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I was just reading the story bout the Arizona governor candidate. Went down to the fb comments and clicked like on 1 then clicked like on another and poof they were gone. The people on the left talk freedom of the press. They talk freedom of speech.
HAH! Only if it fits their agenda do they allow it. I try to keep in touch with my friends through fb but I’m ready to cancel them. GOD BLESS YOU. DML.
I’m sorry but I’m pissed and hurt and crying bout how these people are trying to destroy this great country. A country that has cared about others as much/more than themselves.

DML: This sounds more like a glitch on their part.  The problem is that the glitches add up after a while, and when compounded with how we know their politics lean, it’s hard not to think the worst.

Dear DML, This Friday at 9:00 pm on 6abc, “What Would You Do?” is airing a new episode which highlights people wearing MAGA hats and Impeach 45 t-shirts in a restaurant. The show intends to highlight how the general public reacts to the server telling the customer they cannot be served if they are wearing these articles of clothing and how other patrons react. IMO they are trying to stop everyone from being individuals. That’s the bottom line.

DML: Yesterday while at breakfast with my family, I took out my backpack and began organizing my cameras in prepping for a visit to a homeless encampment not far away. With 3 Go Pros, and 3 Cannons on the table, our server politely asked why I had so many cameras.  I told him we are making a documentary about the growing homeless problem. He then asked me if I had ever been on Fox News.  I said, “Yes, many times and all the time years ago.”  He replied, “Oh, you’re a conservative.”  I looked at him with a touch of anger in my eyes.  Seeing this he said, “So am I.  We are rare in these parts.”  It was nice to hear him say, but before he revealed himself, I thought I was in for a fight of some kind, or at a minimum to have my eggs spit in.  It’s horrible how divided things have become.

DML- I just went to hit the like button your post on FB and it gave me a message that it wasn’t possible to do anything on it right now.

DML: It’s like watching myself get beaten to a pulp by thugs with my hands tied.

Dear DML and Mary,
Once again you have put into place another fantastic addition, DML FOUNDATION!
Are you and Mary the administrators? How will the money get to the right people so it is used properly? Many times the donations doesn’t go where they are suppose to. Thank you for all you and your family does. Hope to meet you on your next tour, I’m in Florida.

DML: Mary is in charge.  You can read all about it here.  We suspect our AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL series will be a hit.  That said, it is part of our plan to donate to some of the people and places, organizations and businesses we meet along the way.  The DML Foundation gives as a way to do it.  I can only hope that if we make a donation that it will be spent as it should.  I cannot dive into other people’s books, nor do I want to.  I’d like to think that Mary and I are smart enough to know who the good and bad actors are.

Good Morning Dennis…Have a Magnificent MondayI will miss seeing and hearing from you this week..BUT…understand your work load!!! DML keep up all your outstanding work it will pay off in the long run…Again Thank You to Miss Mary… your children… and your DML Staff.

DML: Thank you.  We are headed off to a homeless community this morning for filming.

Dennis, I sent you a documentary called Dyslexia: The College Journey. I hope you liked it. I made this documentary because I have dyslexia. Dyslexia is a language based disorder. I made this film because I wanted to educate people what dyslexia is and the hardships dyslexics face with this documentary.

Attached to this email is a picture of the Texas State Troopers and I at Chick fil a in Lubbock, Texas. I was thanking them for their service. I am the man with the Team DML shirt on. I hope one day we can met and work on film projects together.

DML: Yours is the photo of the day.  As for your film, I watched the YouTube link you sent. I am very busy, so I did not watch the entire thing, but I did give your film a quick look.  Your framing is good, and camera work is steady.  The sound needs work.  Having good sound is CRITICAL.  You can get away with a shaky camera every now and then, but bad sound is a no-no.  So always keep that in mind.  Keep shooting and creating, that’s the best advise I can lend to anyone in the early stages of film and docs.  The more you do, the better you will get.  It’s the same advise I give my kids.

DML do you know if the FISA abuse is dropped now, or are they still looking into it?

DML: I couldn’t tell you.  My focus is on other things which really impact our country and the 350 million people living in it.  Trump got elected, the rest of this stuff surrounding the election has gotten so old that I can’t even look at it without getting nauseous.  I’m answering your email out of respect for your time in sending it.  Bottom line, there is corruption and abuse everywhere.  It’s sickening.

