the best he can, I guess.  Can’t ask for people to do more than what they are capable of, or so my mother-in-law once told me.

The Letter From ICE.  DML do you plan on diving into this further? As a federal law enforcement middle manager (1811-14) I find the ICE chiefs letter to the secretary to be sooooo self-grandizing and counter productive. The very things they were supposed to be targeting (customs and immigration) they are running from and instead competing with FBI and DEA.

YES they are competing and it is killing US law enforcement morale both domestically and overseas. This idea that they are the lead in targeting transnational organized crime is a wish but not fact. They are subservient to FBI on terrorism cases and DEA on Narcotics. They are charged with drugs that are supposed to be significantly tied to our border. They stretch that every day. By in large the line agents are good people and some of them are very talented. However it is clear that DHS is empire building.

This effort to distance themselves from illegal immigration is a deriliction of their legal authorities. I would ask these ICE “leaders” if HSI is absolved from investigating illegal immigration crimes then who will. The other entities in DHS are pounded relentlessly by HSI that they (BP, CBP FO and AMO) are not investigators. For example whenever CBP gets contraband at a checkpoint they seize it but refer it to HSI for investigation. You know how many get declined by HSI? MANY. Too busy being national police instead of the statutory duties.

They have some broad and unique authorities but have taken the path of “mission creep” in which they slowly leave their specified and historical duties and expand into FBI and DEA mission sets.

They refer to EO 17337 in which the President directed the collective US with targeting transnational organized crime. While this is great for illuminating priorities and providing direction it has unleashed a frenzy of efforts to become the lead on the directive. The letter is clearly an effort to offer their opinion of being best suited for that mission.

DML, I could cite many examples of HSIs misguided efforts as examples of why they should be restrained and refocused to their I & C duties but will save that for another day

Lastly, each of the ICE SACs should be removed from their positions for incompetence and insubordination. Their boss, DT, has made it clear that illegal immigration is a priority. Yet, instead of carrying out their duties as directed they pen a letter in which the message subtly counters the importance of the Presidents Constitutional and lawful directive. Further, they make it public at a time in which it could be exploited to the detriment of the effective enforcement of our immigration laws. Pure self-aggrandizement.

To the extent you illustrate and share important issues I hope you dive deeper into this DHS/ICE/HSI cabal. What they propose will do just as much harm to enforcing our immigration laws as the DHS merger post 9-11 when INS was abolished.

Please ask your FBI contacts about HSI mission creep. You are welcome to contact me for additional insight.

DML: ICE should have never been stripped from the umbrella of the Border Patrol.  It is a redundant agency.  That said, make no mistake, I want ICE not only in tact, but I want it expanded.

My daughter grabbed a few screen shots from our Wine and Talk Sunday evening, and then posted them to her Instagram account (DMLisMyDad).  I thought the one below was funny.    Those are Mary’s glasses, and the shot was taken right before my battery died out.   Note to haters: Keep in mind, our objective is to deliver the news in a family-style that makes our readers feel like they are part of a team.  I like to keep things interesting, and in a manner where not everything is gloom and doom.  If you want all seriousness all the time, I’m probably not your best option and you should tune into one of the networks who read their news off a teleprompter.