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First of all I want to thank you for all you do. I understand your passion for eliminating illegal immigration but I do have one serious question for you on reducing illegal immigration.

My question is e-verify be manipulated and just a bunch of stolen valid social security numbers with stolen ids be presented in the system to make one think that they are here legally?

I compare this to gun control in which you ban guns or have more extensive background checks you are only keeping law abiding citizens from following the laws as criminals will never follow the laws as that is why they are criminals in the first place.

I understand that e-verify alone won’t solve the problem just like building the wall won’t solve it as I honestly think that there are several measures that need to be put in place to solve the problem.

Your thoughts?

DML: If a SS# is stolen, it should be reported as such. Therefore, it will show up in the database as stolen. If an illegal uses a valid but stolen card they should be caught if the system works as designed.

Second, most employers will require two forms of ID to combat this possibility, and thus it makes for a more secure transaction.

Moving on, if the illegal alien trying to pawn off the stolen card can’t speak much English, that too is a red alert for the employer to look and ask deeper.

I am more concerned about the employers who feed into the fraud than an illegal getting by with a stolen SS.  That said, I don’t think the gun control comparison is fitting.  I think it’s better to compare this to “red lights.”

If there are no lights on a turnpike that should have lights, then accidents are going to happen because nobody is going to stop voluntarily.  Red lights help put order in place on the roads.  I know not everyone stops at a red light as they should, but by in large most people do stop out of fear of what happens if they do not.  We don’t have cops on every corner with a light, and traffic cameras are not wide spread, but stopping on red is a traffic law that is often enforced, and it comes with a heavy fine.  Multiple offenses lead to the loss of a license.  Therefore it works.  The same can be said for MANDATORY e-verify.

Hi Dennis, I’m writing to you with extreme concern regarding the elections coming up in November. As I know you are probably aware, there has in the past and present a lot of voter fraud! People voting multiple times, illegals voting and dead people voting! And,we know that some of the voting machines are owned by George Soros…..surprise, surprise!!! I know you have some influence on President Trump!!

Can you please try your best to express to him how important it is to purge the dead voter rolls!!! Obama would not let them be purged. And why not!!!??? There had to be a motive behind him blocking the purging of these rolls!!! Also, when I go to vote, they don’t even ask to see my ID…again why not?  I feel it should be a photo ID such as a Drivers License.
I really believe sometime in the future maybe our fingerprint for identity in order to vote
Thank you for taking the time to read my email.

The voting process is of great concern to me and many of my friends. Something needs to be done…NOW!!! I pray you can convince President Trump to at least get rid of the dead voter rolls. Again, thank you for your time!

DML: Trump tried addressing the voter fraud issue by creating a committee to review it state by state.  The committee fell flat on its face because states would not participate. Sad as that is, until Congress takes action there is nothing Trump can do.  Personally, I think there should be strict voting laws nationwide.  You would think the liberals who cry about Russia tampering with our elections would demand such things to be in place.

Hi DML, I’d like to try and help help get your FANTASTICALLY WRITTEN letter to Zuckerberg to the “inside” of Facebook.

I have an acquaintance who is also a small business owner here in St Louis Missouri. She is very involved and on the small biz council for FB. She has had many meetings with zuckerberg and others there, so she definitely has contacts. If you think it would help, I’d be willing to hand deliver your letter to her with a plea for her to share it.

If you agree that it could be a good avenue, please send me a copy via email so I can print.  Thanks for all you do.  God bless you, your family and the USA!

DML: Feel free to print from our website.  Thanks.

Hi Dennis,
A few weeks ago I sent an email to you with a statement that said when were we going to do the mass mailing of our trilogies to the whites house ? I also suggested a letter to be included to the recipient of each purchase that we could send to the president. You responded and asked me if I had esp. that you were planning to do just that. It has been weeks and I still have not heard anything mentioned about doing a mass mailing or offering a letter to be sent by everyone on your behalf. Is this still the plan? I also read your answer to a lady that sent an email yesterday asking if you would do a March soon on a massive level in the district .

I am a supporter and value your opinions more than words can say. But sadly, I see your desire fading or your fight fading. I understand burn out and why you had to get out of the studio and do the documentary and I even understand the relief you felt when you were not burdened with the dreadful negativity from the news cycle. I am afraid you are losing your passion, your fight and your viewers rely on you to keep momentum going in the fight for the common good and all the injustices that happens in this country. I can’t wait until you get back in the studio and get back to having the one hour segment of the truth again. I have heard so many say the same. You, like it or not are our leader so to speak we need your voice sounding loudly for the good of this country everyday. Please consider getting back in the studio. No one does it better and no one is more passionate about what our country needs. With your help we can and should be going after trump every week until he gets sick of hearing from us. Together we can make a difference.

I just sent a five page letter to Trump Monday morning asking him to keep his promises he made on the campaign, quoted a bunch of statistics about immigration and told him so far he is failing the American people on immigration. We need your leadership and mass numbers in our responses. So please consider get back in the studio. America needs you. I will also say I was not involved in politics until 6 months before the election. I tuned in everyday after finding you. I too campaigned for trump on fb and felt like a unpaid employee I posted so much. I too call him out when he has failed to keep his word. I heard you say your health had declined after all the negative news cycle and the daily truth programs and I hear you say you were no longer going to report in the same negative way you had been. Your viewers need your guidance Dennis. American needs you! Please reconsider.

DML: Wow. That’s some email.  I’ll try to respond to some of the more glaring points.

(1) In mid August we will be starting a massive “DVD send” to the White House campaign courtesy of one of our generous supporters who made it so we have 5k DVDs to target lawmakers with.  So hang in there a little longer.

