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I am so impressed with your rating system for the articles you submit to us. I also like your op-eds and your regular polls. Of course you and your team are mynews source. I share your articles nightly. Keep up the good work. You restore my faith in journalism ethics. By the way,I was a journalism major at The University of Georgia when the yearly Peabody Awards were earned.

DML: Thank you!  The new rating system on is designed to offer another layer of confidence you can have in our reporting.

Every time I try to comment, answer a poll or interact on an post, after 5-10 seconds I get a gray screen with a warning message:

The website cant be loaded. Please check the address and your network, WiFi or data connection.

This is every visit for the past 2 days.
(My internet is flawless)

DML: We have received this complaint from numerous people.  So here is what we need, and please be specific.  I say this to anyone having the issue, please contact us via [email protected] and offer us answers to the following questions:
1) Are you having this issue when coming to the website by using the DML APP or by clicking on posts published to Facebook.
2) Are you experiencing this links leading to DMLNews or DennisMichaelLynch, or both?
3) If this is happening via Facebook, can you please copy paste the link you are clicking on from Facebook and send it to me so we know the exact URL you are trying to visit.

My wife an I buy all of your hats, books and dvds because of three reasons that I wanted to share with you.  The first reason is because we know it helps you fight against the gatekeepers at facebook that keep us from seeing you in our feeds.  We have watched you grow your websites and dml app and feel like we’ve been a part of that growth.  The second reason is because the quality is always top notch.  Miss Mary does a wonderful job selecting the merchandise and it is refreshing to receive items that are quality.  The third reason is because you sign the hats.  We believe you will one day become president.  I’ve heard you say a few times over the past few months that you no longer have political aspirations but that will change.  You love this country too much not to use that powerful voice to blast our love, compassion and unmatched smarts onto a nation that needs a real leader who care more about the country and HER people than he does himself.  We just purchased a TEAM DML hat and will have you sign it.  The hat will go into the pile of DML merchandise and will one join the items you sell to raise money to be president.  I know it’s coming I just hope we don’t have to wait too long.  I am TEAM DML.

DML: Thank you for the outstanding support and I just signed a bunch of hats last night.  Maybe one of them is yours.  Again, I want to say that without the support of the readers and viewers it would be impossible to do what we do each day.  Thanks!!!!

Is it true ObamaCare is gone? Dick Morris said it was gone in a video he put out. Dick did say that you have to sign up for it yearly, no increase costs like ObamaCare has. What is your take on this?  Will miss you next week with you sit and talks. What happened to Tracy? Is she still around?

DML: I like Dick, he and I are friends, but he also guaranteed Romney would win 2012.  I have not heard that Obamacare is dead, and my bills continue to flow in. Will Trump try to abolish it in the months to come? Maybe.  If Dick is correct, then perhaps we’ll all hear about it from the New York Times soon.  The paper will be itching to write an article about how millions of people will now lose their insurance because of Trump, yada, yada, yada.

While watching the complete insanity from the left and the constant drum beat of hating Trump, I have to ask: Lets assume they are successful in ousting the President. Just what do they think is going to happen? Do they think that we are just going to sit back and take it? Especially when we know there is no reason to impeach, and that Mueller’s task force is a compete sham? Do they think we will just go quietly? Because I can assure you, we wont. Are they so stupid that they don’t realize the implications of what they are planning? Are they really that short sighted? If they are successful, I predict all hell breaking loose.
Thanks for letting me vent.

DML: Lets assume Trump has done something illegal and Mueller uncovers it.  They will try to pressure Trump into resigning like Nixon.  Trump is too proud, he won’t resign.  He’ll fight it all the way to the end.  If he ultimately loses that battle, Pence will step in and continue to run with Trump’s agenda or he would risk losing the 2020 election.  Now lets assume Trump did no wrong.  The battle against him will continue until the day he is elected out of office or his terms run to an end.

I shared your video clip on Voter Fraud the other day & this lady posted the following comment: He doesn’t say which party’s votes are fraudulent. I would like to know . I told her that it was the Democrats that we’re bussing people from one state to another so they could vote twice, besides people mailing in votes from people who are deceased or using addresses that did not correspond with the person who was voting, but she wants numbers & proof that this voter fraud was primarily from the Democrats. Can you help me out & send me some back up information regarding the facts of your report?

DML: There is no way to 100% determine which way all of these people voted.  Does it matter?  The sort of mentality presented by your friend loses sight of the problem.   If a thief steals your wallet, does it matter any whether that person uses your CC to buy food for their kids or booze for their habit?  It shouldn’t.  Thieves are thieves.  Illegal votes are illegal votes.

Just want to remind you how much you are appreciated. I’m the supporter living in Mexico (escaped from SF Bay Area in 2014). It’s not that dangerous here as in Chicago but I understand the rhetoric. Keep up the good work. Haven’t sent you a message in a while. Wish I could have joined you in San Diego as I was just up the road that day. Looked like a ton of fun! Keep up the hard work!

DML: Thanks for the support!!  With all due respect, I’m not sure I would call the violence in MEXICO rhetoric.  There’s a huge difference between gang wars in Chicago and 40+ students being murdered by the cartels.  Huge difference between gang related drive-bye shootings and the cartels hanging off the back of pick up trucks with M16 machine guns while fighting against the government.  But if you are safe and happy, then enjoy Mexico!

DML APP… It is not on my Facebook anymore. Don’t know what happened and can not get it back.

DML: The DML NEWS APP is found on Google Play Store or Apple IOS APP Store — depends on your devise.  You cannot get the app from Facebook.  If you are referring to our Facebook page, go to and click the LIKE button.

Your most recent sit and talks have been amazing in terms of conveying news and information about specific topics including homelessness, voter fraud and immigration.  Is there a way I can share them without having to share from the Facebook app?  Facebook won’t allow me to share.

