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This is a little off the regular subject matter. Could you help millions of police, fire, postal workers, and some school teachers, as well as others get the information out about how Social Security has robbed us of hundreds if not thousands of dollars every month.
Not sure the exact name. Windfall something. Because we have a pension through the government they take 2/3 or more away from us that was earned at additional jobs. We paid into SS on these jobs at the 100% rate. I receive a little over $300 a month when it should have been around $1200. This was started in the 1970’s. There has been talk a few different times to change this but it has always died. Any help would be appreciated.

DML: You’ll have to send me more information, but overall the SS mess is one that IS NEVER ADDRESSED.  Trump’s biggest demo was the older citizen living in the US and he has just about forgotten them, except for when it comes to sending blast emails asking for donations and Keep America Great hats.  How more people of your age are not pissed off is beyond me.

DML, I read your emails and cannot get a grasp for whether you hate Trump or love him.

DML: I love America.  I would never love a politician.  I don’t fight for Trump as a person, I fight for policies that can and will help the American people if done correctly.  There is a huge difference between loving America and loving Trump but he has brilliantly advertised it to be the same.  I didn’t bite the bait, however.  I still look at the issues.  Perhaps my job puts me in such a place where I see more than you and others, but it’s hard to love a guy who spends his entire rally raving about himself and bashing on the media, instead of asking the American people if and how their lives are better.  If I was president, I would constantly be asking people how I could do a better job and what it is they need.  Two different perspectives, I guess.

Hi Dennis,I wasn’t sure of the best way to make sure that you see this. I am hopeful this is the best way.I wanted to tell you how much I really like and appreciate the rating system you are now using on your posts/articles. I think it is an excellent tool for your readers to have. Also on a final note, when you were selling your video trilogy and giving a free set for each one purchased, I was in a very bad position and could not afford to buy a set. One of the other people that follow you (wish I could remember her name) sent me her extra set. She would not even let me reimburse her postage. I watched them several times and then I passed them on to another person that was in an even worse situation than I was. Thank you to her and thank you for all you do.

DML: TEAM DML is made up of very special people.

I received my AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL picture book Saturday and it is amazing.  If the film is reflective of this book then you have a winner on your hands.  As I flipped through the pages all I could feel was happiness flowing through my insides.  The images we see each day on the TV are so morbid.  Your book proves there is good in the world, it still exists in America.  You are simply the best storyteller I have ever came across in my 67 years.

DML: The movie and the series will be outstanding. I thank you for your support and your email.  It is so important to us to get the support from people like you, both emotionally and financially.  Facebook revenue was $31 on Saturday.  Had we not sold books…. You get it.  That said, I want you and everyone to know that I received a text message from the homeless encampment I visited in NJ during mid July.  As I told everyone, they are being removed by the new owner.  As a result the donations of food and water stopped rolling in.  Through my new DML FOUNDATION, which is funded by the products we sell (hats, DVDs, books, bumper stickers, etc), we sent them 15 cases of water and dry food.

I hope all is well with you and family on this Sunday morning. Trump needs to stop with the fake news tweets. I get he doesn’t trust the MSM. But everyday he slams the news outlets. It is becoming redundant.

I feel that this country is at a crisis point. Our President needs to focus on the big picture and the serious problems of illegal immigration and so much more. He needs to just stop tweeting about fake news and fix what is right in front of him. Quit fueling the fire. Ignore the MSM.

President Trump is so reactionary. The left leaning media knows this and uses it to his disadvantage. It is becoming tiresome.

DML: Funny, I was the first person on TEAM DML to arrive at this station. It was lonely for a while. People even went as far as getting off our train. But now I am getting more and more emails like yours. People starting to realize that just because a tweet and a rally speech claims America is great again, what’s taking place outside your door does not.   Nothing, and I mean nothing, is being done to address the major issues we face.  Economies are cyclical and the stock market has always gone UP.   Remove those two items from view and we’re in a worse spot than we were when measured by the topics I am most engaged with on a daily basis: IMMIGRATION, HEALTHCARE, HOMELESSNESS, PERSONAL INCOME, SOCIAL SECURITY, COST OF LIVING, A NATION DIVIDED.

DML,Not sure if this would help your huge healthcare payments, but saw this and thought about you!
Thanks for all you do for America & Us

DML: Thank Cheryl, but the president has been “working on” healthcare, NAFTA, immigration, etc, etc, and all I have to show is a t-shirt that reads “#fake news”.

We had fun day at water park. We spent the day at soak city and still showed our support. Mary and Gary

DML: Thank you.  Yours are the photos of the day.


  1. President Trump forget MSM we don’t  care forget about Democrats we don’t care forget your ego care even less EVERIFY WE CARE

  2. Boy that’s the pot calling the kettle black, my opinion about you exactly of my PRESIDENT 🇺🇸 , you are two the same. You may not realize it but with
    all duee respect Sir you are full of yourself also. I followed you from the beginning of your pushing the Trump movement. You loved him at one time, just my observation, somewhere you lost it for whatever reason, well understood. We all are entitled to are opinions as you are, I was beginning to love you as a TRUMP supporter but in time that has changed, still listen, watch, and respect, but not like before. Go TRUMP 🇺🇸

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