You are so right DML.  I get things all the time asking for donations from Trump and the Republican Party. I make 609.00 a month on Social Security, tell me how in the hell am I supposed to donate. I’m trying to find a job at the age of 65 soon to be 66 yep my birthday is day after yours ! That’s why I haven’t ordered anything in a while ! But just wanted you to know you are always right , I’m an American, I vote for us.

DML: Don’t give them a penny! They’ve got plenty of money, and until they really do something for the 65 and older crowd, I say you ignore their requests.  That said, please, do not buy anything from us if you don’t have the money.  There is no obligation.  The things we put up for sale are “nice to have” items.  At $609 per month, it appears to me that you should be worrying about “must have” items.  I appreciate your support!!!

Dear DML: When I want NEWS, I only go to your sites where you get the true news. Thank you Dennis for all you do for us.

DML: Everyone at DML News works very hard at what they do.  Mary, Dennis Jr, Ashley, Anneta, Kat, Mark and Tracy give it their all, so when we receive emails like yours we feel good.  Thanks.

The photo book is gorgeous and worth every penny.  I think you said it was Mary’s idea to offer the books.  She is one smart cookie.  I hope everyone buys one to help your endeavors and to showcase how wonderful this country is.  Thanks DML!

DML: Sandy, I really thank you for buying the book and supporting us.  Mary did come up with the idea.  She reminds me of it every day.  She also came up with the bumper sticker I STAND FOR MY FLAG idea, and the tour idea, and the….  LOL

Just wanted to express my appreciation of the trilogy films and how much information you packed into 6 hours of movies.  I’m a veteran.  I found myself crying and angry during much of the viewing of all 3 films.  I also found myself energized to do more to stop the problem from growing.  I voted for Trump and the Republicans but I am very disappointed in how this administration is handling immigration.  I know Trump has his hands tied in some areas but he never talks about everify.  For a guy who is never short on words it is impossible to see and hear the silence from him.  I no longer support him like I did.  He is a bag of hot air who is more vane than most of the Hollywood nuts and media people he criticizes on a daily basis.  I urge you to run for president.

DML: You think you are pissed off now, wait until They Come to America 4 next month. As for the POTUS, I too have my days of frustration.  I understand your pain.  As for me running, it’s too early for me to consider such a thing.  To be honest, I really wonder whether I would want that sort of life for my family.  I would have to get complete support from all of my kids and Mary to even explore the idea.  I can tell you that one of my older children has already asked me to never consider it again.  Time will tell.  I do get the itch, I won’t lie.   I see Trump dropping the ball on the agenda because he’s so caught up in the Russia / media BS.  And I think to myself how I would never allow myself to get to that place.  Would I be able to do more as a result?  Only God knows.  More importantly, thank you for your service.

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  1. Why are people posting about how much they make working from their homes in response to your news items. Has nothing to do with the subject you post or replies to it.

  2. Thank you for sharing these emails and your response to them. I have one thing to say about Miss Mary – she is one smart lady after all she did marry a smart man named Dennis Michael Lynch. By the same token he married her. I love you both.

    I especially appreciate your sharing these today. Since you are suppose to be working on your films. Keep doing what you do best. Many of us appreciate you and your team. Many of us are on SS so can’t always support you financially but certainly do with our prayers and “likes” on FB.

    Have a safe and good week. Hugs

  3. To the naysayers of President Trump: Stop worshipping the man and you will not be disappointed. Your energies have been misdistributed.

  4. I agree Ms Mary is a darling person!
    I am so sick of the lies to come from msn I never watch them! I watch out Fox local news so I know what happening in my town!
    I’m so disgusted with the stuoid liberals who have taken over the city council in Austin Texas! They won’t let me vote cause I live in a suburb of Austin called Cedar ParkTexas!
    Any case we in the South of Austn who lived in that area have decided one of the guys is going to run for mayor so we can help get the council bs l off if the stuoid liberals!

  5. You know how every-now-and-again you’ll say something that will set people off? Well, I, for whatever it’s worth, love the REAL TRUTH! I trust your insight and I don’t want you to EVER HOLD BACK just because somebody might get their feelings hurt. You and your Family/Crew are a blessing in this world of lies. THANK YOU!!

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