DML: If you go to and click on the LIVE, Op-Ed or Reports tabs, you will see all of my articles and videos.  Copy the URL and paste it into your timeline.


DML: Thank you for the support.  Is the ALL CAPS a way of telling me you love it with extra love, or is the caps key lock on? LOL.

I wanted to let you know that I live in Central Florida…. I am a RN, studied at University of Miami for 4 years. I was born here my parents Hispanic. I was partially raised in Puerto Rico.
I wanted to know if you are aware that doctors, nurses, teachers, EMT personnel, police officers etc and anyone that comes from PR and brings “papers” (which can be bought) automatically get a revalidation here without getting tested and are able to work in the USA- most of this people are not prepared on their field. Other countries are able to do so if they take NClex – State Board Test – this has me very upset at many levels. First, I busted my butt to get my degree, second patient care is going down the drain in this country. Physicians graduated since the 70’s in PR have never been allowed to practice because of the amount of fraud in passing MD’s. While great doctors from around the World: including Cuba, other parts are great doctors, do not have a chance. I have not heard this mentioned in the news at all!

DML: I did not know this.  Is there any specific website or agency you can lead me to in order to learn more?

Facebook is restricting me from viewing your posts!!

DML: Vague emails like these — no description — is like going into a restaurant and ordering “food” for dinner.  Please provide details.  Thanks.  Without more info I / we cannot help you.

Hello DML, I saw that you had responded to my email today referring to my belief that Trump was elected as President because of Divine appointment. You questioned that statement, and asked … what was Obama’s appointment? LOL. Well, I’m a Christian and believe that America was founded on God’s Word, and what a wonderful country America is. But I believe that over time We The People have drifted from God’s Word, and the farther away we get, the more trouble we get into. Therefore, we will experience the natural consequences of that, and I believe that is why Barack Obama was our President for 8 years. So therefore, yes, I believe that Obama’s presidency was also a Divine Appointment. I believe that prayer had something to do with Trump’s election, plus the fact that more people were realizing where this country was headed, and it was not a pretty picture. God works in mysterious ways and He does use the most unlikely people to accomplish His plans. Trump is indeed flawed, but we certainly knew what was ahead if Hillary got elected. Trump was our hope. It seemed like a miracle to me that He got elected. But, bottom line, I know that God is The One who is really in charge of everything. We are powerless without Him. And, yes, I believe that God wanted Trump to be our President. I can’t begin to understand why God allows some things to happen and prevents other things from happening, I just know that nothing happens without His awareness and permission. He is very much involved in our lives and in everything that’s going on in this world at all times. I have no idea what will happen from here. But, I will trust God. It is in His Hands. But, as a believer in Christ, I must obey His Word. His Word says if we repent of our sin and turn from our wicked ways, He will heal our land. It’s really a spiritual problem that has so wounded this country. That is really the issue. God allows us to choose what path we want to take. He wants Christians to represent Him on this earth and be the examples that would make others want to choose Him too. Unfortunately, I think we fail at that far too often. That’s what needs to change and improve in order to have hope for the future. I’m guilty. I want to do better too. I don’t know if you will even read this, DML, but I wanted to say it anyway.

DML: I see you are highly religious and feel a deep sense of faith, and I respect that 100%. However, I have a small twist in terms of how I believe things came to be over the past 12 years.

I too believe in God, and I too believe there is a reason why Obama and Trump were elected one after the next.  I believe the country has lost its way.  How we can allow our laws to be overlooked, how we can allow people to live in the streets, how we can allow drugs to flow and corruption to grow is beyond baffling.  But more than anything else, I am blown away by the amount of hate that has been spewed over the past 12-years.

If God did put both of these men into office, it was to show us how lost we are.

I see no end to the hate with Trump’s presidency.  The hate surrounding this administration is horrific, but it was the same way with Obama.  Meaning, I see people praising Trump for doing some of the same things they once hated Obama for doing, and vice versa.

Remember, in the same way people like yourself “love Trump”, the people who voted for Obama loved him too.

Personally, I don’t think either of these men should have been elected president if you size them up as individuals.  It’s sort of gross to think of what the White House has become over the years.  And I say that to be true no matter what side you view things from.  We are at war with each other 24/7.

I think the two of these men were put in place so that we say how misguided we’ve become.  I think there is a huge opportunity for someone to step in years from now (2024) and explain to the American people that we can do better.   We should never see another president like either one of these men again, if we are smart.   Now, I know a lot of people will miss the meaning of what I just said, and so be it — just goes to show our educational system needs repair.



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  1. Dennis I know your love for baseball, so I was wondering if you would consider coming to Williamsport, PA to watch the Little League World Series? Thought it would be a great place for a sit and talk with the DM
    L Family.

  2. Thanks for sharing these emails and your response to them. For Brenda: All good things come from God but all evil things come from Satan. Having said that, the end times mean that Satan and his followers are very active. I agree God is in control but He does allow us to make decisions. I feel, as DML does, that America has lost its way. Perhaps that is why we had to suffer through #44 to get to #45. I felt President Trump was the answer to get us back on track. Mankind and our greed is what is wrong. I guess I can’t explain things any better than DML. I appreciate people like Brenda who have faith in our Lord and Savior. Just saying…. America has lost its way so with prayers maybe we can find that correct path again.

    DML You are such an intelligent young man. Makes me wonder what happened to all of the rest of us. Those who keep voting for the corrupt politicians and the wonder why we have all these issues. God bless us all in the future to be more discerning in our votes.

    We will miss you next week but understand u need to get those films finished. Hugs

  3. Thank you dml for being on the peoples side, keep up the truth may you live long and prosper so you can keep the truth news to the American people

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