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I just got home from the bank and I’m glad I brought up Trump with my teller, which is something I usually avoid. This person happens to be a liberal but she’s very happy with Trump. This leaves me wondering, are all Trump haters, people that just enjoy arguing or are they addicted to liberal TV shows/ liberal news?

Like me, this lady doesn’t watch the news and doesn’t even know why the heck are people complaining about Trump. She wants the borders closed and wants illegals deported, and like she said, “who doesn’t?” So I ask, how many liberals are really anti Trump? Did we see them all in all those marches?

Are all Trump haters a small percentage of democrats/ liberals? Hearing this tells me that the everyday people are supporting Trump, and no way democrats are being relevant. If that’s the case, I can honestly say that television is killing us as a society, and I’m glad I don’t watch it.

BTW, I got goosebumps hearing that from her, because I was expecting Trump haters being Hillary voters plus some.

I’m sure your viewers have met several liberal that support Trump, but I bet it’s because they don’t watch television. TV is noxious!

DML: I think most people are busy living their lives and can care less about most of the nonsense, and this is why I do not use many of my LIVE programs to talk about congressional hearings, the FBI, and all that nonsense.  Ask your Dem bank teller how she likes her health plan.  Then remind her it was Obama who made that doozy.

This was printed in The Record newspaper From NJ on August 1st front page…..I am speechless after all the money I paid for college for my sons! This is outrageous

“From North Jersey Media Group : Undocumented immigrants start to use new law offering NJ college financial aid. Students are taking advantage of a law that Gov. Phil Murphy signed in May extending financial aid to undocumented students who attend NJ colleges.”

DML: What’s wrong with you Doreen, why don’t you love the DACA kids like the president does?  Seriously, I hear you loud and clear.  Lets hope your kid doesn’t lose a job to one of the “dreamers.”

I’ve been saying for years only people in this country with 2 years of filed taxes should only be allowed to vote!

DML:  In this current environment, there are some people who would suggest you’re a racist for even suggesting that.   They believe everyone should be able to vote in our elections.

Hello again DML. This is my second message today. I was just going to add to what I had said earlier… even though I believe that Trump
Is President because of Divine Appointment, I definitely realize he is flawed. I listened to his rally in Florida. You are so right, he talks a lot about his accomplishments. His ego is huge. And he talked like he had “fixed” everything, including illegal immigration, Obama Care and much more, and I know better of course, especially when it comes to illegal immigration and Obama Care, and that is very disappointing. So we’re stuck with certain painful realities right now, but I will continue to pray for miracles.

DML: Divine appointment, really.  What was Obama’s appointment?  LOL.

Hi Dennis,
Here in Missouri we have an upcoming vote on Prop A right to work. I’m finding it difficult to find unbiased information about this and how it affects immigration. I know it’s a Republican thing but is it the right thing? We would love to hear your opinion or any information you could provide.

DML:  Right to work laws mandate that no person can be required to pay dues to a labor union or join a labor union as a condition of employment.  If you’re a union person, your probably against this.  I am not a big fan of unions.  They were originally designed to protect the rights of workers, but now I think they do more damage than good.

This disturbing propaganda regarding children’s treatment at the border was sent to me by a friend. I’d like the true facts to send to her and others Thank you.

DML: I did not click on your link as I do not have the time to read the article, but I didn’t have to.  The short story of it all is simple.  Any parent who takes their child through Mexico for the reason of breaking into our country deserves to go to jail, just like an American who breaks into a house is sent to jail for trespassing.  In some cases, the illegal alien adult is separated from the child to protect that child in the event that he or she is being smuggled into the country by a person pretending to be the parent.  It happens all the time and is a HUGE money maker for the cartels.  More than 50% of the people coming through the border use fake names.  Tell your friend to really learn what’s going on, they should stop reading the BS websites, and instead go see the border for themselves.  It’s an eye opener.

Psychologically prepping in sad case of blue wave… Could impeachment proceedings really start?…. What reason could they possibly give aside from hate and disruption of congressional comfort zones?

DML:  With all due respect to you Donna, I’m blown away by how many people are concerned about impeachment.  Even if it happens, who cares.  It’s like getting slapped with a littering ticket.  I’d be more concerned with your president thinking he is better than Lincoln amid the borders being wide open, the healthcare system collapsing, NAFTA still in place, homeless people are everywhere….