(2) I am not burnt out, far from it. I will get back in the studio saddle soon after Labor Day.

(3) In order for Trump to address the issues that remain neglected (immigration, homelessness, Obamacare, SS), he needs to feel pressure from his own base.  Thus, people have to stop telling him he is the best president of all time.  I find that assessment to be premature, at best.  If someone thinks passing one major legislation in 18-months and having low unemployment is the measure for being the “best”, then all I can say is “wow.”   I guess these people would also say Tim Tebow is the best quarterback in NFL history for making it through one season and winning two playoff games.  Move over Tom Brady, move over Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw… and dang it take all your Super Bowl rings with you.  I prefer to look at the reality of the situation, and until he leads Congress to help fix the biggest issues in our country he is only as good as the next jobs numbers report.  If we as a nation place him as the best president of all time, and in the process are willing to ignore the crisis along the border, the crisis in healthcare, the drug crisis, the homeless crisis, the social security crisis, the debt crisis, the VA crisis, the unsafe schools crisis, the division in the country, and the cost of living crisis, then we are screwed long term.  That’s my opinion, take it for what it’s worth.  Americans are lowering the bar for what it means to be the best.

(4) “As your leader” — lol — my guidance is to tell you to enjoy yourself this summer and suck in the beauty of this wonderful life.  We only get one go at life, and to fill 5-pages with a letter to a president who is spending 20% of his time at his own resorts sounds to me like you may be worrying a little too much.  Although I commend your warrior’s stance, there’s a fine line between passion and panic.  Worry a little less about this political stuff for the next couple of weeks — the sky isn’t falling.  The world of politics isn’t disappearing anytime soon, but the warm sun will be.

I am in a panic that I will not get a TEAM DML hat in time before they are out. I saw a post on Facebook stating you have 25 left but now I cannot find the post.  I think Facebook is screwing with you again.  Please give me the link.

DML: FB screws with publishers non stop.  We have a few left.  Only in black.  You can get one by clicking here.  I think we are down now to our last 15.

Your impromptu sit and talk about the police department quitting in Mass. was hysterical and depressing at the same time.  You ended the video by saying “MAKE AMERICA SANE AGAIN.”  I could not agree more.  Thanks for doing what you do!  Is 4pm your new time?

DML:  No, 4pm is not the new time.  There are days when issues pop up and I cannot get to the 10am program. Hannity takes off 4 weeks each year.  I get one.  And even then I tend to do a LIVE.  I will note that next week I am wrapping up They Come to America 4, and as a result will NOT be doing any LIVE events on Facebook.  I am giving myself the week off to focus solely on the film.  I have to get this thing done.


Not everyone in California has lost their minds.  The picture above is of Ashley and me during the filming of TCTA4.  She took a beautiful shot of the Golden Gate Bridge while we were eating dinner one evening.  Below that photo is one of the brave firefighters who are battling the blazes in N. Cali.

California fires rages on.


  1. Get the film done…l’m anxious to see it! I know it will be great since you put your heart and soul into anything you do.

  2. Beautiful photo of the Golden Gate Bridge.
    I pray the firefighters will get relief soon…they truly are the heroes in m eyes!

  3. Wow, those photos r incredible. I can’t wait for these films to finish, they’re gonna be awesome

  4. Please pray for the firefighters and those affected by the fires. I am not in the areas affected but our air is thick and smoky because of them. Several firefighters have lost their lives fighting these fires. And lots of folks have been displaced.

  5. I am going to say this becuse its true. I know you don’t want to here this Dennis. But President Trump is the best President in my’s the truth

    • Would love to have you send me an email at [email protected] listing the exact areas of your life which are so incredibly amazing after these 18-months that you make sure a claim. Begging you to do it. Please don’t waste my time, be specific in your list.

  6. Russia is only a problem because they want to believe Putin and Trump colluded. Thats why i dont buy ANY if it.. f**k the corrupt/swap ridden intelligence agencies. Them and the FBI showed their true colors during this election .. why should i trust them now? Oh .. and how come the FBI never got ahold of the Dems servers? 100% witch hunt / HOAX.

  7. I never cease to amazed at your responses to these emails. You are so honest and passionate about things that i was shocked at Brenda’s email. I think gave wonderful response to each section of that email. You (to me) are our protector of the truth. Does not some of these people realize you need to step back occasionally and take a deep breath before plunging forward again. I think u need the time to get the films completed. You do short (sometimes) talk/sit live feeds and that should keep us going.

    I understand why you don’t take part in the uh “marches”. There is only 24 hours in any given day. I wish we could clone you but since that isn’t possible. People have to understand there is so many hours u can devote to this. NOBODY AND I DO MEAN NOBODY puts in the hours that you do. You do have a family that should get some of your attention. I think your family is very generous to let us share your time BUT they need some of it too. Finish the films and go on the other tour. Then this winter you can get back to the studio for live feeds. Enjoy the “5 min” u get off this summer. LOL Love and hugs

    BTW you are my hero and have become an important part of my day. Thank you for caring and for your hard work to get us the truth. I know you love this country, as most of us do. Keep on trucking sweetie pie. I love you, Miss Mary and your children. They are like family to an old lady in TN. May 18th will forever be a wonderful memory for me – the day i got to give and receive a HUG from DML. I will treasure the visor for the rest of my life.

  8. Hi, Dennis,

    I purchased several copies of the first two of the CD’s “They Come to America” and handed them out to friends and family. Is there some way I could obtain some copies of the third CD of the trilogy without having to buy the complete Trilogy? Thanks.

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