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I went to see Dinesh D’Souza’s new film, Death of a Nation, tonight. The audience actually applauded at the end. Any chance we’ll see one of your films on the big screen soon? I think you need a bigger audience for all the talent you have and the work you put into your films.

DML: His films, especially this last one, are more propaganda based where mine are more issue based. I try to help solve problems with my films, he tries to pack theaters with one-sided plots. Kudos to him for accomplishing his goal, and one must give credit for his ability to break through the Hollywood gatekeepers, but being on Rotten Tomatoes is not my goal. I’m not a red carpet guy, nor do I think Americans will go to theaters to watch my stuff when I make it so easy for watching at home (dvds).

As for his film and people applauding, I don’t think it helps our country to portray most Democrats as Hitler and Nazis. I know many Democrats, and none of them fit such a divisive, ugly, killers-among-us profile. Frankly, I find the film’s premise to be over the top. Sure, there are out of control far left activists, and those on the left standing for open borders need to be head-checked as it brinks on insanity, but the Republicans play it off like they are saints. The last I checked the Republicans are using illegals just as much as liberals. I invite you to see who is cutting Don Jr’s new girlfriend’s lawn in the Hamptons. That said, there’s a big audience for Dinesh’s film and I wish him loads of success in his entrepreneurial endeavors. I just remind level headed people that not all liberals are like Maxine Waters, in the same breath not all conservatives are like Reagan.

I would just like to know why y’all are using sources like BuzzFeed, ABC and all of the other liberal news outlets???

DML: We are a news aggregator. We offer news from both sides of the aisle.  Our rating system will help you weed through what is real news versus biased opinions. If you want just one side of the news there are numerous outlets for that sort of thing.  We are not one of them. My opinions are different than the news feed.  EXAMPLE:  If there is a train derailment, God forbid, and CNN has a good report that offers lots of detail then we’re comfortable including it in our feed.

I love the book from your first leg of your trip. I hope you make one for each leg so I can get the set. It is so beautiful and professional.

DML: Mary, thank you for the support.

Hi Dennis!
Thought you’d like to see how we support you even while vacationing at the Jersey beach!!

God Bless you and your family and keep up the good work! 💜🇺🇸

DML: yours is the photo of the day. Thanks!!


  1. You have way too many advertisements on your site. It’s miserable to try to find the article. Not sure I want to donate again if advertising is your main focus.

  2. Dennis, I will be 80 in Sept. of this year. When and why did the Judges take over running our lives. We elect Representative that are to speak for us. Every thing that the President has tried to do, I hear that a judge has ruled that it can’t be done. I did not elect a judge to rule that future of my Country, how did they get the power? In all my years I have never heard of so many judges running America!
    Hope you may have the answer. I am sick and tired of a judge changing my vote.
    Thank you

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