I have purchased a bunch of things from you over time and all of it high quality and never disappoints.  Having just received my photo book I have to say this is my favorite.  The way in which you put together this book is incredible.  My sister, who is was staying with us this summer, looked at the book not knowing who you are.  She is now a fan and has downloaded the DML APP.  She says your ability to tell a story through pictures is like nothing she has ever seen before.  I told her your films and news reports are the same as the photo book… a total joy to be a part of (even when I don’t like the information).

DML: Thank you for supporting our photo book.  The funds we raise will help pay for the next trip plus offer us the ability to donate to organizations we meet along the way.

I haven’t been with you for all that long.  I saw a video you did last week about illegal immigration and was blown away.  I now have your DML NEWS APP and use your website more than any other website for news.  You do it so much better than any other website. I have two questions.  This morning I noticed a new ratings system.  Can you explain that system and why it is important.  It appears to be on every post.  Second question is about my newly purchased TEAM DML hat.  I placed an order through my wife but want it signed to me.  Please use my first name JEFF.

DML: Thank you for buying a hat.  We have less than 10 left, and they are only in BLACK for those people interested.  We will not have these hats again for a long time.

THE RATING SYSTEM is something new which we developed for people to feel even more confident with what we are reporting.  We know of no other news aggregation service that offers such a thing.  The details are found by clicking here.

Please consider discussing the strategy of vote(r) suppression …in a future Walk and Talk. In other words, if the Independents just stay home in November (because President Trump is not getting good counsel about E-Verify) …isn’t that (in a round about way) a vote for the Liberals?

DML: It’s a no vote for both parties.  Many Indie voters vote based on principles and policies, not party. In mid term years, the party that is not in control typically wins.  I’m not concerned at all, even if the Dems win the House.

Received alert today. Tried for 15 minutes to connect through FB. Live video not found. Frustrating FB. I thought your live talks could be watched through DML app.

DML: They can be.  Go to and click the LIVE button.  Or go to the APP and click the last tab.  The link is there.

Dear Dennis, I’m super unhappy because I will not be able to purchase your DVDs. I want to buy them all including extras for presents to family members and friends. I’ve been writing to you over and over but no response from you either on your email page or private.

What do you have against the hearing impaired? Your service rep told me that your films do not have closed captioning. I asked if ever and got no response. Not from your rep nor you.

How do you pick emails! Do you read and pick them? Or do you select those buying you stuff? I know you are not a vain person. You most definitely are a voice of reason. Some I don’t agree with and some I do.

Please let me know if your DVDs will have CC option. Or when.
Thank you.

DML: I get a lot of emails, and I have no idea if the sender has or has not bought “my stuff.”  Many emails do not get posted to this page because I cannot answer them all.  As for CC… We make the films, but have a 3rd party make the DVDs.  They do not offer CC, nor do we have that ability in-house.  In the future we are moving to iTunes, Netflix, etc.  All of them require CC and we are working with a company who will handle that for us.  But until then, I am sorry to say we don’t have that option on DVDs.




  1. Well Brenda DML was the one who incuraged Trump to. Talk about his accolishments. So you should not complain and DML ego is just as big as Trumps

  2. wait dml will have a book out bashing the president and then he will hope and pray that he gets recognized and appear on all these shows bashing the president, he is so jelous of the presidnet and of diamond and silk

    • LOL. It’s “President.” It is not, “presidnet.” And it’s “jealous,” not jelous. I am jealous of Billy Joel’s ability to sing better than I do, but aside from that I am far from jealous of DJT, and I certainly am not jealous of those two sisters mentioned. Why would I be jealous of the one guy I pushed for, and the two people that I scraped from Youtube with the intent of putting them in your living room? Mission accomplished x 2, no? What amazes me, is how sad it is that you have nothing better to do than comment on my website. It must be lonely.

  3. I just watched and listened to an episode of Dailey Caller where they were interviewing Sebastian Gorka.
    They said to input questions so I asked them to discuss mandatory e-verify.
    Gorka essentially said it wasn’t fair to make businesses do the job of the federal government.
    That made no sense to me. Then he said the Chamber of Commerce was totally behind doing away with e-verify!


    • If the most you’re coming away with from my videos is the reflection setting on the phone, then I am either terrible at my job or you are incapable of concentrating.

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